Caught on Camera: Couple Have sex During a Zoom  Council Meeting

Things that can only happen in Brazil? Maybe not.  A participant in a Rio De Janeiro Zoom council meeting made quite a splash when he forget to turn off his camera before he started having sex on a bed facing the camara.

The unnamed man was clearly not unaware his sexy performance was being live-streamed during the city’s council meeting. The viewers of this impromptu cam show were not as happy with their free show, to say the least.


A 10AM Cam Show

To make matters worse, the topic discussed in this meeting was of a serious matter. The 10am meeting was scheduled to discuss how the city Rio de Janeiro and its council can guarantee students are fed during the coronavirus. As they began their discussion, the man, who officials have declared was not a councilor on the city’s council, decided to bail out of the discussion. Guess he had better plans that morning.

Although he decided against participating in the meeting, he kept his camera on and was then seen sitting on his bed, naked, with a woman beside him before they started having sex.

The True Hero of the Event

According to the local newspaper, Metropoles, the real hero of this story might have been the head chairman of this meeting. Leonel Brizola, who is a member of the Socialism and Liberty Party, decided to continue with the meeting as planned and turned a blind eye to the action that took place on one of the squares and continued on with the meeting for another four hours.

Following suit, the other city council members who took part in the meeting also ignored the sexy performance and continued to diligently discuss the matter at hand.

In a following statement, Mr. Brizola talked about the incident and described it as an "involuntary indiscretion" adding that he was upset that the man’s actions eclipsed and perhaps impended the important issues being discussed in the meeting.

"Us councillors and other participants do not have any input in controlling or editing videos on Zoom."

He also said the meeting "demonstrated the incompetence of a city that has resources, but fails to ensure that children’s rights are respected".

It is unknown what actions were taken against the man in question or if he still has any authority or place on the city council.


***Images Source: Newsflash***