Camming Starlet Highlight: Maddy Haze

Although she’s just a newbie in the webcamming world, Maddy Haze has already been called one of 2021 rising star. And has even called Emma Hix as her role model in the adult industry. She was interviewed for earlier this year.

Haze’s found out about the camming world and Hix’s success in it, not by following Hix’s career on the touch screen, but by fate: the two were seated next to each other on a plane ride. The veteran and rookie performers were seated next to one another on a flight from Los Angeles to Ohio last spring. Conversation ensued, and by the time the aircraft touched down four hours later, Haze had reshaped her approach to her future.

“I really admire her,” Haze said of Hix. “She has so many goals she’s set for herself, goals that don’t have anything to do with the industry. A lot of girls spend their money as soon as they get it, but she saves so much of hers and has her whole life planned out.” Haze didn’t stop there, “She’s sharp. She’s got everything together. That’s how I want to be.”

A Hot Year for a Hot Star

Just to show how bright this newbie starlet’s career might be, just check out the porn circles’ buzz this hottie 5-foot-8 blonde is causing, already shooting for teamskeet and Naughty America in the spring before she performed the anal scene “Take Me” for Tushy Raw in October. Haze expressed how working for an industry titan has become the highlight of her debut year.

“It was such a great experience shooting for (Tushy),” Haze said. “Everything was just so professional, from the makeup to the set to the way I was treated.” “They even bought food for me afterward,” Haze said. “I’d love to work for them again.”

A Cam Girl’s Rise

Haze is a California Bay Area native. Before entering the official porn world, she dabbled in camming starting in the fall of 2019 before a friend suggested she transition into porn. Haze’s first scene was shot in Arizona last December for Backroom Casting Couch.

“I’ve heard girls say how scared they were to get on the plane to fly to their first scene,” Haze said. “But I wasn’t nervous at all. I just told myself, ‘You know what? This is a chance, an opportunity. I’m going to make the most of it. If anything bad happens, I’ll figure a way out of it.’”

Perhaps what makes Haze stand out the most is her sense of self-confidence, which she used when she arrived on set. For her, taking off her clothes and performing in front of people wasn’t a big deal.

“I’m a bit of a nudist,” Haze said, “so I figured it’d be easy to do what they asked. I’ve always felt like a hippie. Even when I was a kid, I never really liked clothes. I just did whatever I wanted. I’m very open-minded, so nothing bothers me. I’m not insecure about anything. I’ve been told that I have natural beauty.”

A Talent You Can See

Haze’s eye-catching appearance did not escape the eyes of Andre Madness, an agent/producer with Nexxxt Level Talent who signed on Haze last summer. But her looks were not the only thing that impressed Madnes. He expressed how impressed he was with Haze’s approach to her job, which he said was evident during a photoshoot for his agency’s website.

“She has a wonderful, infectious personality—and she took to the camera really well,” Madness said. “She’s definitely critical of herself and she’s always trying to improve. She always wants to do everything better than she did it the last time. She doesn’t take constructive criticism personally. She wants it. She seeks it out.”

Although Haze left the agency over the winter to take a break from shooting, But he said there were no hard feelings and is confident she’ll continue to shine once she returns. “There are certain people who are naturals for this,” he said. “Maddy is just getting her start, but she really seems to like what she does.”

A Women of Multiple Talents

Haze is not wasting anytime and despite her rise in the porn world, is searching for other hobbies and venues for her to explore her talents. At the moment, she’d in the midst of learning how to become a tattoo artist and said she is also wanting to work as a DJ. Her biggest passion, though, is drawing—“I’ve always been a natural,” Haze said—and she has a side business designing and animating company logos.

“I teach myself everything,” Haze said. “I don’t go to school for anything if I don’t have to, because I believe you can learn everything on your own if you ask the right people the right questions, if you know how to network.”

Just like she does for her drawing, Haze believes in hard work and learning from others. Yet, she remains cautiously optimistic about her future in the industry. “My goal is to become big in the industry,” Haze said. “But even if it doesn’t happen, I still want to save my money and buy a house. I want to be financially stable and get my first car. I’m just trying to work hard and do something with my life.”

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