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Number of Web Cam hosts

PhoneMates has approximately 10,000 performers registered, and you can expect around 400 or so to be online whenever you drop by.


I just love the fact that I can chat on mobile phone and I really do feel that this is the next stage in webcams, but now, let's talk about what really matters: Cash. You know me well enough by now to guess that I would never ever recommend a live cam site, never mind how good it is, if it overcharged for chats, and I am very happy to report that is very affordable.

When I did my PhoneMates review I tried quite a few different chatrooms and they all had a reasonable minute fee. Quite expectedly, the more famous performers have higher price tags, but most charge around $1.98 and you can even find some that charge no more than $0.98, which is an amazingly low sum to pay for a live show minute.

Credit on

It is somewhat surprising, but when you purchase credit on Phone Mates, it doesn't matter how much you buy. One could expect that the old system of "The More You Buy, the Less You Pay", would work here, but in fact the price remains the same weather you pick 25 credits or 300.

Credit Packages
  • $25.00 - 25 Credits
  • $50.00 - 50 Credits
  • $75.00 - 75 Credits
Payment Methods:

Phone Mates works with Credit and Debit and you have all the payment options in the following list:

  • Credit Cards
    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • JCB
    • Discover
  • Debit Cards
    • Visa Debit
    • Master Card
    • Maestro
    • Bleue
    • Electron
    • Discover
    • Delta
    • Solo
    • CCBill
    • Epoch

Top Promotions

  • Free Chat
  • 2 weeks of unlimited Happy Hour Chat from mobile phone
  • Download the PhoneMates mobile app and get 10 free credits on your first login

Types of Memberships and Webcam Benefits

Recently Phonemates has altered its membership options, adding 3 more to the already existing 3. Even though half of them are free and are given to users automatically, this is still pretty confusing. Luckily for you, I am here to sort out the mess.

Out of the 6 memberships 2 are the basic ones for PC and 1 for mobile users. Both the PC memberships cost a bit. The price is always one time though and membership is them granted for life. The 3 other membership levels are upgrades that users win automatically after they collect "miles" which are given to you each and every time you purchased credit. Okay, here we go.

Trial Membership

The 3 days trial membership on PhoneMates does cost a buck to join, but unlike other webcam sites where the fine print will state something like: Unless cancelled will be renewed for $49.99, on this website you have nothing to worry about. The trial really is a trial for you to look around and you will not be automatically charged when the week is over.

Cost to Join: $1 - nonrecurring
Information Required: User name, valid email, Password of Your Choice, Valid Credit Card.
  • Free video chat intro
  • Access to the cam models' bio pages
  • Access to the models' pictures
  • 3 Days of unlimited Happy Hour chat access from your phone.
Premium Membership

This is the standard membership for computer-users. It allows you to enjoy the site on your PC and access all its sections.

Cost to Join: $4.95
Info Needed: User name, valid email, Password of Your Choice, Valid Credit Card.

Benefits - Everything offered on the Trial Membership AND:

  • Bonus webcam show credits upon signing
  • Lifetime access from PC or mobile to all the website's parts.
  • 2 weeks of unlimited Happy Hour chat access from mobile.
  • 2 weeks of reduced cost of Happy Hour video chats on PC.
Mobile Membership

People who choose to access PhoneMates through their mobiles receive some benefits. Keep in mind that this website was originally made for cell phones and only then became available on PC - not the other way around.

Cost to Join: Free
Info Needed: User name, valid email, Password of Your Choice, Valid Credit Card.

Benefits - All the Premium Membership benefits (including the lifetime membership) PLUS:

  • 2 weeks of free Happy Hour chat access, unlimited.
  • Receive 5 free credits
  • Silver Membership

    After you’ve been a PhoneMates member for awhile, your membership will be automatically upgraded to Silver. This happens without you having to ask. Each time you but credit, you win some "Miles", and when you have 13 of them, you become a silver member.

    Cost to Join: Free.

    Information Needed: None.

    Benefits - All those given to Standard Members PLUS:

    • 10 bonus credits
    • 1% credit bonus on every single purchase
    • Happy Hour chat will cost you a reduced rate of 0.50 credit per minute

    Gold Membership

    Collect 200 Miles and you'll be promoted to Gold. Sounds fancy, right? Wait until you see the benefits that this membership includes.

    Cost to Join: Free.

    Information Needed: None.

    Benefits - All those available to Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

    • 100 (!!!) bonus credits
    • 3% credit bonus on every single purchase
    • Happy Hour chat will cost you a reduced rate of 0.35 credits per minute

    Platinum Membership

    Watch shows, visit chat rooms, be an active member on PhoenMates and before you know it you'll discover that you've reached the desirable level of Platinum Membership. Well, maybe not so quickly – considering you need to collect 500 full Miles to get there.

    Cost to Join: Free.

    Information Needed: None.

    Benefits - All those that are available to Gold, Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

    • No less than 200 free credits.
    • 5% instant credit bonus on every single purchase
    • Happy Hour reduced rate of only 0.20 credits per minute
    • Exclusive Customer Service

    Special Features

    PhoneMates is all about innovation, which could be expected from a fresh website that is leading the mobile webcam revolution. The good old basic features are well-made and there are some exclusive new ones that will make your cam shows more interesting than ever before.

    User Features
    • Photos - On the webcam models' personal pages, there are more pictures here than are usually found on free cam sites.
    • Instant Notifications - Which tell you when a specific cam host goes online.
    • Quick List - Just like a favorite list that users can create. Just click on the heart icon under the picture of the woman that you want to add.
    • Last Visited - The models that you recently chatted with.
    • With
    • Last Visited – This is a fun option which allows you to instantly locate the models that you have recently chatted with. I've added a screenshot, just to show you how quickly you can find and use this helpful option.
    Video Chat Features
    • Free Intro - Short preview of the adult chat.
    • Detailed View - This unique cam feature lets you see all the online models WITH their picture on one long screen. You can go back to the standard view by clicking on "Galley View". I've added a screenshot to help you figure out where the button is. It's a tiny one, but believe me – once you see how it works, you'll be grateful that you found it.
    • Screen Size Control - Adjust the VideoChat screen to your taste: Regular, Large, Supersize
    • Cam2Cam - Allow the web cam model to watch you during the live show. Notice: This feature demands that you have a web camera of your own.
    • Control the picture quality - Brightness, Contras
    • Zoom in and Zoom out Feature
    • HD web cams
    • Audio
    • Fast Connection - When the host's camera has it.
    • High Quality Cams - When the webcam performer has HQ cam. Not as good as HD, but still of fine-quality.

    The Happy Hour Feature Makes Live Chat Cheaper

    Another way to save cash on PhoneMates is to take advantage of the 24/7 Happy Hour option. This feature, which is called Happy Hour in other websites is basically discounted live shows that you can access from iPhone, Android or iPad as well as from your private PC. You can find the models that offer this feature at the top navigation bar and enjoy real adult chat sessions for only $0.68 per minute. This is the cheapest adult webcam cost that I have ever seen on the major live cam sites and I recommend any cammer who is working of a budget to use this offer while it lasts.

    Hosts Profiles

    Loyal to its reputation for being new and exciting, Phone Mates has detailed webcam profiles of all of its hosts. All the info is there, but it is summarized and you’ll need to figure out what the icons mean before you’ll be able to get the facts in just one glance. When you do though, you’ll discover that you can go through all the important data quickly and easily and even see a fun sample of pictures, just to get you into the right mood. I’ve added a screenshot to help you figure out how the information is catalogued. Profile info includes:

    1. About the Host - A few lines written by the performer.
    2. Picture - Offered on a different tab and there are usually more of them than on other webcam sites.
    3. Model’s recorded private shows
    4. What takes place on the Private Chat Room.
    5. Web Cam Likes and Dislikes.
    6. Special Attributes.
    7. Option to get notified when the performer is online.
    8. Option to add the host to your Favorites.
    9. Option to add the host to your Quick List.
    10. Rating - How many stars the model won.
    11. Languages - Spoken on the specific VideoChat room.
    12. Features that the webcam performer has – toys, audio, fast connection, etc.
    13. Physical Features.
    14. Smoking - Yes/No

    Customer Support

    PhoneMates offers 24/7 customers support in two categories.

    • Registered Users - Should click on the Contact Us button and receive a few ways to contact the site.
    • Unregistered Users - Can contact the site directly through the email:


    I can't say that I am wild about the FAQ page on this website. There are only 6 question there, and most aren't really helpful, just the general "we are here and live for you, etc.".

    What's So Great about 24/7 Accessibility?

    If you ask this, my guess is that you're still not as addicted to your cell phone as I am. I mean, I couldn't live without my iphone and I am constantly using it, not just to talk, but also for MSNing, downloading pictures and movies and just checking my emails. However, before appeared, I was saving my chatting to my home PC. The chats just didn't go as well on my cell and I ended up getting annoyed and frustrated. Now, with PhoneMates' new platform, I can simply pick a live chat room and log on to it whenever I'm in the mood. The advantage of the 24/7 accessibility is really intoxicating. It means that I can be standing in a supermarket line (usually stuck behind a really slow shopper) or having my morning coffee, and at the same time I can be having a fantastic online web chat.

    I used to have to wait for privacy or to find time on my own to enjoy a good web cam session. PhoneMtaes gives me the power to decide when and where I want to chat and helps me to do it with minimal hassle. Do I sound like a real fan? That's probably ‘cause I am one.


    PhoneMates is currently offered in English only. The webcam women speak many languages, and they are specified on their bio pages, but as stated above, you cannot search for specific languages unless you use the free-search option and type a specific language name. I did find sample models that speak:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • French

    But there are certainly other languages spoken among the 10,000 hosts.

    Pros and Cons


    PhoneMates is new, fresh and is the number one mobile webcam site on the net today. It has made the transfer from cell phone platform to PC successfully and its innovative chat features open a whole new world for cammers. This is a website for those who like updates, new ideas and to stay ahead of the crowd.


    The search option in PhoneMates is still a bit limited and it's not possible to look through their database according to every criteria. Also, the FAQ page needs some serious work as inexperienced cammers won't find real answers to many of their questions.

    Bottom Line

    Phone Mates is the definition of innovation and as such, it still has some problems adjusting to the world of PC platform. That said, I really believe in this bold, friendly site and I believe that it may rise as the new stage in webcam chats.

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