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Number of Web Cam Hosts

The first thing I always look into when composing my free transsexual webcam reviews is the number of available transgender. When I logged on to Cams I actually had great expectations, just because I know this website and was never disappointed with the number of choices it had in the past. As far as live transsexuals is concerned though, Cams.com could use with a bit of a boost. There is a promising number of 1,138 registered trans performers, but in off-peak hours you can find as little as 35 online. In peak hours however, there are at least 80 available video chat rooms, and that’s a very good number in my account.


On Cams.com you will usually be able to get by even on a strict budget, but you really ought to be sure of how much per minute each transgender host charges, because there is a wide range. I’ve summed up the major options, and notice that if you’re looking to save money, public chatting can be as low as $0.99 per minute and Spy Mode or group chats are also significantly cheaper that private shows.

  • 1 on 1 transsexual shows - $3.99 per minute on average.
  • Group transgender shows - $2.99 per minute.
  • Public chat rooms – start from $0.99 but can go as high as $5.99, so make sure you know how much you’re paying before you commit.
  • Spying Mode – It’s $2.99 per minute and basically mens you’re “spying” on other users’ private shows.

Credit on Cams.com

The currency used on Cams.com is of course Credits. You will pay about a buck for credit, never mind what package you choose. The standard blocks are:

  • $25.00
  • $50.00
  • $75.00
  • $100.00

The Peeping Super Pass

Those who “just like to watch” are in for one sweet surprise o Cams.com, because the all-day peeping pass grants you complete access to all private transgender shows. No one will be aware that you’re peeing of course, and you can’t get involved or get attention, but the cost is only $49.95 per unlimited daily access, and that is pretty tempting indeed.

Paying for Videos

By “videos” I mean of course recorded transgender shows, which you can watch, stream and download at your leisure. This is not a cheap deal though and cost usually begins at $4.99.

Fan Club Cost

I’m mentioning this now for a reason. Personally, I am not much of a fan of webcam transexual clips (or haven’t you noticed?) Nevertheless, if you do enjoy watching these recorded livecam sessions, the Fan Club is a great choice for you. To join a trans woman’s Fan Club will cost you around $14.99 for the first month and then just $9.95 for every additional month. This comes with automatic 10% off the transgender’s cam shows but more importantly: completely free access to all of her tubes. It’s really a great deal for movie-lovers.

Payment Options:

There are great many ways to purchase Cams.com credits, which is always a good indication of a site’s proficiency if you ask me. Here are the main payment options on offer:

  • Credit Cards
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • JCB
  • Direct Debit
  • Pay by Email
  • Pay by Mobile
  • Fax payment - yes yes – a Fax Payment. Whoever uses this last option I know not.

Top Promotions

  • Free transgender Chat Rooms
  • Premium Members receive 10% off all live TS shows and 20% off on prerecorded transsexual video chats.

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

As is commonly the case on adult webcam sites, Cams.com allows users to choose one of few possible memberships, each accompanied by its own benefits and costs. Here is a summary of the memberships and you will need to choose one if you want to get some alone time with the online transgender.

Free Membership

No surprises here. This type of membership will let you do some free transgender chatting, but not much more.

Cost to Join: It’s called Free Membership, so what do you think? It’s Free of course.

Information Required: User name, valid email. Credit card is only needed if you want to buy credits.


  • Free limited transsexual chat
  • Browse the public transsexual galleries
  • View fan club pages
  • Text chat with live transsexuals

Premiere Membership

Now look here, you can remain a free member and juts purchase credit, which will give you all the basic benefits with no extras, but also with no extra cost. However, Cams.com’s Premium membership comes with some substantial discounts and as such, is worthwhile to specific users.

Cost to Join:

  • $22.91 per month.
  • $15.31 per month when committing for 3 months.
  • $11.31 per month when signing up for a complete year.

Information Required: User name, valid email, Password, Valid Credit Card.


All those given to free members PLUS:

  • 10% off all live transgender shows
  • 20% off recorded Tgirl chats
  • Allowed to contact the pre-op models directly
  • Manage Favorites list
  • Receive alerts when favorite transgender are online
  • Priority customer support
  • More attention from the alluring trans women

VIP Membership

If you can become a VIP member on Cams.com, I recommend you grab this opportunity with both hands. Alas, most of you won’t be allowed into this exclusive club, not because you are not worthy, but because you must be interested in spending over $300 per day, which is the Premium membership top limit, in order to qualify. If, however, you are so charmed by the Cams.com transsexuals that this sounds quite reasonable to you, go right ahead.

Cost to Join: Free


All the Premier Membership benefits PLUS:

  • No spending restrictions
  • Bonus credit on each purchase
  • Access to exclusive transexual clips
  • 6 months free Premiere Membership

Special Features:

On Cams.com you’ll run across all the recognized webcam chat options like 2 way web cameras, audio and customized text chatting. There are quite a few HD cams, which you probably already know that I am a fan of, and speaking of fans – there are numerous transsexual Fan clubs that you can join. Other than that you won’t see anything here that you haven’t seen before. There’s a Favorite List, Notifications, you know – all the usual stuff, but if you are the type of cammer that is looking for innovations and unheard of before features, this is not the site for you.

Hosts Profiles

Cams.com suffers from a problem which many of the established adult webcam sites have, meaning: They were made before they realized that they are going to be successful. As a result, the transsexual profiles look somewhat of a mess, as though they were added as an afterthought and by the time the website realized that people were actually using them, it has already expanded exponentially and it was too late to make clever changes. Don’t get me wrong here, the profiles do have the helpful facts you need, but you’ll have to figure out where they are. Information includes:

  • General info about the transgender cam model
  • What she enjoys on her livecam show
  • How many fans she has and the awards she won
  • Special physical features (tattoos, piercing, etc.
  • Physical facts and figures (referred to here as “statistics”)
  • Unique adult cam talents she possesses

Customer Support

If you need assistant, you may contact Cams.com in one of the 2 following options:

  • Send an Help Form via email
  • Send a letter to
    Streamray Inc.
    220 Humboldt Ct,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA


If you want to save yourself the trouble of sending an email or even worse – a letter (does the actual post still really functions?), I suggest you scan the site’s helpful Frequently Asked Questions page. The “Top Questions” section is especially handy.


Cams.com is currently operative solely in English, but the transgender do speak many additional languages such as:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Chinese

You will also see that the extended language list included more rare languages such as Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Korean, Czech, Dutch and Japanese, but it will be hard to find an online transsexual lady that speaks them. Feel free to look though.

I love the High Definition webcams, I appreciate the online transsexual webcam selection and I think this website does manage to offer excellent quality of live chat rooms without being complicated or taking itself too seriously.

There are no amazing promotions unless you upgrade your membership and if you’re not a VIP member, transgender chats can be a bit pricy. Both the features and the profiles could use with some improvements.

Bottom Line

You won’t get disappointed on Cams.com, but you won’t be swiped off your feet as well. This is a find livecam site for guys who are looking for many available online transgender and while most live shows won’t be especially memorable, they are a lot of fun and usually a cammer’s safe bet.

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