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Number of Web Cam Hosts

PeekShows has over 1000 registered performers and you can expect an average of 60 or so models to be online when you signed in.


Recently PeekShows has lowered its prices for all kinds of shows and has become one of the cheapest adult webcam choices around. This is a big change, because up until not too long ago this site was on the pricey side. Now users can enjoy live chats for as low as $0.98 per minute and even maximum rates really aren’t that bad. Those who want to save a bit can use the Spy Chat to follow what others users are up to.

Notice that PeekShows has not only lowered its rates but has also added a weekly Happy Hour. It’s every Tuesday from 4 AM to 10 AM PST and 4 PM to 10 PM PST. Instead of offering cheaper chat rooms, this site uses Happy Hour to lower the price of tokens, so you pay less for each.

The average cost of the webcam chats is as following:
  • Public Chat Rooms – Free, but no real action
  • Private Chat – Starts at $0.98 with an average of $3.99 per minute
  • Group Chat – An average of $9.99 per minute
  • Spy Chats - Around $1.99 per minute
Credit on

Credit on PeekShows is called tokens and there are many packages to choose from. Base token cost is $1.19 per token, but obviously, the more you purchase, the less each credit will be. Big chatters should definitely go for the higher number of tokens, which here is on a different category called Tokens in Bilks. It looks like a lot to buy in one go, but in the long run it really pays off. The bigger packages mind you, are only possible to purchase in certain payment methods (see my next item) and require longer approval-system. Credits can be purchased in the following packages:

Basic Token Packages

  • 25 Credits - $30.00
  • 50 Tokens - $58.00
  • 100 Tokens - $113.00
  • 200 Tokens - $222.00

Bulk Token Packages

  • 180 Tokens - $199.00
  • 347 Tokens - $364.00
  • 545 Tokens - $545.00
  • 792 Tokens - $752.00
  • 1052 Tokens - $946.00
Payment Methods

The following payment methods are accepted on

  • Credit Cards (Only for standard packages. For bulks see below):
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • Buy Tokens with Cash, via NetCash in thousands of worldwide locations.
  • Payomeer - Bulk Token Packages only.
  • Cashier Check - Bulk Token Packages only.
  • Certified Check - Bulk Token Packages only.
  • Money Order – US citizens only, Bulk Token Packages only.
  • Paxum - Bulk Token Packages only.

Top Promotions

  • New Members Receive 25 Free Tokens
  • Huge Discounts for Buying Tokens in Bulks
  • Free Lifetime Membership
  • New Premium Members Receive 1,500 Free Tokens
  • Happy Hour on Tuesdays with Discounts on Tokens
  • Double Token Mondays – On specific times during Mondays, users enjoy twice as long private shows for the same cost

Types of Memberships and Benefits

There are 2 types of memberships on PeekShows, and they are practically the same one – only with and without buying credits. You can sign up for free and take a look around and then buy tokens and become a premium member. It’s that simple. Here is how it goes:

Standard Membership

You don’t even need a credit card. This is a fantastic way to see what you have on this website and chat for free with some sample models.

Cost to Join: Free.
Information Required: User name, valid email, Password, No Credit Card Needed.
  • Access to the Members Only Area
  • Access to Chat, AND the all new Multi-Mode Chat, that Lets you Watch as Many Webcam Models As You Can Fit on Your Monitor Screen.
  • Private Message with the Models
  • Take Part in Model Competitions and Vote for Your Favorites
  • Manage a Favorite Models' List.
  • Access Models’ Blogs, Videos, Adult Video Archives, RSS Feeds and Profile Pages.
Premium Membership
Cost to Join: Free.
Information Required: User name, valid email, Password, Valid Credit Card.
All Those Offered in the Standard Membership AND:
  • Access the Private Chat Rooms
  • Access the Spy Chats
  • Win 1500 Bonus Tokens

Special Features

PeekShows has some nice webcam chat features worth mentioning:

User Features
  • Favorite List – Add your favorite webcam models to a quick list, to help you find them later on.
  • Favorite Model Notifier – Informs you when your favorites go online
  • Show I Have or Can Get Tokens – You can enable or disable this feature
  • Model Blogs – Where you can read what they think and do.
  • Free Model Images and Webcam Clip Galleries.
  • Bank and Wallet Feature - Once you have tokens, you can keep some in a "wallet" or in a "bank". Tokens stored in wallet will be used in private webcam shows. Tokens in the bank cannot be used before you move them to your wallet. This will help you save tokens for future use and won’t let the models see how many tokens you have when you enter their private chat rooms .
Video Chat Features
  • Choose Text Style, Size and Color.
  • Mute on Login – To prevent unpleasant Whoops if you are in a public place.
  • Filter Hosts – To only see specific type of hosts (only women for example).
  • HD Cams – Not all models have them, but there’s a clear HD icon on those who do.
  • Cam 2 Cam – 2 way webcams to let the models watch you while you watch them.
  • Audio
  • Use Ratings.

Hosts Profiles

There is nothing special about the profiles on Peek Shows. I have nothing bad to say about them, but to be honest, they look just like the other thousands of profiles that I’ve seen in other adult webcam sites, and the dark background makes them a bit depressing, if you ask me. Info included on the profile:

  • Personal Bio Information – Nickname, Appearance, Languages, etc.
  • Personal Blog – Written by the model.
  • Schedule of Webcam Performances..
  • Profile Picture.
  • Likes and Dislike.
  • Messages – A system that allows you to send the Models messages.
  • Pictures Gallery – Custom-made by each performer.
  • Webcam Video Clips – If the Host Has Them.

Also, I have to say that many of the performers who's bios I've checked didn't really use most of the available options and the result are pretty empty-looking bio pages, which as you can see from the screenshot below, seem dull and uninviting.

Customer Support

You have a few methods of contacting PeekShows:

  • Live Support – Only Available in certain times.
  • Email the Customer Support to
  • Contact by Phone: US residents - (877) 262-1219 or international - .
  • Email to directly from your own personal account.
  • Two phone numbers, a toll free one for USA members - (877) 262-1219 and an international number - 011-702-262-1219.

The FAQ page on PeekShows isn’t bad at all. Take a few minutes to look through it before you actually contact the Support Team. On it you will also find a link to Help Videos, which are quite handy. Personally I could do with some other color than the horrible purple and pick this page is composed of, but it kind of fit the rest of the site, so who am I to judge.


PeekShows does allow you to search models’ profiles by “language”, but this is of no use, because you have to click the actual language you want. If you just click on “languages” is takes oyou to every model in the list. So, you have to go into the profiles and check each one. That’s a serious downside and the website really needs to do something to improve this option.

Pros and Cons of


PeekShows has some fun web chat features and a very detailed search mechanism that lets you find models in any given category. Prices can e really low, especially if you buy big amounts of tokens at once, and there are no membership fees whatsoever.


Many of the webcam model profiles are incomplete and look too amateur to be considered real profiles. The language search option is practically non-existing and it takes awhile to figure out what features are available and what they mean.

Bottom Line:

I Can’t say that PeekShows really drove me over the edge with enthusiasm, but the site is certainly a decent one. All in all I thing the webcam shows are good and the models do a great job, and if the site only works a bit on how it’s built and structured, it can seriously improve.

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