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The latest changes made on are not only skin-deep. The number of video chat rooms has almost been doubled and there are now around 4,000 registered performers on this website. You can now encounter at least 150-200 models online, even at off-peak times. This is one of the biggest improvements in my humble opinion, an if my eyes are not misleading me, I believe that the average quality of performers is also exceptionally high.

Cost And Billing

Flirt4Free is not an especially cheap adult webcam site, but prices are not extremely high as well. I wish that they offer more discounted rates, but you can find a Spy Mode for less than a buck per minute, which is very low indeed. offer special rates during Promo Days that are basically limited-time promotions which usually includes some kind of a model-competition and free credit to users. Stay alert, because these promos come out of nowhere, and they can help you save big.

Average VideoChat cost varies according to the type of show you watch. On the following list you can see what kind of chats are available and how much approximately you will need to pay. If you feel like a more detailed summary, look at the screenshot I’ve made for you (am I not a talented guy?), but remember that all costs are not fixed and are open to changes, as the site sees fit.

  • Private live chat room - that's standard 1on1 chatting - will require that you spend a range of $3 to $6 per minute.
  • Premiere live video chat - which is a fancy name for High-Quality streaming, will cost around $7 - $12 per minute.
  • Group webcam shows - where more than one user can watch the action, have a huge price range that can be anywhere between $1 and $12 per each minute, so make sure you know in advance what you're about to pay.
  • Spy Mode, where you can follow webcam shows of other users, is anywhere between $1 and $12 per minute. This is surprisingly low. On many adult webcam sites Spy Mode costs more than regular video chatting.
  • Semi-Private shows are video chats where you share the live show with other users but, and that's a big But, you don't see other people's remarks, so the feeling of intimacy is significantly enhanced. This pleasure will require that you separate from around $3 per minute.

Show Offers

This is a new option on Flirt4Free and I absolutely love it - you will soon see why. It really is kind of a bargain, where users make bids on shows, and if the host agrees, the show begins. Users choose the show length, show rate and expiration time, which is how long the host has to give back an answer. Hosts can then reject your offer, accept it or give a counter offer. See why I like this? This is just the ultimate solution for users that want to have a nice video chat under their own terms. Note though that not all hosts offer this option and also note that asking for something ridiculous such as an hour show for 5 bucks, will get you nowhere. Be realistic, agree to commit for a certain amount of time, and you will get better rates. Click here to start the bidding

Deals really know how to get my attention. The "Deals" are codes that allow you to get bonus time on webcam sessions. The site provides a list of hosts that offer deals and sometime you can find some amazing offers, like, for example, 8 bonus minutes after the first 10 or 15 minutes extra after 45 minutes. Look at the screenshot below to see how this page looks like. Click here to get those free minutes

Credit on Flirt4Free is sold in packages as following:

There are two types of packages offered on Flirt4Free, depending if you are a first time user, or a registered one trying to make a second purchase. They vary a lot according to times and promotions, but they are generally around:

First time users:
  • 120 Free Credits (on a First Sign Up) – $0.00
  • 300 Credits + 120 Free – $29.99
  • 600 Credits + 120 Free – $59.99
  • 30 days VIP membership + 120 free credits – $39.95
Registered Users:
  • 300 Credits – $29.99
  • 600 Credits – $59.99
  • 900 Credits – $89.99
  • 1,100 Credits – $99.99
  • 1,200 Credits – $119.99
  • 1,800 Credits – $179.99
  • 2,400 Credits – $239.99
Paying for Videos:

There are many prerecorded webcam sessions offered on Flirt4Free. They are referred to as “videos”, but they usually just mean a private show with one of the hosts that can be replayed for a lower cost. Generally speaking they are of decent quality and pass the time well, although don't expect them to be as good as an actual live show, where you control the moves. Costs for this option are as following:

  • $1.80 per minute, which is the less worthwhile option.
  • $13.50 for 24 hours access. This one is recommended if you want to get a good sense of what is offered as far as prerecorded shows go.
  • $33.75 for 7 days access. That specific option is useful for cammers that tasted the goods and decided they want more. It is very affordable, but you have to know in advance that you like the videos or else you'll be stuck with a week's worth of access and no need of it.
Payment Methods:

Flirt4Free may be a medium-size cam site, but it's been around long enough to construct an efficient payment mechanism that allows you to transfer your cash easily and safely, never mind where in the world you are. There are two main ways to transfer your money:

Credit/Debit Cards:
  • Visa
  • Visa Bleue
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Switch
  • Solo
  • Discover
Bank wire transfer.

Top Promotions

  • 120 bonus credits
  • Free chat
  • Make your own offers: tell the hosts how much you want to pay - more details
  • Daily Performer Deals - more details

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

The best benefit on Flirt4Free is given to new members that receive 120 credits automatically and with no questions asked upon signing up. There are two main types of video chat memberships and they each come with their own benefits.

Free Membership

This is a very limited membership and is actually more accurately described as part of the standard membership. Still, users who don't want to commit are free to use it to look around and it has way more benefits than free memberships on other web cam sites.

Cost to Join:


Information Required:

User name, valid email, password of your choice, Credit Card info (for verification only).

  • 120 FREE credits
  • Free video chatting
  • Access to the webcam models' profiles
Standard Members

This is the first stage of actually becoming part of the Flirt4Free community and it is extremely easy to execute. You can either sign up and immediately pick a credit package (don't worry, you still get the 120 free credits extra) or you can sign up for free first and then click on the “Buy Credit” option.

Cost to Join:


Info Needed:

Valid email, password, nickname of your choice, valid credit card info.

  • 120 bonus credits
  • Free video chatting rooms
  • Send messages to hosts
  • Get a special highlight (different than guests) on chat rooms, to make sure the model sees you mean business.
  • Enjoy private video previews
VIP Members

Becoming a VIP member on Flirt4Free costs money, so you better calculate it in advance before deciding if you want to upgrade or not. Still, this membership has some real advantages and its price isn't a serious drawback.

Cost to Join:

$39.95 for 30 days + you receive 120 bonus Credits.

Benefits: All those given to free members PLUS:
  • Limited time offer: Unlimited access to VIP bonus content, which includes over 900 HD videos available through affiliates of the Site
  • Free access to your own recorded private chats
  • Access 150 new daily VODs, which will remain accessible for one week
  • Enjoy much larger video previews than regular site users
  • Up to 10 reserved nicknames.
  • Ability to send models message.
  • Ability to turn off free users, so they don’t jam-up the chat room
  • Watch free themed shows
  • Full access to the site's picture galleries
  • Identification as a VIP member, which is the surest way you have to get the hosts' personal and undivided attention, even on free chats.
  • Ability to email the performers and even send them attachments
  • Send certain virtual gifts for free and the rest for a discounted rate.

Special Features didn't used to have lots of amazing exclusive features. The good old basic were all well-covered, but nothing stood out. This however has recently changed. On my last courtesy visit to this great adult webcam site I was happy to discover that the feature selection was revised and updated. Now this site offers an impressive choice of advanced tools and even some exclusive ones that I will discuss below.

User Features
  • Feature shows - Video chat stars performing exclusively in a group chat session.
  • Your Own Prerecorded Webcam Sessions – These can be purchased and downloaded for future enjoyment.
  • Photo and Picture Archives – Offer thousands of pics and snapshots in varied quality, all featuring the site's models.
  • Voting for Favorites – This you can do via the archives.
  • Virtual Gifts – You can pick a virtual present from a cyber catalogue and send it to your favorite performers as complements.
  • Video Clips on Demand – This enables you to enjoy recorded live cam shows.
  • VIP Archives – These are open exclusively to VIP members and they include:
    • On Demand Daily Video
    • Exclusive Picture Galleries
    • Favorite List
    • Forums - As I mentioned before, Flirt4Free is all about making users feel that they are part of a cyberchat community and the forums include announcements, games and option for fans to share their views. After the latest remodeling of this website the forums are a bit harder to locate, but they're still there: Just look at the bottom of the page instead of at the top.
    • In Room Purchase - This should really be a live chat feature, but it is really mainly for the users. What this is really is a friendly credit-purchase method that allows you to refund your account without leaving the chat room, if you happen to be in the middle of a live show and discover that you're running short.
    • Mobile Access - Users who want to visit the Flirt4Free chat rooms through their mobile phones or tablet can now do so easily. The site has recently launched its smartphone and tablet versions and they're both look great.
    • Model Alert (activated when your favorite goes online)
    • Video Clips Archive
    • Ability to send messages to hosts
    • Feature Webcam Shows
  • Flirt4Free Top 20 – This is a list of the top 20 webcam hosts on the site, calculated according to shows, activities and tips received. This feature is a great way for users to know who the best performers are and choose accordingly.
  • More Info - I actually made that name up, because I have no idea how to called this nifty feature. As the link below shows, it really is like summary, offering quick links to the host' profile or add to favorites, but it also shows you one of the category a host is on and if you click it, you will reach to all the other hosts under the same category.
Video Chat Features
  • Cam 2 Cam – Watch the women while they see you. This one of course requires that you own a web camera.
  • HD webcams
  • Super Voyeur - This magnificent new feature allows users to enjoy several live shows at once on a split screen, all in Spy mode. You can watch up to 6 cams simultaneously and check out all the highlights in other users' private shows. Here are the rates for this exclusive option. Notice that the cost for viewing 2 cams is identical to watching just one in spy mode, so there is really no added cost.
  • Tip Flood - This fun feature is available to anyone who tips 1,000 credits or more at once. If you choose this option, the system divides your tip into 20 batches and sends them to the cam chat room every second or so, creating an actual "flood" of tipping messages. This will make you look even more generous than you already are and will certainly earn you some well-deserved gratitude. I have not seen this feature anywhere else and it is highly amusing.
  • Emoticons - Are finally available on FLIRT4Free and they certainly add to the livechat experience.

Hosts Profiles

The profile pages are actually one of the strongest points of Flirt4Free. They are well-made, have got a professional high-quality look and offer lots of nice looking pictures as well as other freebees and info. Watching some of these options require that you'll be a member and watching others require that you spend X amount of credits in a fixed period of time. Still, many are offered for even free members and with no need to buy credit. Here is a quick list of the main things you'll find on each woman's profile.

You can find all the bios on Flort4Free from the top navigation bar and the pages are conveniently organized in a detailed directory. Users are free to search through this directory according to model's nickname, appearance and other characteristics.

  • Host bio Info – Last online, birthday, sign, etc.
  • Languages she speaks
  • Sample pictures – and they are of great quality.
  • Large photos
  • Popular recorded shows
  • Appetence – Physical features and ethnicity
  • Average Rating
  • Her number 1 Fan Info – Who is it, and is it you? It is based on the archive ratings.
  • Her likes and dislikes on live video chat rooms
  • Special Talents – Both on and off webcams (if she plays an instrument, a dancer, etc.)
  • Recent user reviews
  • Video chat schedule
  • Related webcam performers – other models with similar interests/ looks/ talents

Customer Support

You won't be left without help on Flirt4Free, never mind when you need it or in what topic. This service is operative 24/7, (yes, including the phone support) and you can do this in 3 different ways:

  • Contact by email at
  • You can call by phone to: 1-800-685-9236 (USA only), or 1-818-880-9021 (Outside USA)
  • You are able to fill in a help request form and send it through the site.
Payment Inquiries

The website has a special number for users who have questions about billing and the various transactions. North Americans should dial 800-685-9236 and users from other parts of the planet can use a toll call at 818-880-9021.


The FAQ are pretty detailed and include answers to many topics that may interest you, so be sure to go through them before dialing or emailing.


Flirt4Free is offered in English, but the web camera models do speak other languages and can easily be located accordingly. These languages are:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Dutch

Pros and Cons


Flirt4Free is a great-looking, well maintained website that now, after the recent changes, is looking even better. It has all the useful videochat tools that can be expected on a professional video chat room site and some exciting new ones that make the shows unforgettable. There is an incredible choice of videos and the increase in the numbers of models makes it even more appealing. Finally, the 120 free credits are an awesome persuasion because it basically means you get to check out the private chat rooms for free.


The recent changes can be a tad confusing at first. All the links are there, obviously, but you need to figure out the new locations and names.

Bottom Line:

Any live web cam site that survives for so long in this competitive industry has to be successful. The fact that has updated its features and design, highly improved its interface and increased its number of chat rooms is very impressive. This proves that this adult webcam site is advanced and innovative, as well as reliable and if you need another proof, check out the new mobile and tablet versions. The quality of the live shows is absolutely stunning and prices are very reasonable. I can honestly recommend it to any cammer and with the 120 free credits you can just go and check it out for your own eyes.

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