Ex-Stripper Turns to Camming After Dangers on the Job

A former exotic dancer turns away from live performances and goes all out on camming. Sadly, her choice for doing so was not necessarily born from a positive experience.

Stephanie Palomares, of Las Vegas, NV used to work in gentleman's clubs, but explained she was forced to quit after she was left with increasing anxiety over the dangers that came with working in the club.

Nowadays, the 26-year-old now makes a living through online, via social media and camming websites, where she has more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and with her new found online success, says she will not be returning to the clubs.

When she first began her dancing career, Palomares loved the live performance and prided herself on building strong relationships with her customers. Some of these connections were close enough that she even felt comfortable exchanging numbers and keep in touch outside of the club. However, that didn't always go down well with others.

On one occasion, she said, her friendliness led a jealous wife to seek revenge. "One of my regular guys’ wives obviously saw we'd been texting. So she figured out what club I was working at – then came out and slashed all the tires on my car. And the tires on his car too. She wasn't too smart about it, she didn't realize there’s security cameras all over the parking lot, for the security of us dancers.” Luckily, Palomares said, “she didn't do it again."

Dangers on the Job

Working as an exotic dancer always had associated risks. Stephanie said she had to deal with stalkers, including one who seemed to get a kick out of sending the police to her house reporting fake crimes, and others who found a sick pleasure in following her from work.

"Once I got closer to home, I decided to exit a few before my original exit to see if the car would follow me. He did – so I pulled over to the first gas station I saw – I don’t know what made me do this – but he followed me into the gas station. I parked and I got out my car and started walking towards him and screaming at him, asking why he’s following me and what does he want. I recognized him from the club all he was saying was 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry'. After that, I didn't work at that gentleman's club anymore."

Online Exclusively

Stephanie now works exclusively online and says that although it’s safer, this type of work comes with its own set of dangers, expressing that some fans are "getting crazier" on social media.

"Now through the internet people get more obsessed with you because they feel you are the only social interaction and like they know you," she added. "I wonder if they know how this behavior causes problems for me. I definitely think that Insta and OnlyFans is way much easier and safer than being at the strip club. It’s touch-free entertainment and you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing your exact location."


*** Image sources: @mspalomares/Jam Press ***