Webcam Girls Now Bring You a Sizzling Hot Gaming Experience

Streaming vs Camming: An Overview

Not sure what camming is all about? Think of it as a type of live streaming like on Twitch, except the performer takes things to a more intimate level. Camming is much more than just that, though. Fans tune in to watch these performers because they want to interact and support them, just like they do with their favorite Twitch streamers. On both platforms, however, the content is very different.

In 2022, the world of adult webcamming took a big leap forward, giving both viewers and content creators access to amazing new tools that take their online experience to the next level. For example, the world’s leading camsite, ImLive, introduced a new sharescreen feature that has allowed webcam content creators to offer more diverse shows for their audience. It now allows models to stream themselves, share their screens, and watch raunchy videos with their viewers or even play video games together (including the 18+ games banned from mainstream streaming sites). This upgrade blurs the line between traditional streaming sites and adult webcam providers.

The Key Differences

So what exactly is the difference between camming and streaming? Sites like Flirt4Free and have been connecting users with sexy models since 1996, but live streaming video games is a newer concept that started with in 2007.

At its core, both camming and streaming content creators have the same goal: to become a popular online figure and make money from that following. As technology and platforms evolve, it’s only a matter of time before Twitch and cam sites become more similar.

In terms of payment and user experience, adult webcam sites have been streamlining their processes since the beginning. ImLive, for example, uses a Credits system where users can purchase credits in advance and then use them to tip their performers or pay for private shows. Twitch has also made monetization possible for more streamers through its Affiliate Program, where viewers can buy "Bits" and use them to "Cheer" a streamer.

Being a content creator

Both successful streamers and cam models typically maintain a consistent schedule, develop a unique persona, and stay connected with their fans. It’s not uncommon for webcam models to also stream on other platforms and vice versa. Some models may use their webcam platform as their main source of income, but can also use streaming on the side as a way to have fun and hang out with their viewers. With ImLive’s new shared screen feature, "Cum Share with Me", the line between camming and gaming has become even more blurred as now the platform can serve both of those purposes for it’s creators. In free chat, users can watch a host play a video game and chat for free to get to know them, or they can take it up to a notch in private chat if they like what they see.

Long gone are the days when streamers can get banned for showing a little too much skin. Webcam models no longer need to straddle both worlds, and many are taking advantage of ImLive’s new feature to provide the most fun, engaging, and hottest shows they have ever presented. If you’re looking for a fun time, whether it’s watching some of your favorite adult movies with company, or playing games, we’ve spoken to some ImLive webcam stars that are definitely worth checking out!


Akane_candy is a huge fan of online games in which she can compete with people from all over the world, her number one being Fortnite. “I love to run and feel the fear and the adrenaline while trying to win the games!” she says, “Anyone who wants to play with me is welcome! But you must be ready to lose against me!” So watch out for this feisty lady.


Akiraplayy is the shy girl next door, who has a wild side that she’s ready to unleash in private. She’s a bit of a nerd who loves old war games and Counterstike, so boys watch out! “I have some naughty wishes which I can only fulfill in private chat, my biggest one is being able to play and fuck at the same time!” Who is ready to take this bombshell on the ride of her dreams?


Ambernovoaa is a Colombian model who always aspired to be a streamer and share her joys with the world. She finds Minecraft to be "addictive," as it allows her to construct a wonderful world that provides a break from reality. "If only I could live out my fantasies in that world," she muses, "I don’t know if it’s possible, but I would love to exist as a character named ’Amber the Insatiable’ and gain recognition in that realm."


This 27 year old hottie from Colombia goes by Angelstone online. According to her, no one is ever too old to enjoy games. One of her favorite games is Gang Beasts, which may not be as mainstream as others, but it never fails to make her laugh. “It’s so weird, but it makes me laugh a lot, I’d love to be able to play this game with everyone and create a community of people who like to do fun things and push the game to it’s limit!”


EsmeraldaRider invites all to her world, where she advocates for unrestricted self-expression and a touch of wildness. To her, life is like a video game, and she believes in living it to the fullest. "I love having fun and being myself, even if that means being a little insane," she shares. Her interest in video games stems from the possibility of transcending reality and exploring enchanted realms, where one can assume any identity or role.


Meet SimoneCallen: a beautiful, artsy, and romantic gamer girl who loves the thrill of Need for Speed. "I feel like I’m actually racing because the graphics in this game are so realistic! Whenever I play, I like to raise the stakes by placing a bet, and my favorite bet is on pleasure!" The webcam model is talented in various forms of art and enjoys spending time with her online gaming friends. With her passion for adrenaline and her playful spirit, spending time with SimoneCallen is sure to be an unforgettable experience.