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Number of Web Cam Hosts

The number of host is around 44,600, but this really is estimation. That being said, many are offline or not active at all, and some days there will be no more than 300 relevant adult performers online.


CamContacts varies a lot in price, because it is the hosts who really decide how much they charge. It is a bit difficult to evaluate costs with so many options from so many countries, but competition is healthy for consumers because the prices here are very low. And believe me: When I say low prices, it really is an understatement. On Cam Contacts you can easily find video chat rooms for as low as 0.65 per minute, which is literally unheard of. But before you jump at the opportunity, I have to play the devil’s advocate for a second here and confess that while I like this website, its quality could be enhanced. You can and will find decent and even excellent webcam shows with HQ cams and reasonable audio, but you’ll also run in to a lot of less-than on the way. That’s what happens when cams are open for anyone to join. You get fun, interesting results and unbelievable prices, but the system is not without its risks. Here is a rough estimation of cost, but really, it’s just a sample.

  • Private chats 1on1 with a women that define themselves as “Not So Shy” is:
    • Public Chat - $0.65 - $2.50 per minute
    • Private Chat $1.10 -$ 4.99 for each minute.
  • Instant Action Cam Shows (the name kind of gives it away)
    • Public - $1.70 - $3.00 a minute
    • Private - $2.00-$5.00 for a minute
  • Group Live Shows - This means that 3 performers or more appear on the screen
    • Public - $2.50 - $3.75 per minute
    • Private Show - $2.50 - $3.75 per minute.
  • Two Women Performing on 1 Webcam/li>
    • Public Sessions - $0.85 - $3.00
    • Private Shows -$ 1.29 - $4.50

For more specific prices the only suggestion I have is that you go to actual live chat rooms and get a better estimation. There are so many options that trying to make an average is really a guess at best.

Credit on

This is a good time to explain a bit about the strange payment system they have on CamContacts. Here you don’t need to buy credit (AKA tokens) that you later on use to purchase live show minutes. Here the cost of each show is deducted directly from your bank account, once you give in your billing info that is. This is called "pay-per-minute" billing, but really all it means is that you’re paying for each show according to its length and price. The advantages are that you don’t have to pause in the middle of a show to get more credit and a lot let hassle. You will also get charged for the amount you top up your Gift Box with, and that’s it. It’s quite transparent and reliable.

Paying for Cam Videos

Unlike other websites, where recorded videos are free or cost significantly less than webcam shows, on CamContacts they can be a bit expensive at times. Sure, you can still find plenty for rock bottom prices, but I am telling you in advance: You better check before you start watching. Recorded videos of public sessions are between $0.60 and $4.80 per minute and for private videochat sessions you can be paying anywhere between $0.78 and $6.00.

Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards Accepted on the Site:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard

Top Promotion

  • Free Registration

Types of Memberships and Benefits

CamContacts has 2 types of memberships, but they are not much different from each other. You can register for free, which means: Become a free member, and access certain areas of the site, or you can become a paying member and use all the website’s options, including those you need to pay for (like private chats). Here is a quick summary of your membership options and benefits.

Free Membership

Cam Contacts advertises its free membership and you can easily find the banner anywhere around the site. Signing up is simple and relatively quick, but notice that unless you provide credit card data, you are practically an ousider: you cannot even enter a chat room or view a full profile.

Cost to Join: Free
Information Required: User name, password, valid email, Valid Credit Card - but it's only used for verification.

  • Access to some free video chat rooms (not all hosts offer them)
  • A Few free mini-pics of the performers (if they’ve uploaded any)
  • A few free big pictures of the hosts (if they’ve uploaded any)

Standard Membership

Start a chat to be billed or top up your Gift Box: to sum it up, you simply need to start spending money and then you are free to roam around the site and use all the options available.

Cost to Join: Free
Info Needed: Valid credit card.
All those given to free members AND:

  • Live adult shows.
  • Manage a personal Favorite List

Special Features

Don’t expect to find many exclusive video chat features on CamContacts. That being said, with such a huge selection of live webcams online you can certainly find high-quality ones and meet models that do have some nice webcam options. Here are a few examples:

User Features

  • Photos - Offered both on the profile pages and on the site’s archives.
  • Videos - Notice that not all models will offer them.
  • Emails - That you can easily set up to receive notification when a specific host is onlien.
  • Favorite List - Make one and use it to find hosts.
  • Forums - Post real time messages in varied topics.
  • Special events - Enjoy exclusive performer events and web camera competitions.

Video Chat Features

  • Community Chat Rooms - A giant videochat room where many hosts and users can convert and exchange views and interests.
  • HD web cams - Some performers do have them.
  • High Quality Cams - Good video stream quality, but not HD.
  • Adult Games - Online games of various types which you can play with the performers.
  • Adult card games - Which you can play with the models.

Hosts Profiles

The host profiles on CamContacts are simple but have all the needed information. They could be a bit more interesting and offer more options, but if you’re looking for some general info about specific women, this is just fine. The info found on the performers’ profiles includes:

  • Category - Is the host here “to meet new friends”, “Home Alone”, “Instant Action”, etc.
  • Webcam Option (such as HD webcams and such).
  • Cam Viewer Ratings.
  • General Physical Features - Eye color, hair, etc.
  • Schedule - Especially handy with performers working from over 100 countries in various time zones.
  • When Was Last Online.
  • Likes and Dislikes.
  • Languages.
  • What can you expect from the show.
  • Reasons for performing on CamContacts.

Customer Support

The Customer Support on Cam Contact is certainly one of the most detailed ones I have ever seen. You can make an inquiry through just about any communication method known to man, and here they are, listed for your convenience:

  • Email them at
  • Call them on the phone - there are a few options for different countries.
  • Fax - Again, there are different numbers offered.
  • Contact via regular mail.


Before you use any - or all - of these contact methods, you should definitely go and view the standard FAQ page. The team at CamContacts did a pretty good job at covering all the pressing topics and they are well- organized.


Which models from over 170 countries, it is not surprising this live videochat site is packed with various languages. The website itself though is only offered in English. Chatroom languages include:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Greek
  • Arabic
  • Lithuanian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Flemish
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Norwegian
  • Romanian
  • Latvian

Live Cam Contacts Leads the Mobile Chat Revolution

Mobile cams are the next big thing, there is just no arguing this point. Many video chat websites are now advertizing their so called iphone chats and Android webcams, but in many cases it’s not much more than false pretences. Let’s be honest: Any site that can be seen on PC can also be browsed using mobile phone, but this doesn’t mean it has convenient mobile platform. Only a few of the major adult cam communities actually took the leap and made themselves fully cell phone/tablet compatible. Guess what? CamContacts is one of them. The online web cameras can all be seen in excellent streaming quality and the right size from any smartphone and while I for one wills tick to chatting on my computer, it’s great to know this website is moving forward and staying updated.

Video streams and the hosts’ photos are very polished and professional.

Features a small selection of hand-picked professional models.

Only a few selected models on this site at any given time.

If you’re used to seeing dozen upon dozen of models to choose from, this site’s selection seems underwhelming.

Bottom Line

If you don't mind amateur graphics and a relative lack of interesting features, CamContacts is a good choice. The only edgy thing about it is the mobile webcams, but all the basics are covered with proficiency.

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