Aussie girls earning up to $500,000 annually as online model

HEIDI is among the several Aussie women earning up to $500,000 per year as online live cam show models who do not touch, kiss or have any physical contact with clients.

Heidi asserts she's the same as any other 23-year-old, but she's got a pretty extraordinary job.

She is also one of the numerous Aussie women earning up to $500,000 annually as online sexy model who don't touch, kiss or have any physical contact with their customers -- a feat made possible through interactive live webcams.

The 23-year-old first started working at the online camming industry for MyFreeCams 2 years ago after she stumbled upon the link to another cam girl on Tumblr.

"I watched her streams for a month or two and then I determined that it was a career path that I wanted to follow along," she told..

Together with the amount of active Australian versions on MyFreeCams increasing by over 600 per cent since 2015, Heidi is a portion of a large community of girls after the lucrative career course.

Not only is it MyFreeCams one of top 1000 sites on the internet by visitors, but it pays its versions over 60 per cent of every dollar spent on this website - the maximum rate for any similar service on the industry.

Based on MyFreeCams, models receive money from tips and gifts or when audiences pay for a personal or voyeur series, with high versions earning over $50,000 a month.

While refusing to disclose her precise income from working as a cam girl, Heidi proudly admits she's much more financially secure than a few men and women who've been working their whole lives.

"I live a fairly good life. I am able to travel a good deal, have bought my own home and am easily ,supporting myself through college" she explained.

Heidi said her friends and family accept her career option.

When it comes to her fame for a cam model, Heidi stated there is an average of 100 people within her broadcast at any point in time, with more than 5,000 people visiting per day.

"I believe people tune in largely out loneliness. A great deal of people in my room say they get home from work and don't have any one to speak to or nothing else to do, so they tune in," she explained.

"And it is hard not see how interacting with a real human is much more interesting than watching TV for individuals in that position."

Despite her performances being more than simply X-rated acts, the model said there's still a negative stigma surrounding online sex perform.

"Being a cam girl is a lot more creative and personal than just being nude and doing live cam acts," she said.

"Since I generally log on at the same time, I see the same people tuning into my stream like it's their favorite TV show and a few actually change their usernames to match mine.

"I now have my own small community and deals vary from getting discussions to some sexual to something as absurd as doing handstands or using a hula hoop."

Initial shock at the more graphic aspects of her work. "Mum was quite supportive and is always interested in what I am doing, but Dad was somewhat more difficult to convince since he could not initially look beyond the getting naked role," she said.

"But when my friends and family realized I am not desperate for money and I'm doing this because I really like it, they are much more accepting."

"It also helps that I'm performing from my own house."

The cam model said she is always honest when people ask her what she's doing for work and loves getting to change to understanding others hold about the livelihood.

"I know that I've felt more safe working from home than I've felt working late at town in the hospitality industry."

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I'm super happy where I am and will stay here for at least five decades or until it morphs into something different," she explained.

Given models have complete charge of the chat space, are not required to be nude and can block locations where they don't want their cam to be streamed, Heidi added she would not have any hesitations about recommending the career path to other people.

"Anyone interested should just watch other girls first to get a feel of what the occupation is all about," she said.

"Obviously, you don't need to be an specific copy because there are unlimited ways you can make money out of being a cam girl.

"Some people are too sexual, while some are more creative. It is all about discovering what makes you most comfortable since this will interpret and help you get a following."

Heidi is one of lots of other cam girls that are making a living at home via online live camming.