How to save


Price per Minute vs. Buying Blocks

It is important to take a look to see if it's per minute price or an all in cost. Some live cam shows go for a block price - you buy a full hour for a discount for example on ImLive the cost is cost between 0.98 and 5.80 credits and some hosts will offer discount codes as well. You can sometimes also pay in blocks of 10 minutes or more for webcam videos. However, the most common way to calculate payments on adult webcams is "by the minute". Notice that paying in blocks can be cheaper per minute, but you need to use the full block at once, so you're not really saving a lot of money.


What are Credits and What Are Tokens?

They are exactly the same thing - just types of cyber currency used to pay for live video chats. DO NOT BE CONFUSED - a credit or a token are not necessarily a dollar. They can be more and they can be less, depending on a site. Knowing how much they are in advance may be a bit of a headache to calculate, but it will help you save a lot of money by understanding your budget a lot better.


New Hosts Charge Less

When a host starts on a chat site, she normally begins with a very low price no matter how good her show is. This is to get popularity and more regular chatters. Many websites restrict new models from charging more than a fixed fee when they just start performing on the site.


Webcam Promotions

Almost all adult cam sites, and certainly all the better ones, offer video chat promotions. These can include anything from Summer Discount Promotion to Happy Hour fees. Some of the promotions you can find in the review pages let you have full access to live adult shows, picture and video content and all the other features for free. Whereas some other sites will award you with bonus credit when you make a purchase, free VIP membership and even the opportunity to win your money back. 9 times out of 10 there is no hidden catch with any of these promotions, but the only thing you should be aware of is reoccurring fees on the pay monthly sites. Remember to cancel your membership if you no longer want to use the site because otherwise the payments just continue.


Use the Free Membership

Another good way to save cash on adult webcams is the Free Trial Memberships. I always recommend you try the sites with free membership and free live chat, because this lets you look at the site from the inside. You get to see how good the video quality is, the connection speed and also how to use some of the features without wasting any money.


Use the Free Chat

Another trick of the trade is to know that certain sites allow you to have limited video chat as soon as you go in free of charge. Not all sites do this and the ones that do have varying amounts of time, so make sure you find out first. Almost all sites will let you free chat once you are a member. A free chat room is the best way you have to pick a website or a cam model completely for free and in the long run save a lot of money on live webcams.


Become a Fan

I should first make one thing very clear: Becoming a fan costs money. However, it also includes certain benefits such as special discounts which can cover the cost and leave some to spare. This is only true to users who spend a long time on the same video chat room. If you watch a different host every time you log on, then the cost is not worth it. Not all websites offer this option, but a good example is, which indeed has Fan Clubs that include a fixed live show discount.


Remain Loyal to One Video Chat Site

This is especially true concerning, because this webcam site is all about rewarding users just for sticking around. Members who keep purchasing credit receive additional benefits as time goes by, without having to ask for them or win some raffle. You just go about your business and low and behold, more discounts and vouchers and freebees appear in your account.


Group Shows vs. Private Webcam Chats

One of the easiest methods you have to lower the chatting cost on adult webcams is to choose group shows instead of private chats. As a rule of thumb, group video chat rooms are cheaper than 1on1 shows. This makes sense since you are essentially "sharing" the live webcam with other members, and hence split the cost. There are many names for these sessions - group cam shows, showtime, party chat and I am sure you can find at least half a dozen others. Whatever the name is, these sessions tend to be significantly cheaper, so use them when you have a limited budget.


Compare Costs of Various Chat Rooms

Now look here: You may have read all my adult webcam reviews and now think that you're Mr. know-it-all and you feel that you no longer need to look through different chat room prices. However, a smart webcam shopper should always scout the options and compare costs of different private chats before committing. You may be surprised to discover that on a specific website there are hosts that charge significantly less than what you are paying and with a quick check you will have a better estimation and can pick the better options.


Use User's Comment to Pick a Host

Every user wants to spot a good live show, but too many spend time and even more importantly money on chitchatting with the host on private chat. This means you are actually paying money just to see if you should pay money and this, my friends, is a silly notion in all regards. A far better way of recognizing quality webcams is the free chat and if that isn't available then the next best thing are the comments left by other chatters. Not all sites have this, but the ones with user ratings make it much easier for you to make your decision, and without having to pay. 9 times out of 10 the comments left in the hosts profile will give you an accurate opinion of the webcam shows. The same is true for awards received and ratings.