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Number of Hosts

There are over 5,000 registered ebony cam models on, which is an impressive number in all accounts. Of course, you can only expect a limited number of these performers to be online at a specific time and in off peak this can mean as low as 40 or so. That being said, all the live chat rooms I checked out were of excellent quality and I think no cammer that would drop by will end up disappointed.


A live chatting minute on is anywhere between $0.20 (Happy Hour rates for Platinum members) and $4.99. You can easily find a few Black chat room for $1.99 or so.

My favorite discount option on Sexier is called “Happy Hour”. You can find all the details of this special offer online, but what it comes down to is a live Black webcam show for a ridiculously low price. This about the cheapest chat offer I ever saw on one of the major websites and it’s a fantastic way to enjoy high-quality chats for a fraction of the real cost. The Reward Program is another favorite of mine. This means that each time you buy credit, will add Miles into your account and these will later on grant you membership upgrades and with them additional benefits. Don’t know about you, but being given stuff for free is the best way to get me hooked on an adult web camera site.

Credit on

A credit is exactly a dollar each, but as I mentioned, you get Miles whenever you purchase more. The packages are:

  • 25 credits for $25 plus 2 Miles
  • 50 credits for $50 plus 6 Miles
  • 75 credits for $75 plus 9 Miles
  • 100 credits for $100 plus 13 Miles
Payment Methods:

Paying for the Ebony webcams is pretty simple. Credit Cards are obviously the most popular payment method on, as it is, I dare guess, on most other adult webcam sites, but you can also use debits and even an online check.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • Maestro
    • Delta
    • Visa Bleue
    • MasterCard Debit
    • Visa Electron
    • Solo
    • Switch
    • JCB
  • E-Check

CC Processor:

  • CCBill
  • GTS Billing

Leading Ebony Cam Promotions on

  • Receive 25 bonus credits on your first purchase
  • Free Black chat rooms
  • Sneak a Peek – Spying on a Dark Skin Model Show, at 33% of the standard cost per minute
  • Get huge discounts and credit bonuses when your membership is upgraded

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

If you want to begin enjoying the Black webcams on, you need to become a member and there are 5 options to choose from. I will sum up all the basic rules and benefits of each of these memberships to save you the trouble, and all that’s left for you to do is take your pick.

Unregistered User allows users to do very basic looking around. You can check out the dark skinned performers and even interact with them, a bit anyway, but you will not be allowed to enjoy most of the adult cam features and will have to settle for limited viewing options. Still, it’s pretty good considering you haven’t even registered an email and it’s certainly the best way you have to see what this website is about.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: None.


  • Free Black chat room access
  • Manage a quick list
  • View the models’ profiles

Free Registered Member

Since the dark-skinned cam performers on really are awfully persuasive, I am sure that soon enough you’ll be needing some alone time with them and will be opting for the full membership. Not to worry, basic membership is completely full of charge, but of course – you will need to buy credit in order to enjoy the 1on1 live shows.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: User name, valid email, password, credit card – just to purchase credits


All those given to the visitor PLUS:

  • Allowed to watch private and group cam shows, for a price
  • Browse the adult Black clips, usually for a price
  • Enjoy the free online galleries
  • Massage the African American models
  • Manage a Favorite list and get alerts

Silver Member

This is where the Mile system kicks in. Once you accumulate a fixed number of miles your membership will be upgraded. This happens automatically and without you having to do anything. It is also free, and the benefits you get are sensational.

Cost to Join: Free, one you have collected 15 Miles.

Information Required: None. You’ve registered it all before.


All those offered to the registered member PLUS:

  • Free 10 credits
  • Happy Hour rate is only 0.50 credit per minute
  • 1% bonus on every credit purchase

Gold Membership

The black beauties on will dazzle you and you will want to chat with them forever. If you stick around and keep paying for private webcams, eventually you will discover that you have what it takes to become a Gold member.

Cost to Join: Free, once you succeed in collecting whopping 200 Miles.

Information Needed: None.


All those available to Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

  • 100 free credits, which you can use on any Ebony chat room
  • Pay only 0.35 credits per minute on Happy Hour
  • Get 3% credit bonus on each purchase

Platinum Membership

There is always something better to aspire to and on the cream of the crop in the Platinum membership. This is a very exclusive club, and if you want to join it, this is what you’ll need to do.

Cost to Join: Free, assuming that you can chat with the Black webcam hosts long enough to collect 500 Miles. Let’s do the math. Assuming that you pay 2 bucks a minute and purchase 100 credit packages, you will need to chat for nearly 2,000 minutes or 32 hours if you may. That’s a lot, but some guys get there faster than they realize

Information Needed: None.


    All those given to Gold, Silver and Basic Members PLUS:

  • Free 200 credits – that a lot of On the House chatting time
  • Get 5% credit bonus with each purchase
  • Pay an almost unbelievably low rate of 0.20 credits per minute on Happy Hour. Any lower than that and the cam hosts will be paying you.
  • Enjoy premium Customer Service
  • Receive a lot of attention from the dark-skinned webcam hosts

Special Features

As always, dishes out all the familiar and well-appreciated features like Cam 2 Cam and audio, but I bet you want to hear about the more special options. Well, Here is a quick list f the really outstanding livecam features that will make the Ebony webcams seem far more interesting and much more thrilling. Other than the one I mention there are not too many exclusive adult cam features that will spin your head, but my impression is that the ones they have are well-made and easy to managed.

User Features:

  • Manage a favorite list and get notified when you favorite Ebony cam models go online.
  • Manage a Quick List which is really like a Top Favorite List
  • Reward program – Get bonus credit whenever you buy Ebony webcam credit.
  • Sexier Bay – I don’t really like complicated point-based systems, but on this adult webcam site it’s not really complicated. When you buy credits for the first time or whenever you spend it, you get points, which are later on transformed to additional credits.
  • Useful indication if the dark-skin model has toys, High Quality webcams, speedy internet connection

Adult Webcam Features

  • You can incorporate a phone chat in your live show and make the chatting more exciting.
  • High-quality Black webcams
  • Control the cat window size (3 options)
  • Audio
  • Zoom
  • Contrast and brightness control

Hosts Profiles

Well, we’ve already established that has lots of Ebony webcam chat rooms, and since there are so many live shows, you are able to make more exact options. For this you have two means: The search options and the profiles, and I will begin with the latter. With clever usage, host profiles can help you understand what type of show you are about to see, not to mention give you glimpses of the model, her livecam skills and some of her free Black adult pics. The profiles on are pretty well-made and I will list the main information that they offer.

  • Personal description, written by the Ebony webcam performer.
  • Various physical attributes
  • List of the hosts’ skills and preferences
  • Several Ebony pics
  • Languages
  • Indications if the Black cam host has HD webcams, toys, etc.
  • User rating
  • Reviews

Customer Support

Members are invited to click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page and receive several methods of contacting the customer support people. This department is operational throughout the day, 24/7. Non-members can simply email and there is also a link to leave feedback, which I think is a great idea that other sites should copy.


I was so happy to see a link to FAQ page on Sexier, but oh my - what a disappointment. With only 6 questions, and not even HELPFUL question, this Frequently Asked Question page is one of the least useful ones that I have ever encountered. I hope the site managers will get a grip and expand it ASAP, because for now, it mostly a big waste of time.


Right now is offered only in English, but there are told to be 27 languages spoken on the live Black chat rooms. This website very efficiently provides a mechanism to search for a specific language that you are interested in. From a few searches I mead it’s clear that the main languages, you know – English, Spanish, French, etc – are all easy to locate. As for others… Well, it’s a matter of luck and besides, let’s be honest: How many Ebony women do you know that actually speak Mandarin?

The low showtime rates and the fairly cheap prices on are a pleasant surprise in the adult webcam world. This new site manages to deliver something fresh and lively and it makes some of the older cam sites seem out of date. The technical platform is superb and the video chat rooms are a lot of fun, and with the selection of Black cam models you are sure to always find the live show you dream about.

This website still needs to work on refining itself in order to become a real leader in the adult cam arena. It needs to create some more exclusive features and to become a bit more of a cyber webcam community, not just a place you come to watch shows.

Bottom Line:

I am pretty sure that 9 out of 10 of my readers are going to go crazy over, if for no other reason than simply because it allows cam users to enjoy high-quality Ebony chats for extremely low prices. This website is still growing and improving itself, and since it’s already above average, I expect a great deal from it.

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