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Number of Black Webcam Hosts

With around 1,200 registered Black hosts on Streamate, you can be sure of finding a satisfactory selection of online webcams, even if you happen to drop by in strange hours. At least 50 Ebony performers will be there to welcome you at any time, and that is more than enough to locate at least one adult chat room you like. From what I saw most of the models were quite committed and the Streamate show rooms are usually of above-average quality.


If you remember nothing else of my free adult webcam review, try and remember what I say regarding prices, because this is most important aspect of my reviews. All in all, Streamate.com really isn’t a very expensive site. However, there is a very big variation in costs, as could be expected on an amateur Black cam site, and I really recommend you make sure you know how much you’re paying in advance.

Notice that you have a daily spending limit on Streamate. You can change it, but it’s there and I actually think that for new users it is very helpful, just to keep your budget under control until you have some idea of how much you’re total payment is.

Most of the Ebony chat rooms are reasonably prices and you can actually enjoy pretty long live shows here without going bankrupted. The cheapest private chats you’ll find on Streamate are as low as $1.99, which is great, but notice that the cost can peak as high as $9.99 per minute, which is really quite expensive. Pick wisely my friends or you’ll have some serious explaining to do when your credit bills role in.

Paying for Ebony Cam Videos

You can enjoy the site’s Ebony webcam clips for as little as $2.99 or pay a monthly fee of $14.99 for an unlimited access.

Payment Methods

I have to say that I was somewhat shocked to discover that Streamate only accepted 3 major credit cards and 2 debits. Granted, these are the most used cards around, and still, why limit people who just want to spend money on the site? Oh well. Here is the list of accepted payment methods:

  • Credit Card:
    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • Discover
  • Debit Cards:
    • JCB
    • SS

CC Billing Options


Leading Black Chat Promotions on Streamate.com

  • Free Ebony Video Chat

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

In order to enjoy the free live shows on Streamate Ebony webcams you need to have one of 2 types of memberships. If you are not a member, you will still be allowed to interact with the dark skinned performers and browse their profiles, but that’s about it.

Standard Free Member

Cost to Join: Free

Information Needed: User name, password, email.


  • Visit free Black chat rooms
  • Access to the models’ profiles
  • View some pics

Premium Membership

I don’t mean to confuse you, but just to make it clear: A premium membership is just a standard free membership, but one that you register a card for. The totally free no credit card needed membership that I just discussed is not always available, but the premium is. Feeling puzzled? I bet you do, but don’t worry yourself with the fine print. It’s just a free membership really, only with some additional benefits and you need to give our credit card number. That’s it.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Needed: User name, password, valid email, credit card for verification


  • Unlimited free chatting
  • Free text chats
  • View the Black picture galleries and tube clips
  • Manage a favorite list
  • Receive instant alerts
  • Email the African American webcam performers

Special Features:

There are not all that many special gadgets on this website. On top of the standard Cam 2 Cam, audio, etc., the only Ebony webcam feature that is worth mentioning are the celebrity shows, and this is really more of a type of show than an actual feature. Don’t get me wrong: You will find everything you need for a thrilling, pleasant live chat, but there is nothing out of the ordinary which is a bit of a shame.

Host Profiles

The Streamate profile pages are not what I would call inventive or imaginative, but they deliver the essentials and that’s all I’m hoping for these days. I recommend you take a peek before you begin an Ebony video chat, since the info they offer will help you determine which attentive cam host is worth the investment – time and money wise. I will list here the main data listen on each performer’s profile.

  • A bit about her
  • Looks and physical attributes
  • Adult chat preference
  • Ebony cam features
  • Ratings and webcam user comments
  • Languages
  • Adult cam schedule
  • Ebony pics
  • Black adult tubes
  • Date of her last show

Customer Support

If you have billing issues, want some assistance or find the information I offer lacking in some way (not very likely, I know, but there are some strange people out there), you can contact the Streamate Customer Support department and ask for assistance. You may do so in one of three possible ways:

  • Clcik on the live help chat link
  • Send an email to supportteam@tsmate.com
  • Call by Phone - 1-866-941-3982 (US). Not from the USA? You’ll find many other relevant support numbers on the site.


I am a big information fan and as such I am one of the few webcam users that always head directly to the Frequently Asked Question page. Why? Because I feel that a well-made FAQ list will summarize everything I ought to know and will give me a general and instant understanding of the live Ebony webcams online and their features. Alas, more often than not I end up feeling disappointed because most adult cam sites simply do not share my enthusiasm and treat the FAQs like an offhand task. So you see, Streamate.com was a very nice surprise. The FAQ page covers everything in organized, clean categories. Technical issues, billing and even feature activation and deactivation – it’s all here in one single place.


The Streamate.com site is made in 8 languages. There are Black webcams online which feature even more languages, but that depends fully on the amateur dark skinned models. You can usually count on finding performers who speak common languages like English, French and Spanish, but as for the rest of them, you’ll just have to look and see.

The navigation, categories and general construction of Streamate.com is absolutely superb and the basic Black webcam features will not disappoint you. In most cases the live shows online exceed all expectations and the website as a whole has a fun, straightforward attitude that is very refreshing, especially since it’s not all that new.

Some of the Ebony chat rooms are simply overpriced and there are no special discounts that make chatting more affordable. Membership is perhaps free, but it holds no extraordinary benefits and there need to be some more interesting features on offer, to make the cam shows more unique.

Bottom Line:

Streamate is an unsophisticated, uncomplicated adult webcam site with lots on live Black webcams and not much else. It is a great place to go to chill out while watching pretty high-quality shows, and if you don’t mind to do some searching, you’ll even be able to find plenty of reasonably prices livecam performers.

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