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With the excessive amount of adult webcam sites available on the internet, we often feel confused about the authenticity of such websites. This is the reason why I have reviewed one of the most popular adult webcam sites- My Dirty Hobby. Just like many other webcam sites, My Dirty Hobby is an adult webcam site as well. However, My Dirty Hobby is a lot better than the ocean full webcam sites. It is loaded with top features and a vast number of hosts. This site welcomes a plethora of amateur performers as well as users on a daily basis. There are so many beautiful girls available on this site to chat with you and make you entertained. So, without wasting any more time, let me give you all the features about My Dirty Hobby hosts, profiles, cost, customer care service, different memberships, pros and cons, and more.

Number of Hosts

My Dirty Hobby is the favourite sites for amateur and experienced performers. Once you land on their website, you will be bombarded with more than 200 online performers ready to please you. Overall, this site has more than 5000 registered hosts. The numbers are, and this will give you an option to choose the right girl to chat with and be entertained by. The home page will show you the pictured of models who are online. It will be under Livecam amateurs section. However, as a guest, you will only get to see the pictures and thumbnails of the models and won’t be able to see a sample of the live video. Once you registered, you can right away browse through their plethora of hosts’ online live video.

If you move the cursor a little left, you will see the current online option, where you will see all the available hosts.


Registering on My Dirty Hobby is extremely easy. You will be asked to set a username for your account, set a password, and mention your email address, and your gender as well. Once you submit all the details, you will need to click on register. And yes, registering on My Dirty Hobby is absolutely free!

To view exclusive pictures, you will have to pay as little as 99 tokens for each picture, although most of the member will charge you only 50 tokens. I am hopeful that the price will decrease with time as well. However, if you want to chat with someone on a private mode, then you will have to spend 200 tokens per minute. To cut a long story short, in order to check out exclusive videos and pictures, or chat with beautiful girls in private mode, you will have to spend tokens.

Here’s the cost of tokens:

$15.00- 1200 tokens

$25.00- 2000 tokens

$50.00- 5200 tokens

$75.00- 7800 tokens

You can buy these token easily using your credit card and start talking to gorgeous girls. So, the bottom line is the more you spend, the more tokens you will receive. The best part about My Dirty Hobby is that once you buy a video, you get to watch it over and over again. It doesn’t come with any limitations! Now, that’s really great!

Top Promotions

This is the section that I was really interested in. All of us love to be a part of promotions and discounts. The moment you register on My Dirty Hobby, you will get 100 free dirty cents! I mean, first this site doesn’t charge you for registering, and on top of that, it gives you free 100 tokens! Wow! Plus, once you register, you can meet My Dirt Hobby’s exclusive models and get premium access to exclusive content that too for free. Take a look at some of the VIP member tops promotions:

The bonus days: VIP members can get an extra 10% token when purchased on Sundays and Fridays.

You can get free access to many live shows of the performers.

You will also earn a special badge to let everybody know that you are a VIP member.

Types of membership:

My Dirty Hobby has kept their membership account extremely simple. In order to view the photo gallery and live videos, every visitor must register to My Dirty Hobby. It is only when you register you get to get the real action going. So, while registering you create a basic account by entering your user name, password, and the email ID. However, you can upgrade your account to VIP membership and receive a plethora of benefits. As mentioned above, you get an extra 10% token when purchased on Sundays and Friday. Get free entry to exclusive content and live shows and also earn a special badge.

Special Features

If you love to do adult chat, then My Dirty Hobby will surely keep you entertained. Overall, this site gave me a pleasant experience. It was not difficult to navigate, and in just a few minutes I couldn’t understand the nitty-gritty of this site with ease. This site is honestly GREAT! Here are some features that I really liked. Read them below:

  • My Dirty Hobby has more than 4000 registered models, and daily, they have over 400 live cam models available all the time.
  • You can go to the advanced search filter to look for the right model by shrinking your results and get what you want.
  • My Dirty Hobby is excellent in terms of navigation too.
  • This site was launched way back in 2004 and thus is entirely trustworthy.
  • You get 100 dirty cents for free once you register on their website.
  • After registering, you will get the option to open chat and enable cam2cam as well as two-way audio that too for free!
  • My Dirty Hobby has divided their video chat into three groups: SD, HD, and HQ. The video quality of all the three categories was good, but HD was simply the best.
  • My Dirty Hobby was won the 2010 Venus Award for the best national amateur website.
  • In 2011 they won the signed award for best amateur portal
  • Their site is mobile optimised, which means you will get to experience the same rich site and its content on your smartphones too!
  • My Dirty Hobby has tons of erotic videos and pictures for the users. These photos and videos will keep you thoroughly entertained.
  • The pricing on My Dirty Hobby is fair as well. They ask you to buy tokens, and you can use it to either explore exclusive photos and videos or to chat with perfect looking girls.
  • This is a site which has over 4000 registered performers and more than 400 online girls ready to talk all the time!
  • There are a lot of performers to choose from; you can search for the categories of performers on the search bar easily.
  • They upload latest videos frequently on their site.
  • My Dirty Hobby is loaded with super good contents, and this is something which kept me really engaged. I could see good quality videos and buy high-resolution photos as well.
  • Lastly, if you have your own content and wish to add to My Dirty Hobby, you can actually upload it on the community’s content! Now, this is something which you will not get easily on any other adult webcam site.
  • The design of the website is also good and not difficult to understand. You will surely enjoy using My Dirty Hobby.

Hosts Profiles

Regarding the host profile, you will be overloaded with them. My Dirty Hobby has a galore of performers, and once you click on a performer, you will straightaway go their page. The page will contain video details, for instance, when the video was added, who added it, what is the length of the video, what is the ratting, and the category description. You will also get the option to add it to your wish list as well.

Below the video details, you can read the video description too.

Just below the leading performer’s video, you will see similar videos as well to give you easy access to the same performers. This made my search for models really easy.

Down below, I could see some comments left by visitors and members.

You will also get to see the host profile’s information as well. The information included her first name or the nickname, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, Zip Code or country, and spoken language.

Customer Service

Although My Dirty Hobby doesn’t have any direct contact number, if you do find an issue with your account or face trouble navigating their site, you can go to their FAQ section and click on the blue link to submit your query. They are responsive and will reply to your question soon.

The FAQ section

I did have a few questions about this site and wanted to check if they have a dedicated FAQ page. Well, yes they do! They have answered all the common questions beforehand and also give you an option to submit your own question. This is how their FAQ section looks like:


My Dirty Hobby is actually a German site; however, their page is in English. Still, if you wish to change the site’s language, then you can pick German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

A plethora of excellent and exclusive content

Top-quality, highly professional performers

Site is easy to navigate and advanced search categories

Content available in HD quality

More than 400 performers are online at any given time

Registration required to even just view the site

No access to free content

Bottom Line

If you like to do adult web chatting, then you must try My Dirty Hobby once for sure. I have said enough about this site, and now it is time for you to start exploring all these benefits on your own. Trust me; My Dirty Hobby won’t let you down!

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