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People who are being filmed LIVE 24/7 in these cams for the site are not actors at all. They are real and ordinary people who are simply being themselves and leading their own life. They follow their daily routine and hence they don’t need to go out of their schedule to be featured on the site. There are absolutely no scenes created, no video and audio editions and no cameramen to shoot them. Mostly, these hosts are Russian couples and single girls living their lives which are recorded by cams for you to watch. Lesbians and gay couples are also featured on the site, so you can choose for yourself.

Payment plans

$29.9 / month - 30 Days Membership
$24.9 / month - 90 Days Membership
$19.9 / month - 180 Days Membership


You can enjoy the site for free for most cams but if you are looking for a full access for all cams you can select one of their great monthly plans.

Keep in mind the premiunm plan which offers the most valueable plan of them all.

Premium Membership Advantages

   Unrestricted Video Access
   24h Replay Access
   1080p video (FullHD)
   Mobile friendly
   Access to All cams
   Full screen mode
   NO Advertising


  1. Limited free membership: You don’t need to have an account on to check out some videos initially, especially when you are not sure about the voyeur thing. Free members can go through each apartment and browse a few videos that aren’t unlocked. This will definitely not give you the complete view of the apartment, but it is definitely a great way to start with and for experiencing voyeur cam. Once you watch a few videos, you will definitely like it all and go in for the paid membership which brings a lot more for you.

  2. Paid membership: Paid membership on this LIVE 24/7 voyeur site unlocks all the videos. You can now have an access to all the real life cam videos and watch amateur hosts do a lot of things in their private space. A person who goes in for paid membership can simply login anytime and then watch everything happening in the apartment you browse at any time of the day. There is also a 24 hours replay feature which provides all the video recordings of the past 24 hours. So in case you were busy and you missed out some really interesting recordings, you can always come back and see them all in your own comfort zone.

  3. Models wanted feature: There are a lot of hot models and couples who make their private life cams really interesting to watch. In addition to this, there is an option of “models wanted” through which you can get to see the sex cam videos of whichever model you want.




Real life cam is put together really well on this site and you can choose any video for watching. is a great site to watch LIVE 24/7 voyeur videos and the paid membership works great.

The site is design in a way you can choose one of many showing preformers cams.


On the bottoom of the site you can find the contact us page, Just send any request via email and you can be sure they will get back to you real quick.

Pros of using the site:

The major advantages of using the site are:

  1. High quality videos: The quality of the voyeur cam videos is always top-notch. All the images and videos are in high definition and the motion is really fluid. The site provides a continuous flow of recordings that helps you get a glimpse of everything you want to watch at any time of the day.

  2. Voyeur cam: The site features voyeur cam and that makes it the best thing to watch. It broadens up the field of sex cam and hence enables the visitors discover their voyeuristic desires. Watching normal people have sex and performing their daily life works is different from usual sex cams and is way more interesting.

There are a lot more pros like mobile friendly features, full screen mode, the 24 hours replay feature and lots of private life cams to watch.


Cons of the site:

  1. No discussion boards: The site does not have any discussion board or any forum to discuss about anything related to it and hence adequate knowledge about the hosts is not available.

  2. Lacks features: There could a lot more features on the site like motion detection and auto-follow. But, along with this the site lacks a lot of user features.

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