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Number of Web Cam Hosts

The site is a bit on the smaller-end side with around 600 registered Ebony cam hosts, but there are always at least over 25 models online which still gives you reasonable choice to play around with, without feeling stuck with limited options. As always peak hours will usually have much more hosts online. I would like to see some more performers added to this Black cam site, especially when considering how good the ones they have are. I bet that with some recruiting, you can find a few more dozens of dark-skinned models that would improve the selection even further.


There are different types of Ebony chats available on Cams.com and each one has its own set of prices with all of them ranging between$ 0.99 to $5.99 per minute. I’ll list some of the details, but keep in mind that this is just a general overview, as each of the amateur cam hosts sets her own chat rates.

  • Private one on one chat is on average $2.99 per minute but you can find some hosts that will be happy to treat you to private live shows for as low as $1.99.
  • Spy Mode (you know, when you’re watching other people’s chats) and Group sessions (where you share the chat room with other users) go for roughly $2.99 per minute.
  • Your best deal on Cams.com is public chat rooms which can start as low as $0.99 a minute. However, before you go ahead and just dive headfirst into the first public chat room you find, I must warn you that some public shows are far from being cheap and in rare cases they can cost as much as $5.99 per minute. What do I always tell you? Check before you start paying.

Credit on Cams.com

Needless to say, Cams.com follows the path of most other adult webcam sites by abiding by the credit system. This means you buy “credits”, which is of course a type of a chat-coin, and you can use it to pay for all services on the site. The basic cost per credit on Cams.com is $1 dollar and I’ll tell you what the basic packages are, not that it makes such a difference. Cost will stay the same regardless of how many you purchase.

  • $25.00 – 25 Credits
  • $50.00 – 50 Credits
  • $75.00 – 75 Credits
  • $100.00 – 100 Credits

The Elite Peeping Pass

Spy mode lovers are going to lose their mind with joy on Cams.com, because this website has something special to offer them. For $49.95 you receive complete and unlimited daily access to all private chat rooms, but peeping only. This is a pretty high price to pay, grant it, but guys who feel like indulging, can give it up and then just sit and spy on the various shows for 24 hours, if they want. Personally I think this is a bit much, but I am sure that for some of my readers this deal actually saves money.

Paying for Videos

Watching the video clips of the Black models on Cams.com starts at $4.99. In my opinion they are no match for a real Ebony cam show, but I always say: To each his own. Plus if you are into web camera videos, this site has some excellent ones and relatively many of them.

The Cams.com Fan Clubs

Becoming a Fan of a specific Black model on Cams.com has 2 major advantages and some additional side-benefits like more attention from the performer, updates and at times access to some of her additional content. The most important reasons to join a Fan Club are:

  • You get 10% discount of every private cam show with the dark-skin model
  • You are granted with totally free access to her videos

Great, right? But not free of course. This pleasure is going to cost you around $14.99 for the first month and if you like what you get, $9.95 for every additional month that follows. This is not all that expensive, but it means that you should only become a fan if you spend a long time chatting with the same webcam host or watching her vids. If you like to try a new performer on every visit, this is not for you.

Payment Options:

When you come to buy Cams.com credit you will find that there are many options to do so. Only the major credit cards are accepted, but there are enough alternatives to make sure that anyone can transfer cash to the site. That’s excellent. I never like it when adult chat websites play hard to get.

  • Credit Cards
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • JCB
  • Direct Debit
  • Pay by Mobile
  • Fax payment
  • Pay by Email

Top Promotions on Cams.com

  • Free Black Chat Rooms
  • Premium members receive 10% off all live Ebony shows and 20% off prerecorded video chats.

Top Promotions on Cams.com

  • Free Black Chat Rooms
  • Premium members receive 10% off all live Ebony shows and 20% off prerecorded video chats.

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

As you know when I review an adult chat site price is always a very important factor in my recommendation of the site. In many cases upgrading your membership doesn’t really add that much value but with Cams.com you can really save yourself some serious cash while adding tons of extras to your Black chat sessions. Not only will you save 10% on all live webcam shows but you also get to contact the dark-skinned models directly, will receive extra attention from the hosts and have free access to name just a few.

Free Membership

A free membership is always a limited one, otherwise no one would ever upgrade. Still, in Cams.com you can get by with being a free member, because many benefits are granted to you as soon as you din up.

Cost to Join: Free, obviously.

Information Required: User name, valid email. Credit card if you want to buy credits.


  • Free chats with the Ebony cam models
  • Browse public picture galleries
  • Check out general fan club pages
  • Text chat
  • View private and group webcam shows, for a price and assuming you have credit in your account

Premiere Membership

The Cams.com premium membership is not to be trifled with. It’s not just some additional pay that you make to receive more recognition from the performers. It can actually save you money if you spend a lot of time on the video chat rooms.

Cost to Join:

  • $22.91 per month.
  • $15.31 per month when signing up for 3 months.
  • $11.31 per month when committing for a complete year.

Information Required: User name, valid email, Password, valid credit card (if you haven’t already inserted one as a free member).


All those given to free members PLUS:

  • 10% off all live Black webcam sessions
  • 20% off recorded livecam shows
  • Earn special attention from the models
  • Message the African and African American performers
  • Manage a personalized Favorites list
  • Receive alerts when your favorites are online
  • Enjoy priority customer support

VIP Membership

The VIP membership on Cams.com is a serious, appreciated status that belongs to those cammers that spend more than $300 per day. That is a lot of chatting and video watching and private shows gentlemen, so this type of membership upgrade is hardly relevant to the average Ebony webcam viewer. That being said, from past experience I can tell you that a surprisingly high number of my readers actually deserve this special opportunity and if you are one of them, I recommend the VIP membership wholeheartedly.

Cost to Join: Free, just spend more than 300 credits per day.


All the Free Membership benefits PLUS:

  • Watch special elite Black videos
  • 6 months of completely free Premiere Membership (if you are already premium members, you’ll get 6 extra months)
  • No live cam spending limitation
  • Lots of bonus credits every time you buy

Special Features:

I’m not going to go through the trouble of listing the webcam features on Cams.com simply because this site doesn’t have any unique ones. Not to get you confused: You will still encounter the Black cam features that we all know and love. There’re Alerts and Favorite Lists. In the video chat rooms you’ll be able to use Cam2Cam, customize you text chatting, incorporate audio and even find some HD webcams that instantly make the chatting more intense. However, the only real unique feature that is worth mentioning are the Fan Clubs, and I’ve already discussed those on the Cost section.

Hosts Profiles

To tell you that I like the profiles on Cams.com is going to be a lie. I don’t really. I think they are outdated and pretty messy and I think that it’s time for this site to do some renovations, if you know what I mean. However, since it doesn’t look like the people who manage Cams.com are going to pay me a consultant commission anytime soon, you have to get by with what you have and the profiles, while not being amazing, still include plenty of useful information that ought to help you decide if a specific African American model has what you need. What do they include? I’m getting to it.

  • Some general information about the Black webcam host.
  • Statistics – meaning measurements, looks and origin
  • Things she likes to do on her chats
  • Unique physical attributes like tattoos or jewelry in strange places.
  • Extraordinary adult webcam skills
  • Number of fans, which is a pretty good indication of how popular she is
  • The awards she won

Customer Support

If you are unsure about something or in the unlikely event that my excellent-written adult webcam review has left you with some confusion, you may contact Cams.com in one of 2 optional methods:

  • Fill in and send an online Help Form
  • Write a real letter to the following address
    Streamray Inc.
    220 Humboldt Ct,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA

    Stop laughing you all. Some people still use the post-office.


I am always overjoyed to find a Frequently Asked Questions page that respects the readers and Cams.com delivers one. There is even an especially rare and useful section called “Top Questions” which are the top’ or most commonly asked FAQs, if that last sentence is not being redundant.


The only language that Cams.com offers is English, but – and that’s a big but mind you, the women that perform on the Ebony webcam chat rooms do speak many additional languages and you can search for whichever you want. Obviously, the chances of encountering a Black model speaking fluent Chinese or Hindi are not at your favor, but you can usually find cam chats in at least some of the following options (in addition to English of course):

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

The search options on this website are simply excellent and I am pretty sure that all the live Black shows you’ll see online will satisfy your desires, and more. The HD webcams take the video chat streaming to a new level of clarity and generally speaking this is a fun adult cam site with minimum complications.

The selection of Ebony webcams is not really satisfactory, which a shame because the performers’ quality shows that this site can pick them.

Bottom Line

Cams.com does deliver goodtime, which is I believe every cammer’s first objective. There is never a dull moment around the online adult chat rooms and the cost is more than reasonable, especially if you pick correctly. With all the site’s minor disadvantages, I am convinced that this is a pretty good option. In most cases, even if the choice of online Black chat rooms is somewhat limited, you will be left pleased and will be happy that you dropped by.

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