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Number of Hosts

As mentioned above, proves that you don’t have to be an old site in order to round up a good selection of transexual models. Currently the website has around 1,500 registered transgender, but this number is literally getting bigger by the minute. You can expect 50 or so to be online whenever you log on, and while this is not a breathtaking figure, I am confident that it’s just going to get bigger with time.


A minute of a private transexual chat at begins at 0.20 credits if you pick Happy Hour shemales and you are a Platinum member. Regular private chats start at under a dollar and go all the way up to 5.99. Certain transgender will charge more just because they’re popular, so make sure you check the rates before clicking on that “Start a Private Show” link.

With the Sneak a peek you get to peep into transsexual webcam chat rooms for 33% of the original cost per minute.

Credit on

Purchasing credits is very easy and you can get 25 credits for $24.95, 50 credits for $49.95, etc., - you get the idea. It doesn’t get cheaper if you buy 100 credits at once, but you have enough discounts and promotions on the site, so it doesn’t matter much. The most important thing about buying credits are the Miles you get, because as you will see when you read through my Membership section, these miles mean huge savings and extra benefits later on. Here are the packages you’ll see when you try and buy, as well as the miles you receive:

  • 25 credits for $25, and you get 2 Miles
  • 50 credits for $50 and you get 6 Miles
  • 75 credits for $75 and you get 9 miles
  • 100 credits for $100 and you get 13 Miles
Payment Methods:

Most credit cards and debits are accepted on If that’s not enough options for you, using an Online Check is also acceptable.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Discover
    • Solo
    • Switch
    • JCB
    • Delta
    • Maestro
    • Visa Bleue
    • MasterCard Debit
    • Visa Electron
  • E-Check

CC Processor:

  • CCBill
  • GTS Billing

Top Promotions

  • Sneak a Peek – Peep at an Online transgender that doesn’t know you see her, for 33% of the regular cost
  • Get 25 free credits with your first purchase
  • Get benefits and bonus credit with free membership upgrades

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

After the latest update has changed its membership options quite a bit, but I do think the users get more now. Currently there are 5 types of basic membership offered and I will sum them up quickly, for your convenience.

Unregistered User (AKA Visitor)

This is the very basic option for the transsexual webcam tourist. It will enable you to look around, sample some video chat rooms, but not much more.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: None.


  • Free transgender chat
  • Access transsexual profiles
  • Use the quick list

Free Registered Member

Once you decide that Sexier has what it takes (notice that I did not say “if”. I have plenty of confidence in the transsexual webcam site), you can sign up as members. Why not? Membership is free.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: User name, valid email, password, credit card for buying credits


All those given to the visitor PLUS:

  • Ability to purchase credit for group and private transgender shows
  • View all the transsexual picture galleries, recorded webcam clips and Tgirl vids.
  • Ability to massage host
  • Manage a Favorite list
  • Free access to all special webcam events
  • Unlimited free chatting

Silver Member

Here is where become interesting. This site, after the latest update, gives users a certain amount of Miles for each credit purchase. Once you accumulate 15 of them (which can happened once you buy for example 1 package of 150 credits and another of 25), you become a Silver member and get more benefits. It really doesn’t matter if you get through lots of chatting on this website, or drop by to browse the online transsexuals once in a blue moon. You don’t need to sign up or anything. It happens automatically and costs you nothing whatsoever.

Cost to Join: Free, just collect 15 Miles.

Information Required: None, because you’ve registered it all before.


All those given to the registered member PLUS:

  • Free 10 credits for you to use on any tranny chat room
  • Extra Happy Hour discount, so you only pay 0.50 credit per minute
  • 1% credit bonus with every purchase

Gold Membership

Chat with the live shemales and sooner or later, you will manage to obtain a Gold membership. What do you get once you do? Read on and see.

Cost to Join: Free, just collect 200 Miles. Note that this is more than 10 times the number of Miles needed to become a Silver member.

Information Needed: None.


All those available to Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

  • Complimentary 100 credits to use on any shemale chat room.
  • Another Happy Hour discount, so you pay 0.35 credits per minute.
  • 3% credit bonus on every purchase

Platinum Membership

Still around and video chatting? Splendid. How about another upgrade? Personally I think that becoming a Platinum member is out of my reach, but if you’re big chatters it may happened sooner than you think.

Cost to Join: Free, but you need to save up 500 Miles. That’s well over 3,000 credits worth of chatting, but hey – you’ll have a lot of fun trying to get to the goal.

Information Needed: None.


    All those given to Gold, Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

  • Free 200 credits
  • Get yet another Happy Hour discount, so that you only pay 0.20 credits per minute. Cheaper than nay rate I ever heard of and remember that always has trannies available for Happy Hour, regardless of what time it is.
  • Get 5% credit bonus with every single purchase
  • Get access to premium Customer Service, because you’re a big shot and all.

Special Features:

I was curious to see if is going to remain loyal to its innovative approach in the area of features, or if it’s going to offer the same old cam options any other site on the net has. Well, I was happy to discover many exclusive chat features available for all members and I am going to list here just a few.

User Features:

  • Reward program – Each and every time that you buy transsexual chat credits on, you get free bonus credit.
  • Notifications
  • Sexier Bay – get points for buying credit for the first time as well as for going on live chats with the chatty transgender, These points translate into 1 on 1 chat credits and higher credit bonuses.
  • Indication if the trans woman has toys (which is VERY helpful info when choosing a transgender)
  • Indication if the trans woman has high quality cams
  • Indication if the trans woman has fast connection
  • Quick list – like a shortlist to your leading favorites

Adult Webcam Features

  • Cam2Cam
  • High-quality transsexual cams
  • Sound
  • Phone chats
  • Brightness and contrast control
  • Zoom
  • Video box size control with 3 optional adjustable sizes

Hosts Profiles

All the transexual models on are available for free chats, so you can see if they feel right and evaluate their online skills. No need to say that while you don’t have credits on your account, you chances of winning their attention is relatively low, but you can still ask questions, see them respond to other cammers and decide if they have what you’re looking for. There is a good variety of hosts including Black Tgirls, Latina transsexuals, Caucasian transgender women and quite a few Asian ladyboys. I recommend you check out their online profiles before you pick, because in this site they list a lot of useful data. This info includes:

  • A personal note, written by the transexual model and describing herself.
  • Special adult cam skills
  • Videochat preferences
  • Physical features
  • Some transgender pics
  • Indications if she has toys, fast connection, HD cams, etc.
  • Languages
  • Reviews
  • Rating

Customer Support

Feel lost? Got billing issues? Just want to take with a representative? Click on the Contact Us like at the bottom of each and every web page and you’ll receive assistance 24/7.


I don’t like the FAQ page on Sexier. This site is new and I think it can do a lot better in terms of supplying users with answers to basic questions. In this case, you won’t find much help on this page and will probably need to contact the CS department.

Languages: is only offered in English, but the webcam transsexuals supposedly speak 27 languages. I didn’t check each and every one, but there are enough live Tgirls to make me believe that you can find at least most of the listed options.

I like the way that looks, and even more the way it feels. This is a lively website and there are not just pics and vids of transgender, but a real energetic vibe. The features are not bad, but I of course, will come back to this website thanks to the promotions it keeps dishing out. They had me in showtime, but the Reward Program reeled me in.

My only complaint and it’s a constant one, is that, although is pretty good, could do better. Certain things, like the FAQ page and the shortage of exclusive features are tolerable in adult webcams sites, but are unacceptable in a new one.

Bottom Line:

Well, you already know what I’m going to say. When a transsexual webcam site makes sure I get so many options to save cash, good ole Larry is not going to diss it unless it’s absolutely awful, and is certainly not. It’s a good site, a fun site, a promising site even, and I just hope that soon enough we’ll see it live up to that promise.

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