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Number of Asian Web Cam Hosts

There are approximately 1100 Asian webcam hosts registered to Cams.com, which is not a huge number, but is still a far way from being small. Most of the Oriental models come from Thailand, Korea or the Philippines, but I did manage to find a few Chinese and Japanese chat rooms, so I’m sure you can as well. As far as online models go, you can expect between 40-50 to be online on average, with peak hours getting to as many as 60-70 and off-peak dropping to 30 or so. The livechats I’ve sampled all has very keen and agreeable performers who were inclined to do anything their visitors ask.


The chats on Cams.com are not expensive at all. Adult chatting is between $ 0.99 and $5.99 per minute, with private Asian chat rooms being the most expensive (naturally) and public chat rooms being the cheapest of all. Yea, yea, I know you want to heat the details. Here they are:

  • 1 on 1 Asian shows are approximately $2.99 per minute, and there are some exotic models that charge as little as $1.99. You’ll need to shop around.
  • Group chatting is as usual, your cheapest option, and prices per minute can be as low as $0.99, which is really a bargain price. Of course, public chats mean that you’ll have to share the Thai, Korean or Chinese model’s attention with other members, but what did you expect? You can’t eat your rice cake and have it too, you know.
  • Webcam Spy Mode, which I don’t much care for but many cammers seem to love, is around $2.99 per minute or so.

Credits on Cams.com

On Cams.com 1 credit goes for around $1, whether you choose to buy 25 or 100 of them. The basic packages are:

  • $25.00 – 25 Credits
  • $50.00 – 50 Credits
  • $75.00 – 75 Credits
  • $100.00 – 100 Credits

The Cams.com Premium Peeking Pass

Well, you got me. I just really wanted to say “Premium Peeking Pass”, but this is actually a really nice way of saving cash on Cams.com, assuming you’re into Asian webcam Spy Mode that is. $49.95 buys you unlimited 24 hours access to all Far East chat rooms, but only as a peeper. You can spy on the Chinese models as they prepare for their live shows, see an Indian host performing for other users and go between as many private shows as you want. Does it pay off? Well, if you’re into this style of live web cam shows, this is a really good deal. If you’re only going to watch like 2 hours shows a day, you may as well pay the hour rate and save yourself the extra cash.

Paying for Videos

The Asian video clips on Cams.com can be viewed for as little as $4.99, but there are a lot more expensive ones, depending on how popular the Asian cam woman is and the number of followers she has. As usual, I urge you to make sure you know how much you’re paying before you pick a vid.

The Cams.com Fan Clubs

There are a few reasons to become a Fan on Cams.com, and I will list them shortly. Remember though that this treat is not free of charge and you can expect to pay an estimated $14.99 fee for the first month and like $9.95 for each single month following. It’s not a lot to pay, but it means you have to choose the Japanese, Indian or Thai models carefully, and make sure you only go for hosts that you spend some time watching each month.

  • Watch all the Oriental vids of that performer FREE of charge.
  • Receive automatic private Asian chat room discount of 10%.
  • Access some of her exclusive content, saved for her fans only
  • Get a lot of special attention from the Far East model, even on the public chat rooms.

Payment Options:

Credits and Debits are the most recommended payment options on adult webcam sites, and Cams.com is no different. However, if you are looking for alternative payment options, this Asian cam site made sure that you have plenty of those as well.

  • Credit Cards
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • JCB
  • Direct Debit
  • Pay via Your Mobile Device
  • Pay via Email
  • Pay using a Fax

Top Promotions on Cams.com

  • Free Asian Chat Rooms
  • Premium members enjoy 10% discount for Oriental cam shows and 20% off recorded live chats

Types of Memberships and Benefits:

There are 3 types of memberships on Cams.com and I will list all their details right here. On some of the Asian webcam sites that appear on my free cam reviews, upgrading your membership is a bit pointless, but on Cams.com it is actually worth considering due to its low cost and tempting extras. For guys that spend a long time every month chatting with the online Asians, the 10% discount for private shows alone will cover the monthly costs.

Free Membership

If you’re just into plain old chatting, and not a lot of it every month, the free membership on Cams.com will do just fine for your needs.

Cost to Join: Free, duh.

Information Required: User name, email. credit card, just to buy credits.


  • Unlimited free Asian chat rooms
  • Watch any 1 on 1 or group show, for a price
  • Free public galleries of the Thai, Korean and Chinese cam models
  • Access to general fan club pages

Premiere Membership

I was very impressed by the Premium membership on Cams.com, and when you scan the additional benefits it gives you, I’m sure that you’ll be as well.

Cost to Join:

  • $22.91 for 1 month.
  • $15.31 per month, if you commit for 3 months.
  • $11.31 per month if you agree to sign up for a full year.

Information Required: User name, email, password, credit card (if you haven’t already inserted all this information while becoming a free member).


All those given to Cams.com free members PLUS:

  • For all Asian cam shows you get automatic 10% discount
  • Recorded performances of the Indian, Filipina and Japanese women will include 20% off the original price
  • Manage a Favorite List and get alerts when any of your private favorites goes online
  • Send direct emails to online and offline Oriental hosts
  • Receive high-priority customer support

VIP Membership

You need to be a very active member on Cams.com in order to become a VIP member. In order to qualify for this membership, you will need to spend over $300 per day, and that folks, is a lot of private Asian chats and exclusive videos. I can’t say that I qualify for this membership, but I am sure that some of my readers would, especially when you remember that Cams.com has plenty of options and is a pretty popular adult webcam site.

Cost to Join: Free, but it’s hard for me to really al it free, because you’ll need to spend over 300 credits per day In order to receive it.


All the Cams.com Free Membership (Nope, I’m not confused. The FREE one, you’ll see why in the following list) benefits PLUS:

  • Credit bonuses every single time you purchase cam credits
  • Watch extraordinary VIP clips of the webcam Asians
  • 6 months of free Premiere Membership OR 6 additional months if you are already a premium member (see, this is what I meant when I said you get all the free membership benefits. The premium ones are given to you for a limited time, and after this you’ll need to pay the extra fee)
  • No live cam spending limitation

Special Features:

If you want to engage in chatting with the Asian women on Cams.com, you’ll have all the basic features to do it efficiently and with maximal pleasure. However, other than the Cam2Cam, audio, zoom – you know – the usual suspects, there is nothing innovative or exclusive that is worth mentioning. Well, there are the Fan Clubs of course, but I’ve discussed those with length and I think you are clever enough to scroll up and check out the right section, if you’ve skipped it before. Ah, there are also high definition web cams, but as usual only some of the exotic performers will have them. If you do however, find an Asia cam chat that has HD, jump on it, because the show quality instantly and significantly improves.

Hosts Profiles

In my opinion Cams.com profiles could do with some… well, reconstruction. They are currently pretty old-fashion and generally speaking, a mess. Still, some of the women from Korea, Thailand and India work hard on adding information which their followers can use and that will assist you in deciding if a specific exotic model has what you’re looking for.

  • General description of the Far East model
  • Statistics – which means appearance and measurements
  • Things that the performer is into
  • Extraordinary physical attributes
  • Asian cam skills worth mentioning
  • Awards
  • Number of fans

Customer Support

There are 2 ways of getting in touch with the Customer Support on Cams.com.

  • Fill in an online Help Form, and try and make sure you are clear about the problem you encountered or the question you have.
  • Send an actual letter (yes! Real snail mail still works!) to:
    Streamray Inc.
    220 Humboldt Ct,
    Sunnyvale, CA 94089 USA


I have nothing but compliments to offer Cams.com’s FAQ page. It does a good job at covering the main Frequently Asked Questions and has concise, non-confusing answers to all.


The only language that Cams.com operates with is English, but the video chat rooms do include more languages – 15 of them to be exact – and you can search according to any of them using the Advanced Search tool. What are the chances of you finding an Asian woman who speaks Spanish? I know not, but thanks to the site’s convenient search mechanism, you can quickly find out.

Cams.com could have been a medium website with average selection of Asian webcams, an average price range and an average cam show quality. However, the Premium membership benefits and user friendly search options upgrade it significantly and make it to a more memorable adult webcam website than what appears on a first glance.

The choice of livecam features is pretty disappointing, although I was impressed by the number of High Definition cams.

Bottom Line

With an interesting collection of webcam models from all over Asian – Korea, Japan, Thailand, India and the Philippines, alongside with a few countries you probably have never heard about, Cams.com manages to stay on the Top choices for Asian webcam fans. That being said, this website is at best medium-sized and you shouldn’t arrive with too many expectations, or you might find yourself disappointed. When all is said and done though, it is best to remember that Cams.com continues to compete with the bigger websites on the Asian chat room world, and it succeeds in doing so. This means that the users enjoy it and appreciate the Far East shows it offers and that, my dear readers, is the most important recommendation of all.

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