General Adult Cam Features



AKA a two-way cam or Cam to Cam, is a 2 way, double action, way to enjoy your camming experience. It allows you to take active participation in the action and truly connect with your favorite performer on the other side. To participate, you need a web camara or your cell phone camara to give your host the pleasure of watching you as well. Most adult cam sites offer this feature at no additional cost.

On ImLive’s one-on-one private shows, you can really enjoy this feature to its max. It’s the closest thing to reality the web has to offer these days


Celebrity Channel

A new feature recently introduced by ImLive. You can watch videos and live shows of some of the big names in the industry and even find some tips on how to do it like a pro from the legendary Ron Jeremy. Other big names include Monica Mattos, Tera Patrick, Belladonna and Texas Shugar - quite possibly the hottest mature woman on live cam.

Chatting with the stars is a special treat and therefore costs a bit more. Although it’s more expensive, it’s def worth your time and money. Prices vary and depend on each specific celebrity. To help you spend wisely, you will be informed of the cost before stepping into the chat rooms.


Keyhole Feature

AKA Spy Chat, Sneak-a-Peek, and more allows you to bring out the spy in you and get a chance to peep at hot hosts' private rooms without their knowledge. Using spy features is a great way to warm up or to watch and learn. It's a great way to discover some professional secrets of the hottest cam hosts around. In the past, this feature used to be more expensive than standard private chats, but recently cost has dropped significantly. Nowadays, becoming a Peeping Tom will cost you as low as 3 credits per minute to watch 6 keyholes at the same time. On sneaking a peek costs 33% of the original chat room cost.


Special Events & Theme Parties

Not every site offers these types of parties, but the better ones should have them. Every week the website hosts an online chat room party featuring a changing theme. Costs vary by event. ImLive, for instance, they tend to pamper their members with FREE celebrity shows every now and then. Streamate offers daily themed shows.


Happy Hour

A feature that was originally exclusive to ImLive, is now mimicked on other sites. Sexier, for example, names it "showtime" and on PhoneMates this feature is named "Peepshow". It doesn't matter what name you use; it all amounts to the same deal. Happy Hour is a discounted chatting option that entitles you to low-cost video chats with online hosts during certain time periods. On ImLive for example, the very happy price is only $1.48 per minute. On, you'll pay the amazingly low sum of $0.88 per minute. The best thing about these happy hours? There’s always a handful of hosts offering it at any given time. Look for their Live Chat windows that would be marked accordingly. It’s a great way to enjoy a quality show while saving some money.


Fan Club Option

Fan clubs are built around a specific performer and gives its fans access to special discounts on live chat and access to exclusive photo galleries. Of course, the content you can access depends on the effort made by the host to make their fan club membership alluring. Fan clubs are a pretty standard feature available on many sites and as with all things; some performers do it better than others.

Some of the cam models write private journals and blogs and post pictures for their fans. Take notice that basic fan club information can be accessed without actually being a member.

Just be aware that joining a fan club will cost you, and you can't move the cash back to standard chat in case you change your mind.


Group Cams

AKA Better Together. This is a fun feature, and as far as I know, is only available on a few sites. It means that you can chat simultaneously with 2 cam hosts and double your fun. Note that you will be charged for video chatting with each host separately. For video chatting with the main host, you will be charged at that host's per-minute fee. You will receive a 0.70 Credits/min discount for video chatting with the second host depending on which site you use.


Video Competitions - Sent In by Hosts

Webcam hosts of certain sites can make themed videos each month and their guests get the opportunity to watch them for free and then vote for their favorites.


Download for Off Hours Fun

No reliable access to Wi-Fi? No problem. Just download your favorite webcam hosts’ videos to your phone of computer. You can watch them whenever or share them with friends. The download is free, but you normally have to have credit in your account.


Live Viewer

A webcam feature also known as "split screen" on certain websites allows you to Live View several webcam models at once through their live video chat rooms. You can view up to 6 performers at once and can spy on them without them knowing.



No need to search for your favorite webcam performers every time you log on. With this live chat feature you can construct your own private favorites list and use it to find your preferred video chat room every time and with no hassle. And there's more: Many websites also add another feature, which notifies you when the models on your "favorites" go online.


Wish List

This is a nifty feature that allows you to create the ultimate "wish list" with all your needs and requests and have hosts that can accommodate your wishes get back to you. A similar notion is found in "The Matchmaker" feature, but in that case, you create a wish list and the site automatically lists hosts that answer that criteria.


Make a Date

This feature is an iFriends special. It allows users to set up private chats with hosts, even if they are offline. The users ask the performer to meet for a private session in a specific date and time, and then wait for an approval. This allows users to save time and know in advance when to log on, not to mention reserves the host's time so no other user can steal her away.



This feature, which is also called Notifications, informs users when anyone in their Favorites list goes online. The alerts are sent by emails, SMS/text, or push notifications depending on the adult cam site you choose.


Chat Roulette

Another naughty ifriends' feature. This is a feature that is great for those who hate looking for the perfect webcam. It lands you in a random chat room and you can decide if you want to stick around or move to the next one.


One Click Purchase

The innovative WebcamKing allows users to put additional credit into their accounts without leaving the video chat room they are currently on. In just one click, users add funds and make sure that the live show could last for as long as they like.