The Best Bang for Your Click: Freemium vs. Premium Webcamming Sites

We all know that finding sexy ladies (or gents, or couples, or anything really) on the internet is as easy as clicking twice on your mouse. The internet is filled with a plethora of sexy, juicy, hot, and exciting content for us to enjoy any minute of any day. But those who are in-the-know know that not all webcamming sites are made equal. Although they all promise that your time (and money) spent in their chat rooms or casually scrolling through their dozens upon dozens of models is the best, they don’t all offer the same quality of juicy material.

To help you find the best webcamming site the scratch your itch, I have created a list to help you decide between two main webcamming sites categories: Freemium webcamming sites & premium webcamming sites.

What Is Freemium?

Freemium sites don’t require you to pay upfront. Rather they are based on tipping the performers, based on the performers’ goals, and the show you watch is public. Chaturbate is an example of a top-notch freemium site.

What Is Premium?

Premium sites require the user to pay upfront for accessing the performers and chat rooms. Once you set your account and paid, you get access to a private show. If you want the best of the best, check out IMLive for some of the best premium site out there.

Now that you know the basic definition of freemium and premium sites, it’s time to consider: what type of site is better for your needs? To help you decide, I came up with the following key points to consider when choosing between freemium and premium sites.

Private vs. Public Shows

Both freemium and premium sites allow you a glimpse to all performers that are online at any given time. However, it’s what happens when you click a specific performer that makes the difference.

On freemium sites you are more likely to take part in a public viewing. The performer is usually naked already and is interacting with several, if not dozens of other users, and she only performs certain sexy action if she gets enough tips from users. Since it’s a public show, you hardly even have a say in what the show girl does to get things steamy. So, you are constrained by the whims and desire of others.

On premium sites performers are waiting just for you. Performers offer exclusive private shows where you have the power to ask the performers to complete tasks and plays that are meant just to your liking. In these sites, you have the power of control and satisfaction.

Quality of Show

Freemium sites’ goals are to get as many viewers as possible to attend a show at any given moment. As such, the goal of all performers is to always keep things exciting so the show goes on for longer and she can get more tips. If you want to see girls being creative to keep you interested, this is the place for you. The models on free chats tend to come up with more creative ways to keep things steamy, and they work hard to market themselves.

The cam girls on premium adult chat sites don't sit around naked. Instead, they are usually dressed in sexy outfits of lingerie, stockings, or swimsuits to attract the attention of one member. Unlike free shows where you are jolted into the action without context, on premium shows you always get a fresh and customized performance the moment you start chatting. Plus, premium sites offer you the chance to build a deeper relationship with the models and they might learn to know what you like after a few visits. Since it’s a personalized performance, you might get a chance to see some more hardcore stuff.

Is It Really Free?

Nearly every adult cam site starts off by saying that they are a free chat site. But what this actually means is that you may have a causal chat or send a message to a model for free, but don’t expect any action.

Freemium sites may let you browse and casually chat with girls for free or even get a glimpse of some sexy action, but to get what you want, you will have to pay by tipping the performer. Which means you will have to reach for that credit card just as things might get steamy.

On premium sites you pay upfront for a certain subscription and/or credits you can use as you please. Your subscription type and credits can help you determine which performer is right for you. Although it might sound counterintuitive, it is more likely to stick to a budget on premium sites because you know what you’ve got, and you are less likely to get carried away with tips.


What’s the Best Choice for You?

Like finding out what turns you on, finding which type of site work best for you is a personal choice that might take some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to cruise through the different site options to find the best choice for you.


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