Which cameras are most commonly used on cam sites? (Part 2)

Using your computer webcam is always an option on cam sites, however it is not the most recommended way to go and the quality will be nothing near the quality you would get when using a camera more suitable for the task.

A smartphone camera is great option when outdoors and certain smartphone cameras offer relatively high quality sensors, although they typically lack the extended options professional cameras provide. Samsung Galaxy options are often used and prove to be more than sufficient.

1) Galaxy S7 is considered a strong performer in regards to camera efficiency. Samsung has kept the sensor size the same, but reduced the number of pixels, making each pixel larger and allowing in more light. The lens has been widened and the camera features a dual pixel sensor, giving the Galaxy S7 better overall quality and brightness.

2) The Sony A6000 is a very popular option and seems to be the best Sony consumer camera yet for video use. It has a pristine sharp EVF, a magnified focus assist which can be activated whilst recording, which is a very rare feature. The Sony A6000 is an affordable hit! It has high speed frame, up to 60fps at full resolution and great quality. Sony have completely revamped the sensor since the NEX6 and NEX7, giving a much cleaner video image.

In terms of ease, USB cameras have an advantage as they can easily be plugged directly into a computer. They are affordable and there are minimal setup requirements. You will, however not be able to upgrade lenses and USB cameras typically lack zoom and manual focus.

3) One of the most recognizable names in the action camera and live-streaming industries is GoPro’s HERO5. This camera is meant for action, but can be used stationary too.The MeVo camera by Livestream was made with social platforms in mind and is fully compatible for Livestreaming. With 1080p live stream capabilities, this simple and discreet camera is perfect for sex cam sites.

4) Last, but certainly not least, the Canon EOS 7D Mark II is a reliable, responsive autofocus video camera with an uncompressed full HD output and the ability to monitor your audio in camera. It is a little more expensive, but the quality will prove it to be worth your while. The Canon retains three custom shooting modes and the AF system has been vastly improved. Quality and streaming is paramount and the above are some of the most common cameras used on cam sites.