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Number of Black Cam Hosts at

The selection of adult webcams is one of ImLive’s strongest points. There are always many video chat rooms available online, at all hours of the day and night. There are no less than 3,808 registered Ebony cam models on this website, and even in off-peak hours you can expect at least 60-70 of them to be live and waiting for company.

As far as variety goes, certainly has what it takes. You can find African and African American models matching any criteria imaginable and can also double the fun with Ebony couple chat rooms. This another huge plus in my eyes because I believe that an adult webcam visitor always deserves to find the absolute perfect chatting companion.


ImLive average cost is between $0.98 and $5.98, depending on the type of video chat room you choose and the various discounts included. What types of discounts? I will get to this shortly on the “Top Promotions” section.

Credit on ImLive

You can expect to pay roughly 1 dollar for each credit, never mind how many you purchase. The following basic packages are offered:

  • 25 credits for $25
  • 50 credits for $50
  • 75 credits for $75
  • 100 credits for $100
Payment Methods:

Before you can go on private chat with a dark skinned model you will need to insert some credit into your account. You can do so easily by choosing one of the following payment options:

  • Credit Card :
    • Visa
    • Master Card
    • JCB
    • Discover
  • Online Check


  • CCBill
  • Epoch

Top Ebony Cam Promotions on ImLive

  • Free video chat rooms
  • Happy Hour Discounts 24/7
  • Cash Back Monthly Campaigns
  • FREE 25 credits with credit purchase - Get this promotion.
  • Video Clip Competitions
  • Web Cam Celebrity Events

Unique Black Cam Promotions at ImLive

When I write my free adult webcam reviews I usually settle for a short list of the main promotions offered, but I simply cannot do it in ImLive’s case. You see, one of the reasons gets such a high esteem in my free cam reviews is the extraordinary promotions it offers. You’ll find discounts wherever you go:

  • On Group Ebony Cams the second webcam host will give you an automatic 0.70 credit discount.
  • Joining a Discount Club gives you 30% discount on 30 minute chats and as high as 40% on 60 minute video chats.
  • Every day no less than 12 ImLive members get their credit-spending back.
  • Happy Hour is running 24/7 and allows you to watch live Ebony cam shows for only $1.48 per minute
  • New Black performers charge a max of $0.98. Certainly a pretty amazing deal.
  • Buying ImLive credit for the first time? You receive additional 25 credits on the house, juts as a kind of a welcome gift.

I’d tell you more about ImLive promotions but seriously, there are too many of them to list and new ones are added probably as I am writing these lines. All I can say is that if you are out to cut down your expenses, this is really a great website to do so, and without even having to settle for quality.

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

Not t compliment myself or anything , but collecting the information below was not an easy task. See, has many types of memberships and figuring out the various levels and benefits can be quite confusing. Well, you can consider yourself extremely lucky because you won’t need to do any research yourself. I did all the hard work and all you need to do is scan the details and figure out which webcam membership you ought to go for.

Unregistered Member

Unregistered members still have some options on ImLive, but keep in mind that they are very limited.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: None


  • Free chat room access
  • Access the Ebony model profiles
  • View chosen pictures

Free Registered Member

Next in line is becoming a registered member, which I prompt you to do as soon as you realize that you want to hang around. There is no reason to delay because this is a free membership after all, and you receive instant benefits as soon as you sign up.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: User name, password, email.


All those given to visitors PLUS:

  • Free Black chats – as many of them as you like
  • Free text chatting
  • Watch 6 competition clips each and single day
  • Watch promo videos, if the Ebony hosts uploaded any to their profiles
  • Email the African American women
  • Post comment
  • Managing a favorite list
  • Receive notifications when favorite performers go online

Regular Member that have bought credit

Cost to Join: Free, just buy credit.

Information Required: Credit card number (other info was listed when the free membership was created).


All those given to standard free members AND:

  • Receive the 20 first 1 on 1 chat seconds for free
  • Watch private Ebony shows (for a price)
  • Join group webcams (for a price)
  • Get automatic bonus credits with each and every purchase
  • Participate in adult web camera events
  • Browse Black cam galleries
  • Access recorded shows
  • Access adult tube clips
  • View Mad Competition videos

Silver Membership

Cost to Join: Free, you’ll receive this status once you buy credits for the 4th time.

Information Required: None.


All those offered to ImLive’s regular paying members AND:

  • Watch all recorded cam celeb events and Mad Competition clips for FREE.
  • Enjoy 10% Happy Hour extra Happy Hour credit
  • Get Additional 16 free Happy Hour credits every time you use a Discount Club voucher.
  • Get 4 Live Viewer credits free of charge (valid for that month only)
  • Join the dark skin models’ Discount Clubs (this means 0.70 credit discount for any 1 on 1 chatting minute).
  • 2 free Discount Club vouchers which allow you to join 2 months of Discount Club with any Black performer offering this promotion.

Gold Membership

Buying credit on ImLive earns you some points and when you, as a silver member, reach the nice round number of 1000 points, you will instantly and automatically win a gold membership.

Cost to Join: Free, just become a silver member and then buy more and more credits.

Information Required: None.


All those given to ImLive’s Silver Members AND:

  • Enjoy an amazing 0.80 credit discount for 1on1 chatting on any Discount Club you are a member of.
  • 10 free monthly Live Viewer credits, valid for that month.
  • Receive 5 Discount Club vouchers FREE of charge.
  • Get 15% Happy Hour bonus credit with every credit purchase.

VIP Membership

Like to interact with the dark skinned hosts on ImLive? Most guys do and this site knows how to repay loyal customers. As time goes buy and you accumulate more Gold Membership points, you will move along the ranks until you’ll be entitled to join the very exclusive ImLive VIP club.

Cost to Join: Free, simply continue chatting as a Gold Member.

Information Required: None.


All those given to ImLive’s Gold Members AND:

  • Receive an amazing 0.90 credit discount on any Discount Club you belong to. This is relevant to private chat rooms, and it is a HUGE discount when you remember how cheap this site is to begin with.
  • Get 12 Discount Club vouchers for Free. Again, what an offer, and with no commitment on your end.
  • Get 15 free Live Viewer credits monthly, valid for that month only
  • 20% Happy Hour credit bonus when purchasing credits.
  • Enjoy elite VIP customer service
  • The 3-Guests-Per-Chat-Room limitation will go up to 6

Special Features:

Get ready for some serious learning, because ImLive’s webcam features take a PHD to master. There are so many f them that you might feel flabbergasted half way through my explanation. If this is the case, forget about it. You don’t really need all these features in order to chat with African American cam performers. They are just extra fun options to make live shows even more interesting.

User Features:

  • Hot Spots – This is an exclusive feature and one of my personal favorites. In case you show up without knowing what you want, this gives you the ability to communicate with experienced adult webcam performers that are dedicated to fulfilling unknown desires.
  • Mad Video Competition – These festive events include an attempt by some of the most popular ImLive models to win votes for their free tube clips. Even though it’s the Ebony performers who are competing, everybody wins because the livecam vids are offered to all members, free of charge.
  • Famous webcam celebrity events - where you can view the big names of the adult cam industry in prerecorded sessions. Not to worry, they don’t get boring because they only include the most enjoyable highlights.
  • Around the house – This is a type of live show where the Africans and African Americans show of ftehir various skills in different household locations.
  • The Live viewer feature – allows you to watch several video chat rooms at once
  • The iPod Downloades – The Mad Video contents can be downloaded directly to iPods and they are available to any smartphone user

Adult Cam Features

There are some basic and not so basic black webcam features offered at I will list the major ones for your convenience.

  • High Definition live cams – and there are more HD chat rooms here than on most other web sites.
  • High Quality webcams – which are not as great as HD, but they are still superior to standard web cameras.
  • Live viewer – The ability to peek into as many as 6 video chat rooms at once. Sounds a bit much if you ask me, but each to his own.
  • Group cams – Not in the sense of couple shows, but meaning that you can participate in 2 live chats simultaneously, watching them on a split screen. You receive 0.70 credit discount for the second performer.
  • Cam2Cam
  • 3 optional view screen sizes
  • Zoom
  • Contrast and brightness control

Host Profiles

Since ImLive has been around for a very long time, the profiles look a bit out of date in my view. Well, I suppose that going through thousands and thousands of web pages and changing the design is a bit much to ask for. Still, the quality of the contents is pretty high and most Black cam performers have some nice videos and pictures to choose from. I will list the main information topics covered on these pages.

  • A quick self-description
  • Various physical attributes
  • Available webcam features
  • Links to the Ebony model’s pic gallery
  • Links to the Ebony model’s videos
  • Languages
  • Awards
  • Extraordinary livecam talents
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Show schedule
  • User comments
  • Rating

Customer Support:

There are 2 fast and simple ways to get in touch with ImLive’s customer support team, which is available around the clock. It is available in English 24/7 and also in Russian is specified times and days.

  • Contact by Phone – and I am not going to list the over dozen numbers on offer.
  • Email to or to the designated emails according to the various topics and status.

FAQ does have FAQ page, but I cannot say that I’m crazy about it. Come on guys – you have an awesome adult webcam site featuring thousands of hosts in 20 languages and you can’t muster up more than 10 FAQ questions? I expected more.


Currently ImLive is offered in 20 languages. Yep, that’s right – 20. You can click on the tuny flags at the bottom to change between them and if you are in denial about needing glasses, a simple mouse over will reveal the language in question. Notice that having 20 languages does no guarantee that you will find Black webcam women speaking all of them, although with so many online hosts, you can expect to find most.

There are many, many things to love about ImLive. Since you already know me by now, you won’t be surprised to find out that cost and the amazing promotions rank high on my list. Then you have the variety of features, many of which are exclusive and that’s even before we get to discuss the nearly endless choice of Black performers and the quality on their live web cameras. Do you want me to go on? Because seriously, I can.

The only dissatisfaction I have with is the FAQ page, which I feel could be better made and far more detailed. I also think the site’s design could use with some boost, since it’s kinda stuck in the 90s.

Bottom Line:

Looking for great prices, an enormous, mouthwatering choice of dark skin models and unique adult cam features? Like all this in addition to chat promotions, endless picture and video galleries and superb live shows in countless categories? ImLive has it all and from knowing this remarkable site, it is dishing up additional options and benefits as we speak.

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