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Number of Ebony Webcam Models is an excellent amateur webcam site, but it has some serious trouble when you try and sort out the hosts. The only way to locate specific live chat rooms is by region or by free search. The free search for the word “black” will lead you to many white performers with the work Black in their nicknames. Asking to see web cameras from Africa will show you all the Africans, naturally, but will fail to deliver the African Americans. The easiest way to find Black shows online is to go from page to page, and while this sounds like a hassle, it is in fact the fastest method you have and takes very little time.

If it helps you, there are around 500 registered African chat performers on and I found around 20 online. That being said, I am sure that there are many more that are simply harder to locate.


So, here comes the most important part of my free adult webcam reviews and in this case, I really have nothing to complain about. On free video chat really is 100% free. Sounds self evident, right? And yet, on most adult webcam sites, the term “free video chat” means that you get limited access to public chat rooms where nothing interesting takes place. You can see the models, ask questions and if you have credits you may receive answers, but that’s about it. On My Free Cams though, things are very different indeed. The Ebony web cams are open for all and they really are free of charge. There is however a price for private and 1on1 shows, and I will list all your option below. For additional information about the tipping, which is optional but encouraged on public chats, just read my explanation below.

  • Public Black webcam shows – Free, accept for optional tipping
  • Private Ebony chat rooms – an average of $5.99 per minute
  • Spy Chats – approximately $1.99 per minute, but in my opinion in this case you may as well be watching a public show without paying anything..
  • True private chat (where you exclude other members from peeping into your show) - around $7.99 per minute.


As I said, you can watch as many public shows as you want without having to pay a penny and the only time you actually need to pay is if you want to enjoy a private chat. However, you should notice that tipping is recommended. You don’t have to be the only one tipping, and you don’t need to tip a lot and all the time, but I do actually recommend you tip Ebony webcam hosts that you like. Why, you ask? Well, there are a few reasons and I’ll list them here quickly, because I already know how much you guys appreciate organized bullets.

  • Tipping will encourage the dark-skin performer to go on with her show, and make it more exciting for you as a viewer
  • Since the Public Areas on are sometimes packed with viewers, tipping is the main method you have to promise that your requests will be heard. Even a relatively small contribution will instantly give you personal attention from the host, and she will be more likely to do what you want.
  • Tips will make the African or African American model remember you and be nice to you even on later private chats.

Token Packages on

Instead of credits, uses a video chat currency called “tokens”. Apart from the name though, it works exactly the same as any other credit-based livecam system. You can use tokens to buy credits, to tip the Black cam women and to conduct any other transaction on the site. Upon trying to purchase credit for the first few times, you will see the following optional token packages:

  • 29.99 tokens for $44.55
  • 59.99 tokens for $103.96
  • 99.99 tokens for $148.52
  • 159.99 tokens for $237.64

Once you’ve become a premium member for sometime (keep in mind that you become a Premium member just by buying credits, so the status change is really automatic), you will be allowed to buy more tokens at one go. This shows that you have some credibility on MyFreeCams and that the website respects you as being a reliable, recognized member. Don’t be alarmed by the size of the packages, since unlike credits (where one dollar is often 1 credit) the tokens are smaller currencies and you’ll need to use more for every chatting minute.

  • 200 Tokens for $19.99 (~0.10$ per token)
  • 550 Tokens for $49.99 (~0.09$ per token)
  • 900 Tokens for $74.99 (~0.08$ per token)

Payment Methods

You are free to purchase credit on at any time you find fit using one of the many payment options:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
    • Visa
    • Carte Bleue
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa Debit
  • MasterCard
  • MasterCard Debit
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • Bank Wire Transfer
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    Types of Memberships and Benefits:

    There are 2 types of membership on MyFreeCams. All memberships on this website, which certainly continues to live up to its name, are there are a few significant benefits that you’ll receive when upgrading. Notice that you can and should watch some public Black shows even without registration, but you won’t be allowed to use the many cool adult cam features before you become a member.

    Basic Membership

    This is ridiculously easy procedure and I recommend you get it over with as soon as you enter the site. It only takes like a minute and as soon as you feed the verification code, you’ll become a lifetime member on

    Cost to Join: Free

    Info Needed: Valid email, password, nickname of your choice


    • See all-you-can-handle Ebony cam shows
    • Create and manage a cyber profile
    • Allow other MyFreeCams users to stream your web camera feed
    • Send and receive emails and Private Messages
    • Enjoy a few adult Black shows simultaneously

    Premium Members

    Sounds very impressive, doesn’t it “Premium Membership”, but the truth is that on My Free Cams anyone can become a premium member in a click of a button. All you need to do is get some credit into your account, for a cost obviously, and you’ll be instantly, automatically and permanently upgraded.

    Cost to Join:

    Free, just buy some tokens.


    All those given to free basic members PLUS:

    • Visit the Premium gallery that is full of constantly updated exclusive pics of random models during their private shows. Notice that the longer you are a member on MyFreeCams, the more pictures you’ll be allowed to view.
    • Browse private Black Show archives that hold all your previous 1 on 1 chats, free of charge.
    • Get notifies by Emails and SMS when your favorites go online.
    • Be allowed to purchase more tokens at one go
    • Receive more personal attention from the performers

    Special Features:

    OK, I am certainly not going to sit here and list all of My Free Cams features, because we’ll still be sitting here in a week’s time. Just covering those related to the profile section and customizing it will take me all day. You see, since this adult webcam site is branding itself as a cyber community rather than just another website for live webcams, it has many fun options aimed at leaving the users online, long after the Ebony chat is over. I must tell you that it seems this strategy is working, because the forums, chat rooms and public areas all feel packed of people and alive. Anyhow, I will list the more interesting and unique features here and you can just go on and visit the site (why not? It’s free) and check out the rest of the options for yourself.

    Special User Features

      li>Share your Web Camera with other MyFreeCams members. Naturally, you can decide who can view your feed.
    • Hide Model List – which leads to a bigger video chat window size of course.
    • Hide Your Tool Bar –This also results in a much bigger video chat window.
    • Resize Private Messages and Hide Chat – This exclusive feature lets you to control the size of your PM window and in so make the adult chat window bigger or smaller.

    Video Chat Features

    • Popup – This is a VERY cool feature, which lets you see several Ebony chat rooms at once. There is no limitation on the number of shows that you can watch, but keep in mind that at some point they become to tiny to enjoy. Spy mode fans will be overjoyed to hear that they can use this option to follow quite a few dark-skinned women simultaneously.
    • Chat screen size-control. The “Larger Video” link will make the chatting screen much bigger, and you can enlarge it more by watching the Black show in a standard Private Message window.

    Customize Your Chatting

    You can customize your chatting on and make it more personalized. This will allow you to build a kind of a cyber “character” with your chosen style and manner. Here are some of the relevant tools that you have:

    • Use emoticons
    • Customized chatting fonts
    • Add images from the internet or from your own comp
    • Insert images from a bank of MyFreeCams images
    • Use avatars

    Private Interaction Options

    Since My Free Cam is, or at least tries to be, an adult cam community, it guves users many different ways in which they can express themselves. More importantly, it creates communicative tools through which any user can interact with other viewers or performers.

    • Text messages are one of the basic ways to interact during shows and chats
    • Audio – is offered in many Ebony webcam chat rooms, but there is no guarantee that you’ll find it in all
    • MFC Mail is an internal email system which allows you to send messages to online and offline members, as well as to performers.
    • PM – Send private messages to the dark-skinned cam hosts or to other members
    • PMs accompanied by video chats – a great way to communicate with a buddy or with a favorite host, right on your Private Message window.

    Hosts Profiles

    I have mixed feelings about the profile pages on On one hand, they are often a lot of fun. They are really like miniature forums or blogs where the amateur Ebony models share opinions and interact with fans and members. On the other hand – what a mess! As the joke goes, the problem with democracy is that anyone can vote or be a president, and the same applies on this very democratic website. Absolutely anyone can leave a comment and it doesn’t have to be sensible or in a reasonable font. However, there is a lot of info, if you manage to locate its whereabouts.

    • Some personal info, written by the African or African American model.
    • Some physical attributes
    • Hobbies
    • Her adult cam skills
    • Pics – Assuming the model chose to upload any, but many do.
    • Video clips – Same as above. Most Black webcam models upload amateur tunes or adult cam clips to their profile pages and they are available to all.
    • Number of livecam fans
    • User Ratings
    • Wall, which is exactly where MyFreeCams users often decide to express their thoughts.
    • Her Favorite Models
    • Schedule

    Customer Support

    If you have inquiries or problems that can’t be solved with the FAQ page, has a customer support team that will be delighted to assist. No phone number though. All communication is done online.

    • Send a direct Email to:
    • Fill in a Help Request form, found on the site’s Contact Us page.


    It is clear that is aware of many of the potential complications which users can encounter and the Frequently Asked Question page is very thorough and helpful. I recommend you check it out before you start emailing and complaining. Again: In most cases, problems will be easier to solve than you think.

    Language is only working in English, but since the amateur hosts performing on the black web cameras are amateurs from all over the world, they obviously speak additional languages. Good luck finding them though, as the site does not allow users to search through the model database according to language category.

    Do you really think that any advantage MyFreeCams can dish up will beat the fact that it’s completely free? Adult shows of amateur Black women are offered to all users, all the time and while the quality varies, many are a lot of fun to watch. I also enjoy the online community-feel, and of course: The countless user features.

    In some aspects My Free Cams is a big mess, which needs to be sorted out before the users become exhausted. You cannot sort the models by a specific language or by ethnical background and the profiles need some maintenance that will make them more manageable.

    Bottom Line

    There is no disregarding the fact that MyFreeCams, with all its small problems, has changed the world of Ebony webcams as we know it. Older sites now need to work harder to impress and many copycats following the same basic free-show idea are being uploaded on a daily basis. At the end of the day though, there is no competition to MyFreeCams in its current format and it’s an excellent choice for adult cam fans who want to chat with Black models for free – or for very cheap costs.

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