Cam Girls on Twitter: Here Is What You Need to Know

For years now, Twitter has been one, if not the most, important social media platform for the webcamming and adult entertainment world. Not only it has a far reach throughout the world, but it’s also been the most hospitable to the world of adult entertainment, including its openness to talking, showing, and publishing depictions of sex and sexuality in general. So, it’s no surprise that Twitter is filled to the brim with hot, juicy, exciting, professional webcam girls who use the platform to share their love for the craft and art of adult webcamming. Just perusing through Twitter by checking out hashtags such as #Babes, #Flirt, or #sexy brings up loads of cam girl stars’ recent activity and hot content to check out.


Why Twitter?

Twitter has been a way for stars to get exposed and really connect with their fan base around the world. “Twitter has opened up these cam stars fan bases like nothing the adult film industry has ever seen before,” said Dan Miller, managing editor of XBiz. “Since most mainstream pop culture publications don’t cover the porn industry (and) porn movie reviews don’t generally appear alongside reviews of big Hollywood movies … the adult industry has embraced Twitter as a way to reach out directly to fans beyond the typical porn consumer.”

It’s a way for stars and fans to get a different kind of up-close and personal. And there’s some studies to prove it too! According to Chauntelle Tibbals, a visiting scholar at University of Southern California who studies the adult entertainment industry. “Before it was about pure fantasy: you didn’t have enough information to be real fans of performers,” she said. “But now you can become a true fan of a porn star.”


Making Real Connections

Like any other entrepreneurs out there, Twitter makes a strong marketing and engagement tool that is crucial for stars to engage with. New and established cam professionals must make their mark on the world by using all the free tools they can get their hands on. So, if big celebrities use it, why not cam girls? They work just as hard (if not harder) to make a name for themselves.  

In addition, for now, Twitter is one of the only mainstream social platforms that still allows cam girls and other adult industry workers to show their goods. For instance, last fall a group documented over 1,000 instances in which Instagram allegedly deleted adult stars’ accounts even when they complied with community guidelines.

“Every year, we are seeing more and more discrimination towards sex workers on all of the major social media platforms,” argues Tony Rios, president of AVN.

Except for Twitter, that is.

Who Can You Find on Twitter?

The question is who can’t you?! To help you feast your eyes. Here is a list of 5 (out of zillions) of hot Twitter accounts you might want to follow.

  1. Asa Akira – 820K Followers

Twitter Account: @AsaAkira

Asa Akira is one of the most popular Asian adult entertainment stars today and as such has done it all: Including anal, lesbian scenes and some nasty BDSM.

**Image source: @AsaAkira**


  1. Vanessita – 805.4K Followers

Twitter Account: @vanebp19

This hot mama is a native of Panama and is ready to show you all the booty she’s got.

**Image source: @vanebp19**


  1. Kylie – 203.9K Followers

Twitter Account: @lust4kylie

Don’t let her angelic good looks fool you. Kylie is all about being naughty- she just never gets caught.

**Image source: @lust4kylie**


  1. Chloe Warm – 400.9K Followers

Twitter Account: @WarmChloe

This caliente’ beauty is all about the moves. She loves to dance and to turn you on while doing it.

**Image source: @WarmChloe**


  1. LilBlakelyBoo – 298.5K Followers

Twitter Account: @BlakelyBunny

This natural beauty seems to enjoy spending most of her time on her bed. Curious. I wonder what she uses it for?

**Image source: @BlakelyBunny**