Nurse and Others Find Success in Camming After Coronavirus Cuts

The The pandemic-hit economy has made many discarded ­workers search for creative solutions to make use of their special talents. In Britain, some women have found great success and earning ­thousands of pounds by posting nude or lingerie-clad photographs and videos online.

Here are three women who signed up to adult-only subscription sites during this past year explaining why they chose this past and how it helped them financially during the pandemic.

Bar Manager Catherine

The 38 years-old single mom, Catherine, said in a interview with that joining fan sites were “a godsend” to her after the lockdown made her face serious financial hardship. As a bar manager, Catherine was earning and average of £1,800 ($2,500) a month for nearly two years and managed to stay afloat. But when the bar she worked at was forced to close, she found herself without any income. Because of her status as ‘self-employed’ she fell through the cracks as was not eligible for government assistance. “I needed two years’ worth of accounts to qualify for support and was only three months short of that. It meant I was entitled to nothing – I couldn’t get help from the government and couldn’t be furloughed.”

So when friends talked about online adult subscription sites, Catherine didn’t think twice and she signed up. “For me, it was a total lifeline. I made £3,000 [$4,200] in the first month, after joining Fanzworld and OnlyFans. Without that work I would have lost everything.” She said.

“The fan sites were a godsend and got me out of a really sticky situation. I didn’t feel brilliant having to do it, if I’m honest. But lockdown put a lot of people in really bad situations. I was lucky to find a way out. I’ve had friends take their lives because of financial struggles during the pandemic.”

A&E Nurse Nicola

Nicola, a 39-year-old mother-of-four decided to turn to adult sites when her nursing shifts in A&E were cut during the pandemic. “I’ve been working in healthcare for 20 years. While coronavirus was at its peak our shifts were reduced to stop there being too many people in the department. It was such a depressing time, with everything that was going on. I decided to sign up to some sites initially for the fun of it and as an escape.”

To her surprise, Nicola earned £4,500 ($6,300) in her first month. Almost triple what she made as a nurse. “I am very careful about what I post. I keep it extremely tasteful. I post pictures or short video clips in swimwear, bikinis or gym wear. I know some girls go totally nude, but I don’t – and I still do well.”

As for the nay-sayers, she ignores them “I’ve had negative comments from people who have said I do porn, but this isn’t porn. It’s a legitimate way to make money during a tough time. And it has been a huge help financially.”

Graphic Designer Abi

The 23-year-old, sweet-faced Abi, turned to fan sites after she lost her job in the first lockdown. The college educated designer graduate in 2019, and was earning £12,000 ($17,000) a year designing artwork for a paint brush company. “I loved it. It’s what I always wanted to do.” But then coronavirus hit, and Abi was cut from her job.

Not discouraged, she joined several sites, including Glamour Lounge Live, which runs live webcams. “I was nervous but because I can’t see the men viewing me, I quickly built up my confidence. I’m now making an average of £1000 [$1,400] a week.”

As for what might happen to the photos once they are online, she’s not too worried. "I do worry about people re-posting my images, but I won’t post anything too explicit. I still want to go back into Graphic Design but this is a good alternative for now.”


*** Images Source: John Gladwin/Sunday Mirror ***