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Number of Hosts

This medium-size site has a nice total number of hosts of 4,500, but keep in mind that only 445 or so are expected to be online at any given time.

As you can see from the screenshot I've added below, you can always tell how many models are online and the number keeps updating all the time. Not that it really matters if there are 150 or 300 cam performers available, but it's a nice way of figuring out when the rush hours are.


Private chat starts at $1.99 per minute with the average cost per minute being $2.99.

Notice that even though has numerous premium videos, which are mainly webcam clips, they are not free for users. You will need to pay for each clip separately, but usually a pretty low sum of $1.15-4.95 or so.

Credits on lists the following credit packages (notice that additional credits are given for the 3 bigger packages):

  • $29 for 30 credits
  • $49.99 for 60 credits (This includes 10 extra credits)
  • $74.99 for 90 credits (This includes 15 extra credits)
  • $99.99 for 125 credits (This includes whopping 25 extra credits)
Payment Methods

Many credit cards as well as debits are accepted on and they are as following:

  • Visa/Visa Electron
  • Delta
  • Mastercard
  • Switch
  • Maestro
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners' Club

Top promotions

  • Up to 25 FREE credits with your first purchase
  • Free webcam shows for all members

Types of Membership and Benefits

As a nonregistered visitor on you will be allowed to look around, access all the profiles and have 2 minute long free chat previews. However, as is always the case for an actual chat you will need to sign up and here are the optional memberships you have.

Basic Membership

The basic paid membership on is especially cheap and includes quite a few benefits. Signing up is a quick process and you can be chatting with the host of your choice in less than a minute.

Cost to Join: $1 reoccurring every 15 days. I don't know why the site chooses to state the cost in weeks, especially when you notice how cheap it is. Anyway, you'll be paying $2 a month, give or take.

Information Required: Name, password, email, credit card details


  • Unlimited free chat room access
  • Totally free themed shows
  • Access to all photos
  • Browse all of the host's profiles
  • Ability to watch all type of webcam shows, for a price

VIP Membership

This is not really a membership, but a kind of an upgrade.The only reason you have to sign up for this is if you find the daily spending limit too restricting. I would have thought that would reward big spenders with some free credit, as a welcoming guft and compensation for having to undergo the tedious registration process, but as you’ll see under my Benefits list, there are no freebees included.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: Fill in a form, add a copy of your photo ID and send the whole lot via email.


All those given to standard members PLUS:

  • No daily spending limit
  • Extra attention from hosts
  • Get highlighted in video chat rooms

Special Features

User Features

  • Free Chat
  • Cam 2 Cam – have an interact chat while you see the host and she can see you
  • Movie Galleries – galleries of home movies shot by the hosts
  • Picture Galleries
  • Tip performers
  • Notifications - receive notifications when a specific host is online
  • Messages – message hosts to tell them private things
  • Favorite Lists – add your favorite hosts to a special list for fast and easy access
  • Themed show countdown - this is really just for fun, but you can always go and see how long there is until the next free themed show begins, by checking the real-time countdown/ You can also see the schedule and make sure you keep your calendar free.

Video Chat Features

  • Switch between full screen and normal size view options during your live chat
  • Use emoticons
  • The new design includes an Auto Resize of the Site based on the users’ resolution and available window size.
  • Activate Cam2Cam
  • HD Webcams, and since the latest update there are loads of them.
  • Whisper to the host. You can see the screenshot below to find this particular videochat button. This might confuse you, so let me clarify: It’s a standard text chat. Whisper just sounds more interesting.

Host Profile Pages

After the latest reorganization made on, the models’ profile pages were made a lot more accessible. In fact, you can see eahc profile directly near the live video chat window, meaning that if you’re free chatting with a host and want to check some personal detail, you can see it all directly, without having to leave the chat room and go to another page. This is a very convenient option. Currently profile pages include:

  • All of the hosts physical feature information
  • A brief personal description written by the host
  • Top reasons for why she and her chatroom are the best ones to try
  • Host fantasies
  • Personal preferences and dislikes
  • Languages spoken
  • Link to message the host and add to your favorites list
  • Overall rating featured in stars. yep, you’ve guessed it: 5 stars mean the best.

Other than the sheer convenience of seeing all this info, the profiles on are nothing to get keyed up about. They are organized, tidy and coherent – I will certainly grant them that, but there is no real thrill or excitement. See the screenshot I have made below? That’s how a standard profile page looks like.

Customer Support

Customer service representatives are available to you 24 hours a day 7 days, 365 day a year. You can contact either by phone - 1-866-364-6104 for North Americans, and that one is toll free, so no need to count the seconds. 00 800 55 66 2222 is the number for international members.

You can also fill in a Help Form, just like the one you see below. Please don’t try to fill this particular one up. It is only a screenshot. For any further information, simply click on the Customer Support tab at the bottom of each page.

Billing Information offers individual guides on the site for specific billing questions and frequently asked questions regarding the subject. The site also offers a link to quickly and easily cancel your membership at any time.


Take a minute to look through the site’s FAQ. They really do try and tell you a bit about the most asked about topics and you may find what you’re looking for listed right there.

Languages is only available in English. You can see what other language a model speaks directly on the profile page, but with the loss of advance search options it is now not possible to locate all the available performers in a specific language, and that is a shame.

Pros and Cons


The recent alterations made on sure add a lot to the site’s visual power and make it fresh and more professional-looking. It is now easy to go through the chat rooms and profiles, the quality of images and streaming has been significantly improved and users have a much bigger choice of HD chat rooms, which is always a huge plus. Let us also not forget that this is a fairly affordable website and the introduction credit package is extremely worthwhile.

Cons: has not completed its transformation quite yet and some issues still need to be resolved. The loss of the advanced search tool is unforgettable and the site would do wise to address this ASAP.

Bottom Line:

All in all, offers you get value for your money. There is a very large selection of hosts and you can always find a lot online at any given time. Performances are of good quality and the advanced technology the site uses makes for great picture and streaming. The fact that this site has just changed its designs adds a lot of points and users can now enjoy an upgraded premium webcam experience for relatively low costs.

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