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Number of Black Web Cam Hosts

There are 817 Ebony cam hosts registered on Flirt4free and that’s not a bad number. However, very few can be found online during off-peak hours, so I suggest you plan accordingly. You can expect to see around 35-40 dark-skin models if you log on in appropriate times and while this is not the biggest number, it is still quite enough to offer some level of variety. If you want my advice: Choose times when there are more than 20 or so online chat rooms, or you might find yourself fighting over attention from the Black webcam hosts.


There are many different types of shows which you can choose from on Flirt4free. Depending on the type of for Ebony chat room you choose, prices will vary anywhere between $0.90 all the way up to $8.10 per minute and that is really a pretty wide gap. I will list some of the most popular choices right here, but keep in mind that there are always differences as the performers are mostly African and African American amateurs and so they set their own livecam rates.

  • Spy mode (where you watch the private show of another user) is actually very cheap on this site and is only $0.90 to $2.70 a minute. If you are looking to have fun without spending a lot this is your best choice.
  • Group webcam shows range between $0.90 and $10.80 per minute, which is a HUGE difference. Make sure you know how much you’re paying and for what.
  • Semi-Private live shows are roughly $2.70 per minute, but again, this is estimation at bets.
  • 1 on 1 Ebony chatting costs between $2.70 and $5.40 per minute, and that is pretty reasonable.
  • Premiere livechat (with superb High-Quality streaming) can cost $6.00, and even $8.00 per minute, but often the difference in quality is worth it.
Credit on Flirt4Free

You will have to buy credit to purchase minutes for a show but there are many credit packages available on the site and you can easily find one to suite your budget. Notice though that on this website it makes a world of difference if you’re a first-timer or have purchased credits before. Users that are getting their first batch of credit do receive a bigger bonus, but on the other hand, people that have bought before, are allowed to get more in one go.

First Time Users

  • 120 Free Credits (on a First Sign Up) – $0.00, yep, this is the actual figure – zero, zip, nada… you get it.
  • 300 Credits + 120 Free – $29.99
  • 600 Credits + 120 Free – $59.99

Registered Users:

  • 300 Credits – $29.99
  • 600 Credits – $59.99
  • 900 Credits – $89.99
  • 1,100 Credits – $99.99
  • 1,200 Credits – $119.99
  • 1,800 Credits – $179.99
  • 2,400 Credits – $239.99

Paying for Videos

If you feel like watching some Ebony tubes between your webcam shows, or just feel like checking out some recorded 1on1 sessions of your favorite dark skinned performer, there are lots of videos on offer on Flirt4Free. They are not free however, they come with a price tag, but from my experience with reviewing adult webcams, I must tell you that this is a pretty good deal. Ah, you want a really good tip for saving money? Don’t pay for the vids by the minute.

  • Pay by the Minute - $1.80 per every single minute
  • 24 Hour Viewing Access - $13.50
  • 7 Days Access - $33.75
Payment Methods:

To make things even more convenient for you offers you a large selection of choice in how to purchase credit. The site accepts a total of 7 different credit and debit cards, which really ought to be enough for anyone.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Visa Bleue
    • Discover
    • Switch
    • Solo
    • JCB
  • Bank wire transfer

Top Ebony Promotions on

  • 120 Free Bonus Credits
  • Free Black Chat

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

Upon your entrance to Flirt4Free you can choose one of 3 membership types. The reason to choose one or the other depends on 3 major factors:

  • How long you spend chatting on the Black webcams
  • What you do on the site other than chatting
  • How tight you are with cash

I will get to all the details in a sec, but I just wanted to clarify that on Flirt4Free you will receive an amazing bonus of 120 livecam credits, never mind what membership you end up choosing, yes – even the free one. This means that you really have no reason not to try this site out, at least long enough to be impressed by the skills of the dark-skin models.

Free Membership on Flirt4Free

This type of membership is somewhat limited. Well, what did you expect, really? It’s free. Obviously it has some limitations, otherwise no cammer would ever upgrade. Still, this membership will let you check out, thoroughly even, and view the categories, options and tools. You just won’t be able to use most of them.

Cost to Join: Free

Information Required: User name, email, password, credit card for verification.


  • 120 completely FREE chat credits
  • Free Ebony chats
  • Allowed to brows the Black hosts’ profiles, including some pics

Standard Members on

Once you are fully familiar with the site’s features, you need to make a choice. If you don’t like what you see, which will surprise me to some extent, because this is a pretty good website, you can simply move to another one of my free adult webcam reviews. If you do like what you see however, you need to upgrade your membership in order for you to be able to enjoy 1 on 1 shows with the African model or African American cam woman of your choice.

Cost to Join: Free, just buy webcam credits

Info Needed: Valid email, password, nickname, credit card info. If you’re already a free member obviously none of that matters, because you already listed all your information. In that case, simply go ahead and buy credits.


All those given to free members PLUS:

  • Enjoy private and group Black webcam shows, for a price
  • Watch private chat room previews (a real treat that only few websites offer).
  • Send messages to the dark-skinned performers
  • Get highlighted on the live chat rooms, so that everyone knows you have credits in your account (which means, naturally enough, more attention from the hosts).

Flirt4Free VIP Membership

Remember what I said about the different factors that will determined if you should upgrade or not? The VIP membership is not a free one, so you can’t be too tight on money, but it gives you plenty of added benefits, especially if on top of 1 on 1 chatting with the Black cam models you also enjoy group webcams and like to watch videos.

Cost to Join: $39.95 for 30 days


All those given to free members PLUS:

  • Watch special free Ebony webcam shows
  • Full unlimited access to live group webcams
  • Get a colorful VIP Identification, which is the best method you have to catch the hosts’ attention, especially on a busy free video chat rooms.
  • Save yourself up to 10 nicknames
  • Browse exclusive Black cam pics
  • Stream and download exclusive adult vids
  • Manage a favorite list
  • Access the VIP forums

Special Ebony Cam Features:

I wouldn’t say that is seriously into features. The website has some basic interesting ones, but all in all there is nothing unforgettable or out of the ordinary. If you have the option to view HD quality picture on your screen, then the HD cams are a great element that will improve any live Black show in a second. Seeing the images in such detail and clear picture will amaze you by how good it is. I also recommend the cam2cam feature, since it is as always a very fun option. It enhances intimacy in one click and at the same time leaves all the control in your hands, since you can shut it off whenever you feel like. Other features worth mentioning are:

User Features:

  • Private chat archive, where all your 1on1 sessions are kept.
  • Picture archives
  • Ebony video archives
  • Feature Ebony cam shows – Elite African and African American models perform in themes chat sessions.
  • VIP Area, where VIP members can enjoy special daily vids, additional Black webcam pictures, and other VIP features)
  • Vote for your favorite models
  • Send gifts to show your appreciation to a specific performer

Adult Cam Features

I already mentioned these two, but just to make sure you know:

  • Cam 2 Cam
  • HD Black webcams

Hosts Profiles

The profiles on are very useful. If you need to decide between a few performers or just want to see what a specific dark-skinned woman does on her private live show, this is a good way of finding out. In addition, even if you do end up in the site during off peak hours and can’t find the Ebony models you want, you can still enjoy all the details that their profiles have to offer. With slick, well-made pages, you can enjoy quality pictures along with previously recorded Black web cam shows. Plus you can learn the smallest details regarding appearance, personal likes and dislikes, etc.

  • A personal description written by the Ebony model. Some are interesting, some are funny and some just demonstrate that some English lessons are in order.
  • Physical attributes
  • Biography
  • Likes and Disliked
  • Unique cam talents
  • Languages
  • A few of her Black pictures
  • A few of her large pics
  • Schedule
  • User ratings
  • Use reviews
  • Who is her most enthusiastic fan

Customer Support

With a ll my good intentions, it is still impossible for me to predict all the difficulties you may meet or all the questions you have. So, if you feel lost or need some kind guidance while browsing Flirt4Free, you have a few ways through which you may receive assistance from the Customer Support team.

  • Fill in a Help Form
  • Email directly to
  • Call by phone to 1-800-685-9236 (USA only) or 1-818-880-9021 (Outside USA).
  • If you have specific billing questions juts call 800-685-9236 (North Americans) and 818-880-9021 (for users from other parts of the world).


The Frequently Asked Question page on is pretty handy, so before you run off and start emailing and calling and wining to the patient Customer Support people, I advise you to take a sec and scan it. Who knows, this FAQ could include the exact topic you have issues with and save you a lot of time and nuisance.

Language operates only in the English language, but on the Black web cameras themselves you can find many women who speak a variety of languages. I would not put money on finding a dark-skinned performer who speaks Japanese, but there are certainly good chances of finding French, Spanish and other common languages.

I always thought that Flirt4Free was an especially welcoming, and professional-looking website and every time I do a new adult webcam review of it, I am fully impressed. The costs are average, but you receive a shocking bonus of 120 free credits just for signing up, and the HD Ebony cams are so good that you’ll be whimpering with joy. Yes. You can whimper with joy. Look it up.

I would like such a skilled website to be equally skilled in dishing out black webcam women. The online chat room numbers are at times disappointing and all the technical tools in the world can cover up the fact that there are not enough performers.

Bottom Line

Well, if you just stick to specific times, then Flirt4Free Ebony cams will always deliver. The dark-skin women are committed into keeping you happy and the feature-quality and search options are made with every last detail in mind. Assuming that you have a big enough variety of live cam chats to choose from, I am convinced that the show you’ll see will be more than satisfying.

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