Mobile vs. Computer: How to Best Enjoy Your Next Webcam Session

We are so used to play, talk, and text on our phones that just picking it up to browse and chat with some of our favorite cam girls seems like the obvious choice. But is it? Is using your phone, despite its ease and availability, the best way to enjoy a webcam show? Larry works hard to not only provide you with the most comprehensive list and review of the best adult webcam sites out there, but also how to best enjoy them. Here are some things to consider when choosing to view show via your cell phone vs. your computer.


Size Does Matter!

Here is the answer to the oldest question in the books: when it comes to your full screen time enjoyment, size does matter! Of course, the ease and comfort of a handheld device is not something you can argue with, but when you’re anticipating some juicy entertainment, having a bigger screen helps you get all the tasty details these cam girls have to offer. If you’re main goal is to see it all and not miss a thing, chose to view your favorite webcamming girls via a computer screen.  


Get Chatting

 One of the main ways you get to interact with webcam models is by chatting. Whether you use a group chat or private chat, many models and sites enable communication with viewers via chatting. This means that when you get to learn more about a model or when you start getting in the action, a lot of the communication is done by chatting with her. It’s not like a regular phone or video conversation where you just talk to one another. Typing is essential. Keeping that in mind, deciding between using a computer or a smart phone to enjoy your favorite models really depends on how you want this communication to take place.

  • Some of you have an easier time typing on a standard keyboard, while others have mastered touch screen typing.
  • Consider the size of the screen and how much space the chatting bar or window would take up. This is where a computer screen has more of an advantage as the chat window is to the side and there’s no risk of it covering up performing ladies.
  • As we are used to having so many conversations via our phones, you might find the experience more enjoyable or personable by chatting with these hot girls using your phone. Using a computer screen might make it feel more formal and stiff.


Intimate Experience

Here is where you have to ask yourself “how do I best connect with my favorite model?” When you finally find yourself a favorite site and after you sought out and looked and tested and finally found yourself your favorite performer, it’s time to consider, how do I make this show the best for me? For some, being able to sit back in their office chair, maybe legs up on their desk, watching their favorite girl perform just for them, while both of their hands are, erm, free to do as they please is the best way to enjoy and connect with their screen girl.

Others might find that there is a better sense of intimacy and enjoyment of the performance, when you can almost take the girl into bed with you. Think about it! When you use your phone, you can get cozy and comfortable in your bed or on your couch, splaying out in your favorite position, and feeling as if your webcam gal is right there next to you, making sure you enjoy every step of your webcamming journey.


Test It

As always, I recommend you do a test drive. Just as you worked hard at finding the perfect site and perfect girl, take the time to check out how you’d best enjoy your online time. Play around, experiment, and keep an open mind. How do you envision your next webcam chatting experience?


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