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Number of Webcam Hosts at CamsCreative .com:

A fun counter feature on the left navigation panel (once you're logged in) shows how many models from each niche are online at any given moment, but if you want to focus on the Cams Creative performers and their themed shows, you'll see how many are online right at the top of the panel under "Online Now". The total number of regular hosts online and available to chat in the live channels usually surpasses 1,000 in total.


If you're looking for free webcam minutes, then listen up. CamsCreative's introductory three-day trial gives you 150 webcam minutes. All you have to pay is the membership fee of $4.95 (there are no free memberships here). You then have three days to use your $150 worth of free shows.

After that, the fun goes on. Stay subscribed and, for $33.95 a month, you'll get access to 200 minutes a month of Creative Cam shows and regular live chats. If you choose to cancel your monthly subscription, you can still enjoy all the fun of the shows by purchasing Treat Credits. Financially though, the subscription works out much better. One Creative Show Minute is equal to one of the site's Treat Credits, which equals a dollar, so by cancelling your subscription, you miss out on a massive amount of free minutes each month.

Treat Credits allow you to chat intimately with a host of your choice - 1-on-1. The models typically charge between 0.98 and 5.99 Treat Credits per minute, but many offer discounts of up to 50%. To find out how much a model charges, click on her Private Chat Option (such as: 'Naughty Time', '1-on-1 Fun', 'Pleasure Session', 'Erotic Play' or 'Gentle Touch'). Plus, use them to enjoy the shows if you run out of minutes.

Treat Credits allow you to chat intimately with a host of your choice - 1-on-1. The models typically charge between 0.98 and 5.99 Treat Credits per minute, but many offer discounts of up to 50%. To find out how much a model charges, click on her Private Chat Option (such as: 'Naughty Time', '1-on-1 Fun', 'Pleasure Session', 'Erotic Play' or 'Gentle Touch'). Plus, use them to enjoy the shows if you run out of minutes.

Creative Show Minutes Packages

$4.95 Joining Fee, which gives you 150 Creative Show Minutes (to use within 3 days) and automatic membership to the subscription program for which you pay $33.95 per month. This subscription fee gives you 200 Creative Show Minutes every month and can be cancelled at any time. However, if you keep your subscription, you end up paying ONLY $0.17 per Credit - far less than any other option available! ($33.95/200 Credits).

Treat Credit Packages:

  • $50 for 50 Treat Credits
  • $100 for 100 Treat Credits
  • $250 for 250 Treat Credits AND you receive 25 Bonus Treat Credits

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, JCB, Discover
  • Direct Bank Withdrawal - for residents of Europe only
  • online check - for us residents only

CC Billing Options:

  • CCBill
  • Epoch

Top Promotions

CamsCreative's ongoing sign-up offer is a top promotion in itself. At just $4.95 for 150 minutes of webcam fun, this is one of the best deals around. Next there’s the rebill program – 200 minutes of cam time for $33.95 a month.

Another top promotion gives you a huge 25 FREE Credits when you buy 250 Treat Credits – that's a whopping 10% when you buy in bulk.

Are you a big tipper? You just might be this time around, with CamsCreative's innovative 50% Discount Code feature. Here's how it works. Tip your model using Treat Credits, and you'll get more than just a happy webcam model. Help them reach their tip goal (preset by the model before the show), and you'll earn yourself a one-time discount code of 50%-off to use in a private chat with that model.

Types of Memberships and Benefits

CamsCreative offers two types of membership – subscribed or unsubscribed. If you don't want a monthly subscription, all you have to do is unsubscribe yourself and stick to buying Treat Credits.


To get the best out of the site, you're best off going for the subscribed membership, which you get automatically when you join. This gives you 200 webcam minutes a month for $33.95.

Cost to join $4.95. You will require a real email address in order to join. You will also need to choose a username and password.

You can either stay subscribed or not. But you won't regret keeping the subscription.


  • One-time gift of 150 webcam minutes, to use within the first three days of joining.
  • 200 webcam minutes a month.

Worried about running out of Creative Show Minutes and not being able to continue your live chat experience before the month is over? Don't be. You can also buy Treat Credits as a subscriber to use once your Creative Show Minutes have run out.


If you prefer to pay-as-you-go instead of taking out a monthly subscription, all you have to do is unsubscribe and then buy Treat Credits as you go along. Treat Credits are used to pay for all services and transactions on CamsCreative.


The value of each Treat Credit package is 1-1 (1 TC for 1 dollar), except for the bulk deal, which gives you 25 Treat Credits as a bonus for buying in bulk. In other words, you get 275 for $250. And the One-Click Credit Purchase option enables you to get credits quickly and without hassle while you're in the middle of a chat. You won't have to stop what you're doing or supply your credit card details each time. You'll find this option under your "Preferences" section on the left navigation panel.

Special Features

The fact that Cams Creative hosts specialize in adventurous, entertaining and different activities around their homes means that you will not be bored with what they have to offer. These are not regular webcam chats. They are chats that focus on creativity and activity. The hosts choose a room in their houses, set them up according to their taste, and then perform activities relevant to that room. For example, you can watch hosts washing themselves in the shower, cooking in the kitchen, working out in the gym, and much more! It's simply superb.

But what's even more interesting – and appealing – is that you get to direct the show! Once you're in a live show, you get to choose what you want the host to do from a list of activities and when it's your turn (yes, this is a group show), she'll do whatever it is you ask – for your three minutes! This is your chance to become the director you've always wanted to be! If you prefer to just watch and enjoy, that's your prerogative, of course.

But just so you know, the Cams Creative hosts aren't the only ones who are willing to show you a good time. You can visit any regular live webcam chat whenever you wish.

The tipping feature on CamsCreative is more fun too... You get to give them "Virtual Gifts", which are rather cool. You can also watch past recorded CamsCreative shows by clicking the link on the left navigation panel.

Oh, and let's not forget... every month, there's a celeb event and you get to video chat for FREE with that month's star. Talk about awesome!

Hosts Profiles

The hosts' profiles are pretty comprehensive on They give you some information about themselves, including what they like to do in private, what turns them on, what languages they speak, and their personal characteristics. You'll also find reviews from other members so you can find out what others think, and they all have a large photo gallery, which you'll be able to browse through at your leisure.

Customer Service

CamsCreative's Customer Service representatives are contactable, but only by sending a message from the "Contact Us" section of the website or going to the "Charges, Billings and Payments" section under "Terms of Use" (Seriously?).


The FAQs are pretty comprehensive on CamsCreative and you probably won't need to get in touch with a representative if you go through these FAQs. They are short, to the point, and explain everything you need to know.


CamsCreative is a new site, so it's currently only available in English. However, you'll be able to chat with hosts in 27 different languages, including Punjabi, Czech, and Korean!

Pros and Cons


There's no question that CamsCreative is fun, different, exciting and entertaining, and you'll never go wrong by joining this live adult webcam site. It has variety, adventure, and a wide variety of choice – of hosts and of activities. The design is simple and it's easy to find what you're looking for, and the HD quality of the live shows makes it worth the time you put into fulfilling your desires.


The fact that there is no phone number or online chat service to contact Customer Service, and the only direct email address to them is in the "Charges, Billings and Payments" section under "Terms of Use" (who looks there?), makes one wonder how efficient they really are. How do you know you’ll be answered quickly when you really need to talk to someone?

Bottom Line

I don't think you need to look any further than CamsCreative for a hot and sensual experience. The site has so much to offer its members, and the hosts will whip you into shape in the gym, feed your fetish in the kitchen, or clean your cobwebs in the shower. Or if you want a simple, private chat with a sensual host without all the performing, you'll find it here too, so take this opportunity to sign up... you'll never regret it!

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