New App Takes Camming to the Next Level

A new app promises to be a great addition to any web camming enthusiast, or anyone who wants to be safe and observe social distancing protocols. It promises all the fun of an sexual experience without the risk.

If you ever wished to be part of a casual, large, group orgy but didn’t know where to start, Lovense, a leading sex tech company, has a solution for you. Lovense, which started out in 2010 and has since worked on creating and improving sex toys controlled by remote connection, announced the launch of the Group control feature for their Lovense Remote App. Their goal is to allow users to arrange online orgies with up to 100 participants.


Join the Fun

So how can one be privy to such a delightful experience? First, each member of the control group must own one of the Lovense toy, the toy and user must be registered in the Lovense Remote App, and finally, they can create or join any active orgy group they wish to join.

Once they are part of the group, participants use the app slider to set the vibration power and its frequency to control others’ toys in real time. If they wish, users can also download some of the pre-existing patterns uploaded by other sex toy enthusiasts around the world.

The fun thing about this experiment? The show is run by more than one participant. The control over your toy, and others’ toys, can be passed to anyone in the group, so everyone can experience all aspects of the online orgy.

This new feature also includes the existing long-distance sex functions of Lovense Max and Max2 which are designed for male masturbation, the Nora, and Mission which are designed for women’s delight. For it to work, a participant just has to use their own toy, and the other toys will react to the movements – creating a replicated sex event.

Service for the Masses

“We continue to develop our services, offering our users more and more interesting and useful options. And now, while many people are locked in their homes, limited in human contact, and experiencing loneliness or boredom, I am confident, that the Group control feature comes at the perfect time and will please a lot of people," says Dan Liu, Lovense CEO.

The Lovense Remote App will allow each user to participate in up to 50 group-controlled chats at a time! If you are interested in being part of this experiment and find some friends on the Lovense app, visit the app’s open forum at But make sure your phone and toy have the correct tech specifications. The Group chat feature is available in Lovense Remote App version 3.9.5 and higher for Android and version 3.8.2 and higher for IOS.

Can you imagine the fun you can have using this app with some hot cam girls (or guys)?