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Number of Web Cam Hosts

There are well over 11,500 performers registered to iFriends, but keep in mind that this is only a rough estimation based on the number of profiles. There can be anywhere between 300-600 online webcams when you log on and they usually cover a pretty wide variety. I actually like the selection of video chat rooms on this website and I doubt it if the average cammer will find anything wanting.


The average 1on1 video chats on won’t send you to the bank for another loan. They are, in fact, more than reasonable and private chatting is around $3.00.

Credit on

There are 2 methods for you to pay on iFriends - pay for what you watch or "fund your wallet". Funding your wallet is basically just like buying credit and the site encourages users to do so by including 10% discount on each and every purchase. This wallet also allows you to set a spending limit, which is a great way to stay in control over your spending. The following credit packages are currently available:

  • Add $30 to your wallet for $27
  • Add $50 to your wallet for $45
  • Add $110 to your wallet for $99
  • Add $220 to your wallet for $198
Payment Methods

Don’t expect to find every payment method in the book on, btu all the main options are here for you to use.

  • Credit/Debit Cards:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • Diners Club
    • EuroCard

Top Promotions

  • Free Membership
  • All members enjoy 1 hour of monthly shows free of charge
  • New Users Get $10 FREE

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

There are 3 different memberships on iFriends, only they are not really memberships at all. There are more like upgrades that you can do to enhance your basic free webcam membership and they simply enable you to receive more attention online or to access additional features.

Standard Membership

You must have this membership even just to look around. Before you register, you can check out the webcam hosts, but not much more.

Cost to Join: Free.
Information Required: User name, valid email, Password, Valid Credit Card.
  • Free Text Chats
  • Access Live Show Archives
  • Look around iFriends Various Categories
  • Join FanClubs
VIP Status

This is the basic upgrade and it gets you some nice additional features and other benefits.

Cost to Join: $6.95, BUT, is you spend enough time on the premium chat rooms, VIP membership fee is waived for that month.

Information Required: User name, valid email, Password, Valid Credit Card.


  • Automatic Private Chat Discount
  • 50% Discount for Booking Live shows in Advance
  • Get Notified when Favorites Go Online
  • Receive Premium Chat Room Previews (20 second long)
  • Manage Favorites
  • View Live Show Clips
  • Exclude Other Members from Your Live Video Chat Room
Elite Statues

This is the most luxurious membership offered on iFriends and it is recommended to users that plan to spend a long time chatting and browsing the site.

Cost to Join: $9.95

Information Required: User name, valid email, Password, Valid Credit Card.


All Those Offered by the VIP Membership AND:

  • Receive Special Attention from Webcam Hosts
  • Watch Many Performers at Once with Elite View TM
  • Search Models by Region
  • Watch Chat Rooms in Full Screen HD
  • Capture Live Moments
  • Receive any discount that the webcam host is offering for live premium sessions.

If you’re a bit confused about the benefits included with the different memberships, iFriends is kind enough to clarify the matter, and here is the screenshot to put your mind at ease.

Fan Club

Recently iFriends has changed its whole concept of FanClubs. They are now actual clubs that you can join to enjoy additional benefits and better private chat rates of specific hosts. This is where you’ll find the hosts’ personal details, video and photo archives, recorded shows and personal diaries. On top of that you will have access to polls, special chatting rates, stories and a lot more. If you spend at least as much as the FanClub fee of a host in private chat, you will get the next month free of charge. Your first month is always free, so in fact as long as you continue chatting, you won’t need to pay for your FanClub membership.

Special Features

The features are certainly one of's strongest points. There are loads of them and many are exclusive. Since there are so many, I won't waste your time mentioning the obvious (i.e. - Cam2Cam, audio, etc.), but I do want to tell you a bit about the more interesting choices. Keep in mind that for many of them you will need to be a VIP or an Elite member, but some are open to any free member, especially one that also has credit.

User Features
  • Favorites – Make a list of your favorite performers and find them quickly every time you log in.
  • Alerts – When Favorites go online.
  • View Preview – 20 seconds of a peep into any premium video chat room.
  • Site walls – leave and read messages.
  • Webcam Chat Roulette – a fun feature which saves you the trouble of looking around and adds some excitement and thrill of the unknown possibilities. This option is now getting popular in many adult webcam sites, but iFriends certainly took it seriously and added a different design and many fun options connected with this feature. I've added a screenshot, just to give you an idea. Click to see it in action
  • Rate Hosts
  • Make a Date - If you want to schedule an appointment with a model, you can do so directly from her Fan Club page. This is an excellent way of guaranteeing that your favorite webcam model will be waiting for you online and fully available whenever you choose, and it is a great solution for users who have limited time and don't like to wait. iFriends have recently made it easier for users to find the link to this great feature and as the screenshot below suggests, you now have 2 ways of booking a date, from the hosts Fan Club.
  • Award Winners - You can access this page from the Hot Menu at the top navigation bar. It features the most popular and highest rated webcam hosts and it offers users a great way of finding chat rooms that are the cream of the crop. Go to the award winners page
  • VIP Points – For every 2 minutes you spend inside a private chat rooms you receive 2 VIP points and you can use them to save cash on your future chats. After the first 10 minutes of a paid live show, you can pay with 50 VIP points for every additional minute, but this applies to only 50% of your time after the 10 minutes are over. Confused? Here’s an example. If you spend 20 minutes of a video chat rooms that costs $3.99 per minute, and choose to use your VIP points, you will actually be paying for only 15 minutes and the last 5 (50% of your time spent after the first 10 minutes) will cost you 250 VIP points. Still not clear enough? Sorry, it’s the best I can do without actually holding your hand inside the chat room.
  • My Wallet – On iFriends you can either pay by the minute or deposit cash in your online wallet for better finance control. This is really like purchasing credit on other webcam sites, only here you receive 10% discount. If by any case you are already entitled to a discount because you belong to a FanClub for example, you will still get another 10% discount. Notice though that you can only use Wallet funds for chats – not to pay for other online features.
  • HD Plus – This is an endless database of HD videos made by iFriends stars. Users can get full access to this service that includes daily updates, for only $1.99 per month. Click to see it in action
  • Get Closer - This ingenious and exclusive iFriends feature allows users to call webcam models, day or night, even when they're not live. If you are worried about your privacy, don't be. This unique system makes sure that your private number is never shown, even if the host has Caller ID. Note though that this service is not cheap at all and can reach as high as $9.98 per minute. If you want to save, consider joining the host's Fan Club, since members receive instant 50% off. Click to get closer to the models
  • Wake up with Me - This is another exclusive, fun feature that basically serves as an automated wakeup call service, but a personalized one. You must be a fan of a host to enjoy this option, and then all you need to do is enter your phone number and hour for rising and you are bound to have a terrific morning.
Video Chat Features
  • Cam 2 Cam – Watch the host while she watches you.
  • Reality Motion – Double the standard view size.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Control the Font
  • Recommend a Chat Rooms
  • Go Private – will Exclude other viewers from your videochat.
  • HD Cams
  • TalkLive – This great exclusive feature allows users to use a toll-free phone conferencing system during live chats.
  • Live Cam Spy - This is a popular feature which allows users that want to watch, but don't wish to chat, to spy on various chat rooms without anyone knowing that they're there. This is also a relatively cheap option and costs only $1.99 per minute, which makes it an appealing choice for users that want to enjoy shows for a pretty low rate.

Hosts Profiles

It might take you a bit of effort to figure out where the webcam host profiles are on iFriends, not because the site lacks navigation but simply because here they are not called Profiles. They are called Fan Clubs, which on most adult webcam sites means something else all together. Once you find them though, they do have a lot of useful info and are generally speaking nice-looking. They also have lots of info that is unfound on other adult cam sites. I’ve added a screenshot of a sample profile, but there is additional information on each page, which I just couldn’t fit in.

  • Who am I – A few lines written by the host.
  • Basic Info.
  • Appearance – Eyes, Hair, etc.
  • Favorites – Books, music, you name it.
  • Add to Favorite button.
  • Schedule, or at least general show times
  • Eye Candy – This is an interesting category which includes
    • Photos
    • Vids
    • HD Vids
    • Recorded Moments from Live Chats
  • All About Me – Includes an overview, biography, user reviews and even a daily diary
  • Keep in Touch – Including a personal wall, online date set up, etc.
  • Fun Stuff – Links to polls, contests and other enjoyable activities

Customer Support

If you run into any difficulties on, accessing assistance is very quick and easy. Simply click the "Live Chat Support" link at the top of the page and you'll find the answer you need in real time. Those that don't like live help also have other options. The Customer Service page on iFriends is more of an FAQ page (although there is also one of those), but you can find the contact info on the Contact Us page. I cannot and will not list all the contact information here because this site takes this topic extremely seriously. There are over 20 phone numbers for various countries and numerous emails which you can use for different topics.

If you want to contact the site directly by email, go right ahead and send it to I tried it and they get back real fast.

Now before I tell you about the FAQ page on iFriends, let me tell you a little secret that will help you out when you need to find something useful STAT. At the top navigation bar there is a link to My Dashboard and it features just about any instant info you'll be interested in getting. Account Settings, Fan Clubs, Viewing History - you name it, so check it out before you run along and seek help elsewhere.


The FAQ page on iFriends is not bad. It’s not the longest Frequently Asked Question page that I have ever seen, but it covers all the info you need to know and does so quite efficiently.


iFriends only works in English and from what I saw there is no way of searching for specific languages on the site.

Pros and Cons of


There are many reasons to like For a medium-size website this video chat community really does surprise the user with the selection of features and possibilities. The cost for the premium memberships is not high at all, and the average chatting price is very affordable. There are many HD webcams available and lots and lots of content. I also love the fact that new users get $10 on the house. That's a great welcoming gift.


This site has lots of free options, which is great, but the important thing which is clearly the video chat rooms, isn't cheap. The prices are not really expensive of course (otherwise it wouldn't have been included in my chart to begin with), but the average cost is definitely on the high range of the webcam spectrum.

Bottom Line:

The choice of features, content and videochat options on iFriends is simply superb and I appreciate the fact that it keeps updating itself and coming up with new tools for users on a regular basis. In my opinion this adult web camera site is not a bad option for cammers who want to hang out in a friendly place and chat with stunning performers. The cost is certainly a huge plus and there is a lot that you can do online - both inside the chat rooms and between shows. Keep in mind though, that if you really want to enjoy the full range of options, upgrade your membership.

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