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Number of Asian Cam Models

There are around 770 registered Asians on including all performers located in Asia or the Pacific Islands. This geography based distribution is of course somewhat limiting, because it excludes North American Asians and any Asian woman living in Europe or Australia. Oh well, at least you know the results you get are of real Asian Made hosts and you can usually find anywhere between 20 and 35 online models, depending on the hour and day you log in. The quality can alter quite a bit, as is always the case on MyFreeCams. Working with real amateurs does pose some quality monitoring difficulties, but one the other hand you get that exquisite authentic passion.


Usually when an adult cam site claims it has free Asian webcams what it really means is that you can chat for free with the live Far East hosts and then start paying for an actual show. Not on My Free Cams. This site is free to join, free to browse, free to watch and all public shows, yes, including adult ones, are free free free, You are encouraged to tip, especially if you want the Thai, Korean or Chinese model to give you the time of day, but you can also just sit back and let other people tip. 1 on 1 chatting does cost, but not a lot, and I will list all the detailed price info below to memorize.

  • Public Asian cam shows – Free, but do try and tip from time to time
  • Spy Mode (where you spy on private chatters) – This is roughly speaking $1.99 per minute.
  • 1 on 1 chats with the MyFreeCams Asians – You can expect to pay $5.99 per minute on average
  • True private chat (you’re all alone with the performer and no one can peek) – Usually about $7.99 per minute.

Also notice that will actually give you some tokens free of charge, if you bring friends to join the site. You get 20 when the friend signs up, even just as a free member, and an extra 200 when he (or she, I’m not being judgmental here) purchases credit for the first time. That’s a lot of tokens fellas, and now is the time to get in touch with all your buddies and recommend they join. The site however stresses that this is Just for Fun and informs all members not to take it too seriously and not to complain if the system misses a friend you bring. Such is life.

Tipping on

Whenever I see that tips are listed as user features on an adult webcam site, I always start laughing. How can you call it a user feature is the user only spends money? It’s more of a host feature, if you ask me. However, on MyFreeCams things are a bit different. Here, I actually encourage tipping on public shows, from the simple reason that you don’t actually pay anything else for the Asian shows, and that tipping gives you two, very important benefits:

  • It makes the Asian model notice you and respond to your requests
  • It makes you memorable and ensures you’ll be thought of as generous, which will mean more attentive private shows later on
  • It will keep the Oriental cam show going. If no one tips, the performer will simply continue dragging time and nothing major will take place on the screen

Token Packages on

Credits and Tokens are exactly the same thing and My Free Cams is one site that chose the latter. There are different token packages offered to members that try and buy tokens for the first time and to members who have bought a few times before. They are as following:


New Member

  • 29.99 tokens for $44.55
  • 59.99 tokens for $103.96
  • 99.99 tokens for $148.52
  • 159.99 tokens for $237.64

Once you are a Premium Member for Awhile

  • 200 Tokens for $19.99
  • 550 Tokens for $49.99
  • 900 Tokens for $74.99

Payment Methods

Since you must have credits in order to watch private Asian webcam shows, and in order to tip, I am guessing that soon enough you’ll need to buy, at least a few. There are several ways through which you can buy credits on MyFreeCams and you can use the one you prefer.

  • Credit and Debit Cards
    • MasterCard
    • MasterCard Debit
    • Visa
    • Carte Bleue
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Electron
  • Discover
  • Diners
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Top Promotions on

    • Free Asian Webcams
    • Receive Bonus Cam Credits when Bringing Friends

    Types of Memberships and Benefits:

    MyFreeCams is kind to its members by not confusing them with too many options. There are two memberships, and they are essentially the same one, just before and after you purchase tokens.

    Basic Membership

    In just a few clicks you too can become a free member. No serious information is needed and you can begin enjoying the free Asian shows and continue to do so with no interruptions.

    Cost to Join: Free

    Info Needed: Email, password, nickname


    • Free Asian cam shows, unlimited
    • View a few simultaneous shows of several Asians on a split screen
    • Let other members see you on your webcam
    • Manage a personal member profile
    • Send and receive emails
    • Send and receive Private Messages

    Premium Members

    Got some token on MyFreeCams? Congratulations! You’re officially a premium member. Yep, it is just that easy and it instantly gives you some extra benefits that make communicating with the Chinese, Japanese and Indian models a lot more fun.

    Cost to Join:

    Free, just buy tokens.


    All those given to MyFreeCams basic members PLUS:

    • Access all your archived private Asian shows FREE, and see how well you handles yourself with eth alluring Asians
    • Access the Premium Asian pictures. The longer you are a Premium member, the more pics you’ll see.
    • Get Emails and SMS when your favorites go online.
    • Enjoy more personal attention from the performers, even on the free chat rooms
    • Buy more tokens at once, for a lower price

    Special Features:

    There is no way for me to begin counting all of My Free Cams features. Well, there is a way of course, I’m just not going to do it because it’ll take forever and you’ll lose interest half way through anyway. There are more features on this Asian cam site than on any other website on the web and while some are just standard, many are exclusive and really help making into the friendly, lively, bubbly community that it is. I will name just a few.

    Special User Features

    • Create and maintain a MyFreeCams profile
    • Hide Tool Bar and Model List, which will in turn make your chat window a lot bigger.
    • Resize Private Messages and Hide Chat – again, by manipulating the size of your PM window you can make the live chat area a lot bigger – or smaller, whatever you choose.
    • Share your Web Cam with other members, if you want, and you can of course decide who will be able to stream your images
    • Use MFC internal email system and receive a private mailbox
    • Send PM (private messages) to the Asian models or to other members.
    • Manage a Favorite List
    • Get notified when these Favorites go online
    • Archives – where all your old private shows are kept for you to enjoy
    • User Ratings

    Video Chat Features

    • Add images directly from internet or from your own PC. This ought to impress the Japanese woman you are chatting with.
    • Personalize your video chatting with various fonts, avatars, etc.
    • Popup – Watch a few Asian webcams simultaneously. Unlike other sites, here there is no limitation on how many adult cams you can watch at once. You can also incorporate Spy Mode with this tool.
    • Control the chat window size.
    • Use emoticons
    • 2 way Audio
    • Use PM during a live chat with any Asian model
    • Interval - Pick the number of seconds that each Asian cam model will appear on your screen, or click Pause to disable this special rotation.

    Hosts Profiles

    Well, you wanted a community feel and MyFreeCams makes sure you’ll get it. The profiles are more like forums where members interact with the Asian models, or about them, and since anyone can upload images and information and fantasies… it’s all a bit messy if you ask me. But hey, maybe I’m just being old fashion. Whoever said profiles needed to be a list of characteristics and fact? Let’s think out of the box folks! Well, if you do want to find some info about a specific Korean or Indian chat room, this is what you’ll see.

    • Some general personal info
    • General physical attributes
    • Adult cam expertise
    • Hobbies
    • Adult pictures, if any are on offer
    • Asian tube clips, if any are on offer
    • Wall, including info uploaded by the Asian model herself, as well as remarks and comments from fans and followers.
    • Schedule
    • User Ratings
    • Number of fans

    Customer Support

    If after revising the very detailed FAQ. pages on MyFreeCams, you still feel confused or unsure, get in touch with the Customer Support team, using one of two methods:

    • Fill in a Help form, using the website’s Contact Us page.
    • Email


    With all the minor issues I have with MyFreeCams organization skills, I can’t say that this website isn’t trying to help. The Frequently Asked Page is as detailed as it gets and it leads you to additional informative pages about relevant topics. I don’t think that these guys left anything unanswered and even though I know too many of my readers will ignore me and go on emailing the Customer Support anyway, I urge you to give it a look.


    English is the only language that operates with. Naturally many other languages are used on the video chat rooms, but since there is no search tool that allows you to find a specific language (other than the free search), this information can only be collected by visiting each single Asian cam chat room.

    The fact that this adult webcam site has totally free Asian webcams is alone good enough reason for me to recommend it, and wholeheartedly. If you want additional reasons to sign up though, I can easily round up a few more. The site has an impressive selection of live Asians, it has many exclusive features and a friendly cyber community and you can find many cheap chat rooms, even on the private show section.

    If you appreciate order and clear rules and organization, you night go mad on Here users and Oriental hosts generally speaking do what they want, upload pics wherever and it’s all like a one gigantic friendly mess. This isn’t the end of the world, but it’s certainly not the best idea for everyone.

    Bottom Line

    How can I really say something really bad about the first adult webcam site that deliver free video chat rooms and free shows? You can watch live cam models performing for as long as you want without paying a single penny and you’re invited to participate in this site’s ecstatic social life and vibrant atmosphere. The small problems that MyFreeCams has are nothing in comparison to its breathtaking Asian chat rooms and its free shows. I advise you not to give this site a miss, because if you do, you’ll be missing quite a lot.

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