Forget about Web Cams: Flight Attendant Offers Special Perks on Flight

Many have been hit hard by pandemic and are finding new ways to express ourselves and supplement income. Some have found a passion for webcamming during these hard times, with news sources reporting a boom in number of performers, number of subscribers, and most importantly amount of money being made doing webcamming. Although taking to the web might be the obvious solution, a British Airways flight attendant decided to fire up her main hustle with a more lucrative side hustle.

While most of us might be avoiding air travel these days because of the rise of COVID, it turns out we should have been flying on British Airways. The New York Post and other news sites have reported that investigating claims that one of its flight attendants was using her flying time to also offer, along with a snack and drinks, “adult entertainment” during flights — and even make an extra buck selling her used underwear to passengers.

To advertise her services, the flight attendant used social media to showcase her talents and services. Looking through her posts, one will notice that many of the snaps are focused on her stockinged feet and legs and teased that she often wears no underwear during flights, as was reported on The Sun.


What Would You Give for Undies?

To get a piece of the flight attendant’s soiled garments, interested parties were asked to shell out $33-a-pop. If undies were not enough to make a passenger happy, the flight attendant also offered other services that would take place at her hotel room. She stated: “You will need to pay a securing fee of £50 [about $66] to meet.” Her prices vary depending on the requested meet and she has a strict no negotiating policy. "If I have booked a hotel for work, the meet will take place there (London).”

The London based attendant was also happy to meet with clients overseas, but has asked clients “to book another hotel for protection and privacy.”


Service That Keeps Giving

The tentative flight attendant was not only offering undergarments and favors outside of the airplane, but was also gracious enough to offer unspecified X-rated treats to passengers if the money is right, according to The Sun.

“If you ever want adult entertainment on-board, all you have to do is give me a sum of money and you’ll be treated to a whole different experience of your choice,” the stewardess reportedly wrote on her blog.

Followers of her social media pages, which have since seemed to have been deleted after the naughty girl’s extracurricular activities have been found out, were not confused as to what this flight honey was offering up in the sky. “Hope you earn good money and stay safe girl,” one follower replied to a photo. “She is clearly prostituting herself and boosting her business by using photos taken on board BA planes,” one source told The Sun. “It is shocking dereliction of duty and not the image BA wants of its cabin crew,” the sources said.


British Airways told The Sun that it had launched an investigation and was trying to identify the mystery stewardess.

“We expect the highest standard of behavior from all of our colleagues at all times, and we are investigating the claims,” a spokesperson for the British airline told the paper.


Hard Times Call for Ingenuity

Although the airline itself is launching an investigation, the flight attendant’s co-workers don’t feel as harshly about her actions. Talking to The Sun one of her co-workers said that they understood her need and action to offer adult entertainment to passengers as a way to mitigate the sharp drop in wages due to COVID related pay cuts.

“This highlights a serious point in that many staff can’t afford to live on reduced wages since the cutbacks, and she is raising funds in her own time. But this is not on. Times are hard and if this is something she’s happy doing it’s hard to argue,” the crew member said. “But she is bringing her employer into disrepute and placing herself in great danger.”