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Number of Webcam Hosts at SEX.SEX

The number of girls on SEX.SEX is constantly changing – it all rests on how many hot live cams the Scan-Cams pick up. Not only that – there’s also no guarantee that girls are necessarily what you’ll find. It’s all about taking chances. The likelihood is that you’ll end up face-to-face with some smoking hot action – but you could also end up staring at a rainforest. Believe me, I’ve been there. However, this does make this site into more of an experience – and an exciting one at that. You just never know what’s going to happen.


Cost And Billing

The prices on SEX.SEX are very reasonable for such a novelty experience. If you want a completely free experience, the Scan Cam part of SEX.SEX is where you should be going. Although it’s fun, remember that free chat does have its limitations. Of course, you’re going to get much more out of the site if you put some money and effort into it! You can enjoy everything on the site using the SEX.SEX currency - Silx. For example, spend some one-on-one time with a hot girl for between 9.8 and 58 Silx per minute, about $0.98 and $5.80 per minute! Then there’s the ‘Get a Ride’ experience, for just 6 Silx (60 Cents) – to enjoy a show while someone else is pays in full for it, and 8 Silx (80 Cent) to look through the ‘Keyhole’. Check out the ‘Top Promotions’ below for details on current deals and offers.


Top Promotions

Read on for the top promotions on SEX.SEX:

  • Get 20 Silx just for signing up
  • Get 80 Silx extra on your first purchase
  • Buy more Silx and get even more minutes and Silx e.g. 2 free minutes in Get a Ride or Keyhole when you buy 400 Silx. The bonus goes up the more you spend – get a huge 50 minutes to use in Get a Ride or Keyhole, free on purchases of 1600 Silx.
  • Share your SEX.SEX experiences on Social Media to get even more extra Silx: - Refer a friend and get 10 Silx once he verifies his email. Then, get100 Silx when he makes his first purchase – which I can assure you, won’t be long! And the cherry on top – you’ll get 20 Silx for every additional purchase he makes!

Types of Memberships and Benefits

Anonymous User Features: Scan-Cam.

Swiping through the Scan-Cam results in sets of six is fun, and so is clicking on one and chatting. Remember though – at the end of the day, this is a Free Chat feature, and although it is much more fun than your regular free chat rooms, it tends to stay pretty tame.

Signed-up user features, in addition to Scan-Cam:

  • Tips & Gifts – buy them with your Silx, which can only be purchased by registered users
  • Your Finds: Save your faves
  • Private Chat by clicking Make You Move (Silx needed)
  • Keyhole: These girls don’t know you’re watching (Silx needed)
  • Enjoy someone else’s show, while they foot the bill, in Get a Ride (Silx needed)
  • Social Feed: Earn more Silx by sharing the fun times you’ve had
  • Raise your ranking: Buy Silx to become a Bronze, Silver or Gold member

Special Features

The Special Features on SEX.SEX are unlike any I’ve ever seen. Read on, and prepare yourself for something totally different:

  • Scan-Cam: the SEX.SEX scanners work constantly, scanning for hot live cams. There’s no guarantee that they’ll find anything, but once they do, it’s sure to be hot. Keep an eye on six at once – and don’t be afraid to dive straight in if someone catches your attention.
  • Make a Move: Go from Scan Cam to a private cam session by making your move. Click to make your experience a lot cozier...
  • Get a Ride: This feature is literally the feature that I’ve been waiting for – the feature that I didn’t know I was missing until it came along! Get a Ride enables you to experience the best sex shows – while someone else pays most of the cost! It’s worth checking out SEX.SEX for that alone!
  • Keyhole: Look through the keyhole and see what goes on when they think the cam is off. I’m not telling you what I saw…but it was nothing like I’d ever seen before!
  • Your Finds: Don’t lose that hottie! You may not ever find the same girl twice on the SEX.SEX scans – so click the heart and add her to Your Finds. You can then visit this feature whenever you wish and check if her cam is live.
  • Social Feed: Get rewards for sharing your experiences on Social Media

Host Profiles

Unlike other cam sites, there are no Host profiles on SEX.SEX. Seeing as these models’ cams seem to have been randomly scanned into the site, this would make sense. If you want to get to know them, you’re just going to need to start chatting!

Customer Service

You can send the mystery geeks who run the site a connection request via the Contact Us section - and hope for the best. There is however, an extensive FAQ page, so be sure to check that out first if you do get stuck.



Check the bottom of each live cam for the flags indicating languages spoken by that particular cam girl.

Pros and Cons


  • New and exciting website with unfamiliar cool features that I’ve never seen before.
  • Great UI and UX that will make your visit as enjoyable as possible
  • Relatively affordable. SEX.SEX gives its users a fair deal

SEX.SEX is unlike any other webcam site around. If you’re bored of the regular cam sites and want something newer, unique and totally different, then I’d highly recommend this site. Even if you’re not, this site pretty much guarantees you a good time. The site’s original features such a ‘Get a Ride’ and ‘Keyhole’ provide you with a variety of experiences that you won’t get anywhere else. You can also access thousands of live streams, totally free!


  • It may be too exciting for some of visitors that are used to traditional cam sites

This site gives you much more than one-on-one chats with hot girls. You’ll still find that here too mind you, but as part of a bigger, exciting experience! If you like cam chat, I suggest you do give this site a try – you may see something you like (through the Keyhole or otherwise!)

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