What is an adult live webcam site?

Adult webcam sites offer you the opportunity to chat live and direct with thousands of webcam models of every color, creed, size and shape. Most of the hosts are women, but there are also men, couples, shemales (transgender).


What do the hosts do in live chat?

This is where the fun begins. When you pick the host you want to have a live cam chat with they will let you know what they will and won't do in a webcam show. Then once you join in for a live private chat, you can either direct the show or sit back and enjoy.


Do I pay for each show separately?

In rare cases you can pay for each show, but it is more common for sites to offer credit blocks that users purchase. Then you will be charged a fixed amount of credit for each minute you spend on group or private shows. Free chats, as the name indicates, cost nothing.


What features are available on adult webcams and who needs them?

This depends on the website you choose. Large adult chat communities such as ImLive and LiveJasmin will offer an endless variety of live cam features including Cam to Cam, Split Screen mode, audio, zoom, messages, communication tools and many others. Other sites, usually the less-experienced or the smaller ones, will only provide you with a few basic features. At the end of the day, the quality of the show matters the most, but some users enjoy the added options.


How do you get into the chats?

On most of the video chat sites, you will have to register with them, but see my reviews to see how to do this for free on most sites. Once you're in, select the host you want to chat with, but make sure you check the price first, this should be clearly displayed before you enter a chat. Once your enter the chat the consoles are normally very easy to use and most sites allow you to chat cam2cam.


Is there a free webcam chat?

There is such a thing as a free chat room, but it is usually public and the hosts will be mostly clothed. Many site promise -free webcams-, but what they mean for the most part is "free chat areas", were you can get to know the cam models and evaluate their skills. Only few websites, like MyFreeCams for example, have real live shows for zero cost and even there you will need to pay for private sessions.


I don't want anyone to know I've been chatting online, can I keep it private?

Your privacy is always regarded in the upmost importance by whichever site you chat with. Every site offers different payment options and they vary slightly but they should all enable you to chat discretely. Whether you pay via card, bank transfer or an online account, the details on your statement usually point to the billing partner and not the site themselves. Please refer to the individual sites policies to answer specific questions.


Do the hosts cater for everyone's specific tastes?

Nearly every site will have a special section for hosts that offer specific shows. Once you enter, you should take a look through the hosts' profiles and see which ones match your desires. Regardless of how wild or obscure your taste is, there will be plenty of hosts that are ready and waiting to chat live on adult webcams.


What are the shows and parties?

Different sites will offer a range of live webcam shows and themed parties. These vary a lot. For example, VIPCams have special events that are open to all members, ImLive has teh famous Happy Hour rates and regular parties and some models offer special promotions of their own. Take advantage of these special offers, because they are the best option you have to chat at a cheaper rate or watch free shows.


How much should I expect to pay for a webcam show?

Paying for a live webcam show is by the minute, and cost depends on the webcam host you choose as well as on the specific webcam site. Certain websites have fixed rates for some or all models while others leave t up to the hosts to set their own rates. But what-s the average? Anything from $1.99 to $5.99 is considered average and some sites like ImLive have discount rates for as low as $0.99, but only for some hosts.


How can I pay on adult webcams?

Cam2cam is just a nickname to a live webcam feature that is used on almost any cam site. If you have a web camera, you can put it on and use this feature to allow the webcam model to watch you while you-re chatting. On many sites this feature is free, but keep in mind that you must own a web cam of your own.


What is Cam 2 Cam?

Cam2cam is just a nickname to a live webcam feature that is used on almost any cam site. If you have a web camera, you can put it on and use this feature to allow the webcam model to watch you while you-re chatting. On many sites this feature is free, but keep in mind that you must own a web cam of your own.


Who are the Webcam Models?

It depends on the site you-re on. Most webcam models are real amateurs, working from their own homes all over the world. Certain sites also have Studios, where many hosts work together from one location. In the case of studios you usually get a better-quality video stream, but many claim that an amateur cam show is always more thrilling.


Is it safe to buy webcam credits?

Again, this depends on where you shop. Generally speaking, buying credits on live cams is VERY safe and the sites certainly work hard to maintain their reputation by working with established billing processors. That being said, it is always safe to choose a familiar website and not risk it with smaller, new and unknown ones.


How can I know how much a specific webcam model charges?

In most websites this information will appear once you click on the Private Chat link, and before you actually start paying. In rare occasions, like in ImLive Happy Hour, or with Sexier.com-s $0.88 hosts, the price tag will be right there on their picture, even before you begin free chatting.


What else can I do on adult cams, accept watching live shows?

Most adult webcam sites make sure visitors have a lot to do online. This includes free picture galleries, free adult videos, forums, message boards, articles, blogs, etc. In some cases users are even invited to stream their own webcam and show the other members and hosts who they are.


Do I need a live web cam in order to join a cyber chat?

You do not. You can take part in any live chat on a standard PC or in some cases, even on your mobile phone. You only need a web camera if you want to use the Cam2Cam feature (see relevant question above).


Can I view a live cam show on my mobile phone?

In certain adult cam site you can. PhoneMates.com for example, was actually made as a cam site for mobile and is now also available on PC or laptops. Other major sites, such as ImLive and Cam Contacts also have an exclusive iphone and ipod platforms that look great on any cellphone.


What are web cam promotions?

The competition has done a lot of good to the adult chat world and users benefit from it. Since the websites are trying to attract users, most of them offer periodical promotions or special discount rates for specific hosts/ shows/ times. In other cases you can win credit back, take part in credit auctions or get free time by signing up. It is always advised to keep your eyes and ears open, because there are always new promotions offered online.


What is the difference between credits, tokens and chips?

There is no real difference. They are all different names for the same concept: Currency you use on adult webcam sites. It-s basically the same as purchasing chips on a casino. Keep in mind that you can only use credits on the site where you-ve bought them.


How can I find cheap chat rooms and learn about special promotions?

You have 2 main ways of getting information regarding promotions and cheap chat rooms. First, you can go through the sites, read special messages and online banners and conduct your own serious comparison. Your second option is to read my free adult webcam reviews and to get all the info you need in one single place.