Model Spotlight - TessyAmellyeX of nonstopcams

How did you find out about webcam modeling? I had been working as a promotional version a few years back and there were booths full of models and signs advertising a lavish life at home in front of a camera! "Earn ten thousand dollars each month out of your bed!" I was clearly not making ten thousand dollars a month and could hardly find time to sleep in my bed, let alone make money from it! I signed up with some of the sites and fell flat on my head, but this past year I discovered about nonstopcams and decided to give it one more try and it finally took off!

What's the 1 thing on your wish-list you've been DYING to get? We totally love getting any present on our wish-list. Any gift we receive helps us, so we appreciate all of them. 1 gift we have been DYING to receive is a huge monster toy! I thinks it'd be so much pleasure to use.

What's your best piece of information for new patrons on the website? Be consistent! I believe being a brand new cam model resembles being a new friend generally. Do not lie. Only do things that you are comfortable with and just be yourself! It takes time to get off the back pages, however remaining faithful, working continuously and treating people how that you would want to be treated can help you construct your page!

What are your favorite fetishes/requests you show on the site? I'm a squirter, so that's the main one I'd say! I believe I have a submissive and dominant side, and I can play with whichever side is feeling heavenly each day!

If you meet a friend who is looking for a brand new job, do you recommend live cam nude modeling?

It depends, showing naked on cam is not for everyone, but in case you don't mind that and you enjoy people, its a great platform to make fans and lots of money! with hard words and perseverance you can become a sexual idol with lots and lots of followers and a steady high-income.