The Cam Star, Mighty Emelia, Tells All in January Issue of CAMStar

Mighty Emelia is one of MyFreeCams’ hottest cam girl. Started her camming journey in 2014 and with over 30,000 followers and over 83k views, you can’t help but consider her work a rocking success.


But in this deep-down interview, readers can learn so much more about this flourishing starlet. “Music and art are two of my favorite things in the world!” Emelia told AVN in a recent interview. “I grew up playing piano/keyboard, guitar, violin, ukulele, and songwriting.”

“I also enjoy singing but prefer backing someone else up singing harmonies and such rather than being at the forefront.”


Mighty Emelia’s Prowess

Part of Mighty Emelia success is due to her undeniable charm, her dry humor, her professionalism when performing, and her obvious talents she shares with users on MyFreeCams. With all that she’s got going for her, it is not surprise that this northern California native finds herself on the forefront of today’s camming scene.

When asked about her biggest strengths Emelia explains that it’s in “continuing to be kind and true in treating others how I want to be treated, regardless of how others have treated me or the things I’ve been through in my life.”

“I think showing love and genuinely spreading love is one of the most important things we can do in this lifetime,” Emelia, who also has a large Twitter presence, adds.

The exclusive CamStar interview is accompanied by 12 pages of photography by the talented Keith Ryan.


Bonus Questions Answered

As part of her interview with, Emelia answered some bonus questions. Here are some of them:


How did you develop your camming routine? 

My camming routine was developed through a lot of trial, error, and necessity. It’s a combination of what days are best to log in, what works best to keep a show moving, fun, and engaging, and what makes it the most enjoyable in-between.

On your tip menu, it says ‘Fry Spank’ for 27 tokens…what is a Fry Spank? What is the ‘Gumball Grab’ for 88 tkns? 

I have so much weird stuff on my tip menu! Ridiculous things keep getting added as inside jokes build over the years. I have 10 giant stuffed fries that users can tip to get their name on and then battle other user's fries "Hunger Games" style. Each fry has a unique character. For example, there’s Notorious F.R.Y., Hotdog Fry, Flamboi Fry, etc. There’s music, weapons, dramatic deaths, and more. A fry spank is basically what it sounds like—I spank myself with a fry of your choice. It’s extremely sexy.

What advice would you give a new cam model trying to establish herself?

I would suggest she watch other models to get a sense of what’s going on and how to run a room. Then put your own unique twist on it! Two models could be in the same room with the exact same outfit and props and put on an entirely different show, because it’s the person behind the production that draws people in. So be yourself! Whether you want to do explicit shows, silly shows, or something else, do what YOU want to do, because if you’re being authentic and enjoying yourself, others will, too. Like attracts like. Your vibe will attract others who share that vibe. You don’t need to put up with any level of inappropriate treatment from others. I promise there will be people who appreciate you, tip and are kind and respectful!

What’s the most shots you’ve ever done during a single cam show and how were you feeling after those? 

At first I didn’t want to answer this question, but decided it’s actually an important topic in camming. The answer is way too many, and absolutely awful afterwards. With chronic health conditions, I used alcohol for many years online as a way to push through physical pain in order to work. It became an issue, to the point that my room became concerned. After some regretful nights, I decided to take a serious look at how I was affecting myself and the people around me who I cared about. I know this is a pretty serious topic, but I feel like there is a huge substance culture on MFC, which is totally fine and fun in moderation, but I think it’s important for people to remember there’s a dark side, especially if it becomes substance abuse or used as a coping mechanism. Since then, I’ve had users buy me shots but request themselves that they be watered down or fully water, so that we can cheers and have fun but not end the night completely wasted. I had a lot of fear about losing how many tokens I made around drinking, and am so grateful for the people who have been supportive and continued to tip for other fun things as well!

What is your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement in camming so far has been two top 20 finishes—rank 15 and 14, which have allowed me to support myself and pay off medical bills. I’m also proud of building and having a community that I’m genuinely excited to log in and see each night, and who seem to thrive and gain positive experiences from being in my room.

Photography by Keith Ryan