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Number of Web Cam Hosts

This website has just over 20,000 hosts and the average number of internet versions at any given period is 400 or so.  That's more than plenty to choose from in the event that you want my opinion.

Cost And Billing

Remember you were having such a great time with on a sex show almost exploded with joy? and all of a sudden your show stopped with a message requesting a charge up for the account.

Supertrip is launching a new innovative post show payment plan “pay after you finish”. Now you will have the ability to enjoy your time on the website with no worries your budget is depleted like in additional sex cam sites, inside this unique payment plan you pay just after the fun is over, no need to stop in the process of the show just to charge up.

Enjoy the show any pay later, Supertrip want the consumer to enjoy the models with no disturbance, which I personally really like.

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, Discover, JCB
  • Debit Card: Maestro, Master Card, Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Visa Blue, Solo, Switch
  • Online Check

CC Processor:

  • CCBill
  • GTS Billing
  • Epoch

Top Promotions

  • Post show payment plan.
  • Free account
  • unlimited one one one shows
  • ptivate video cahst with thousands of web cam models

Types of Memberships and Benefits has recently changes its membership choices and they're currently a tad more complex, but far more rewarding. How does this work, exactly? You receive miles with every credit package you buy and when you collect a specific amount, you're updated to a higher level of membership. Users now do not have to cover any type of membership (before you'd VIP which cost you a monthly fee) and all members are rewarded just for remaining loyal to the website. That is a fantastic thing, considering the rewards are price-discounts and more economical than ever chats.

Do not; possess the minimal amount of miles to be eligible for an update yet? You're just a basic member. Not to worry: You can still do everything, or nearly everything on the site, however you do not receive the extra discounts. But, people don't usually stay on this level very long as you just need 15 miles to become a Silver member. Anyhow, this really is the advice of fundamental members:

Cost to Join: Free.

Info Needed: Username, password that is unique, an email, a credit or a debit card.

Participate in all of the celebrity events for free

Access to free video chat rooms, and as much of it as you like

Access to private webcam shows, but you want to cover them of course

Use all the available webcam attributes

View pics and movies of this webcam actors. Assuming they have any. Not all do, however, surely the huge majority.

Get active speaking with the live hosts and after just a little while you'll get the 15 miles required to become a Silver member.

Price to Join: Free. After you've accumulated 15 miles you will become a Silver member automatically.

Rewards - All those awarded to Standard Members PLUS:

1% credit bonus with every purchase

A welcoming present to the Silver level of 10 credits bonus on the house

Pay only 0.50 charge per second for Happy Hour talks

Becoming Gold is not as far in the future as you may think, but it's somewhat harder than becoming a Silver member. That is what this membership includes:

Cost to Join: Free.

Benefits - All of those available to Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

Full 3% credit bonus on each purchase

Complimentary 100 credits as a welcoming present to Gold.

Pay 0.35 credits just per minute on Happy Hour chats.

Platinum Care

Loyalty pays off Big Time on and if you manage to stick around long enough, you will gradually become a Platinum member and win crazy benefits for your d3evotion.

Cost to Join: Free, assuming you succeed in collecting 500 miles, which is a great deal, but will finally occur because the live shows on this webcam website are simply superb.

Benefits: - All those that are available to Gold, Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

A huge 5% credit bonus with each purchase you make

A welcoming gift to Platinum in form of 200 credits. WOW.

Pay only 0.20 credits per minute during Happy Hour live chats.

Enjoy an exclusive Client Service


Special Features

Post show payment plan – It’s time to stop worrying about your credit. Pay your bill, only after you finish the show.


User Attributes: Notification of favorite models when they're online The Message Center - This platform offers user with a simple method of calling versions, scheduling shows and remaining connected.

On every host's profile site you can quickly see if she's a high excellent cam, fast connection, audio, and use toys, through easily identifiable icons Bonus program -- each single time you purchase credit using the website, will give you free extra credit as a means of showing you appreciation.

Quick list -- Click on the Quick List icon for each and every host you love and she'll automatically be added to a link where you are able to click to locate her next time.

Special discounts: Happy Hour -- Discount speed 0.88 credits per second The Typical User Program -- buy points on your first time buy of credits (the more you purchase, the more points you purchase). The more points you have, the more discounts and benefits you'll get. Video Chat Features: Cam2cam options Mobile chat rooms. Establish the image box to look at your live chat at three distinct sizes, which range from a quarter of the screen to a full display. Zoom in and out and enjoy close up angle with the easy to use tabs. Turn your camera off or On Turn the chat sound on or off Use Emoticons Change the font size Proceed to the next video chat area, a particularly useful feature when you don't know what it is you're looking for.

Hosts Profiles

The bio pages, AKA profiles on are You may find out all of the info that you will need to know about a host by checking out her profile page and studying up on her. Host profiles include these:

  • Brief description of the host 
  • Skills and expertise
  • Preferences
  • List of bodily features
  • Age
  • Photo Gallery
  • Reviews of the host left by other members
  • Languages the host speaks
  • Characteristics her live chat includes, such as fast connection, HD cams
  • Overall evaluation
  • Link to be notified when Host in internet, to add to Favorites List and fast List

Customer Support

You may contact customer support through email 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and you receive a response immediately.  Just click the Contact Us link at the bottom of each webpage and you will be directed on how to contact the section.

There are FAQs on Supertrip, but they're far from being great.  There are only like 8 queries on this page and they're so general that I doubt it should any user finds them helpful.

Language is only available in English.  However, you'll find hosts that talk 27 different languages on the site.  To discover specific languages, just use the Language Search bar located at the top of the main search page and select the language you prefer.

Pros and Cons has one of the larger selections of star hosts to provide you with amazing private displays.


Be sure that supertrip collect the most diverse models around the world.

Non famous hosts are usually also be great, but some of the star hosts possess such expertise and ability, that the other actors are simply no match for. 

Additionally, the web site offers a few really good discounts, so your money goes a long way.  The webcam models here are extremely attentive and the platform is very user friendly. 



The celebrity hosts that are available don't work on a set schedule, so you just need to hope you get lucky and they happen to be online once you're. 


Bottom Line:

Payment is not an issue anymore when it comes to user experience.

The interface technologies the site utilizes is more advanced, which makes browsing

The website fun and enjoyable. 


It is also worth registering just to be able to interact with the star hosts who are on the site and give amazing Personal shows.

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