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It can be difficult to know exactly how much the average cam model is making. On my free cams some of the world's most successful models are working right now and with even some extremely famous adult models now working full time on this platform, you may be interested in note just how much top models can earn.

The top MFC models however may not be completely transparent in their earnings. While we know the highest tip ever received on MFC glitched out at 999,999 tokens, it's difficult to know what this would actually be worth in dollars. The average MFC token usually equates to around five cents for every token tipped to a model. This would put the top single tip that a model has ever received at just five cents under $50,000.

Usually earn some of these top tipping values however, a model needs to find themselves amongst the top MFC models on the listings. While some other sites display monthly leaders for tips and viewers, MFC works a bit differently. The top girls on the system that are displayed near the highest points on the list range from number one up to 250. The way that these listings are configured is the token amount that they have earned since the site was open in your 2009. This means that just by checking out the listings of the top MFC models, it is possible to see the all time tip earners in the same process. This is somewhat personal data for each model, especially because in older versions of the MFC platform the model names even showcase the total amount of credits that they have earned. Because it's quite easy to discover the conversion rate between a token and a USD, it's possible for anyone to determine the total yearly salary of a MFC model.

The best of myfreecams models are taking in an excellent salary each year. Myfreecams mobile models and the basic platform models in number one spot are able to make $100,000 in a month. Most of the models within the top 20 are able to make a minimum of $30,000 a month. Even models in the top 100 of the listings regularly make around $16,000 a month. Falling within a top 100 ranking remains extremely important and it's no wonder that the best MFC models are consistently trying to change up their shows and compete on the platform to maintain their top model spots.

When it comes to your top MFC models and how much they earn, it can be important to see how your tips can contribute. Supporting your favorite models on MFC with tips ensures that they have a better chance at getting two or maintaining a top spot on the system, which gives them greater incentive to offer even better shows! It also makes the entire platform incredibly competitive and it ensures that you can get a great show when you are picking from the top models!

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