Couple Having Sex in Empty Movie Theatre Ends Up on Camera


Is your local cinema still closed because of the pandemic? Are you itching to get back into a crowded theater smelling of popcorn? Well, it sounds like a UK couple was itching for something when they entered their local movie theater. The bold couple has been caught on camera having sex in the front row of newly opened cinema.

A rogue Snapchat video of the security footage from UK cinema was shared to Twitter, which, of course, got it to be retweeted thousands of times and gained more than three million views. In the video viewers can see the couple naked from the waist down, with the woman straddling her lover as he was sitting in a cinema seat.

Assuming that because they were alone in the cinema and they were safe, the couple was oblivious to the high-tech infra-red CCTV system that were taking in all the action.


Always Check for Cameras

When the video was shared online, the person who posted the video was shocked with the couple’s lack of tech awareness. "Who does this and you people don't think you'll get caught. We check the cameras darlin!!!" Just to ensure what was being filmed was real, on the CCTV that was shared a woman can be heard saying: "They are f***ing in the cinema."

The steamy video has since racked up thousands of replies and retweets on Twitter, with people mostly blasting the couple for having sex in the front row.

One Twitter user wrote: "As someone who worked in the theater - we caught so many people having sex, theaters only get deep cleaned every Friday. but every day we just spray the seat with liquid and wipe it briefly with a microfiber cloth. So bring cleanex wipes."


Another user suggested that maybe the couple was aware of the cameras in the theaters and was enjoying being on camera all along:

"They did it in the front row they WANTED to be seen"

Another user commented “Ah s***, I might have a couple of footages out there at movie theatres".

The Unknown Couple

No individual, or couple, has yet to come forward and take responsibility for this steamy performance, nor have they been identified by others. In addition, although they sexy video is believed to have been filmed in a UK cinema, the exact location of the cinema unknown.

Speculations are made that the video has been filmed in the last six weeks or so when some cinemas were reopened after lockdown.


*** Images Source: Twitter ***