Payment Options

  • Credit Card : This is the most popular method on adult webcams since, let's face it: Almost everyone has a credit card these days. It is very fast to fill in your credit card details online and make your purchase and as long as you choose a reliable site, you know - one that appears on my chart of recommended adult cam sites, you can also be sure that the site uses a safe billing partner.
  • Debit Card : Especially for North Americans, this is also a very popular method. However not any debit card can be used for online purchases. On each adult web cam site you can usually find a list of acceptable cards, so make sure that yours is on it before you waste your time.
  • Online Wallet : This option allows you to create an account with your credit card using a separate company. You then put money on that account and use the account to pay for separate online purchases, for example: Live chat credit.
  • E-Cheque : No need to go to the bank. This service provides you the ability to pay with electronic cheques the directly takes money out of your bank account.
  • Money Transfer/Wire Transfer : This is an electronic method of paying. Money is directly taken from your bank account (with a cheque) and given to the company or service provider.
  • Pay Pal or Similar : These are online banking companies which act as middlemen between the company you would like to purchase from and yourself. This option is very similar to an online wallet in that you create an account and use that account to pay for your purchases.
  • Cashier Cheque : This is a cheque that is guaranteed by the bank. There is a form that needs to be filled out which can be easily downloaded, filled out than scanned or faxed back to the company. This is a very safe method of payment, but a bit of a hassle and more people are involved so it is less recommended for those who want full privacy.
  • Pay by phone : You have a pin code to use when you want to make a purchase. You then call a specific number and use your code. The purchase will be added to your phone bill and that is how you pay for it. Thanks to the recent mobile revolution and its impact on the webcam world, users can pay with mobiles and even with SMS.


Billing Information

There are many billing companies which process online purchases. Depending on the webcam chat site that you enter you will have different billing options. Some of the sites will have a billing section which clearly states what companies they use and which company is used for each method. However not all sites list the information like this and it may just be listed on the page where you make your purchase.


Which Payment Option is the Safest on Adult Webcams?

All the payment options that I've listed above are very safe, but conditioned that you select serious and reliable websites. I recommend you don't waste your time and risk your cash and privacy on unfamiliar chat room sites and instead stick to those that I have reviewed, because these are the ones you could trust. I am not saying that all small web cam sites are liars, far from it. Yet the less-experience a site has the less it is likely that it uses advanced mechanisms to protect its users' privacy and therefore, prefer websites that have proven themselves and have the trust of many online users.


Remember that on Webcam Chat Rooms Safety is First

Even on very reliable adult webcam sites there is always a chance of you running into some scammer. Therefore, avoid using your real name, address or financial details anywhere, including your own personal profile. Even more importantly: Never mind how attentive or charming your webcam chat partner is, do not submit any of your personal details online. Also, if someone asks you for your bank account info or even just asks you to send money, leave the video chat room and alert the website immediately.