A Lobed Election: A Cam Site’s Slippery Offer

How would you like to be offered 220 gallons of personal lubricant for free? But you can’t use it the way you might want to use it. No, no instead you’d have to use it to grease up poles, city lamps, and street signs. At least that’s what New York City and Los Angeles would have to do with that much lube.

Expecting riots (or celebrations) following the Nov. 3rd United States election the adult products company ImLive offered 220 gallons of personal lubricant to the cities of New York and Los Angeles to use on their city streets to help prevent injury of protesters. The company claims that their lube, applied to light poles in affected areas, will prevent people from climbing said light poles, thereby reducing the risk of having them fall and go boom.

A Smooth Press Release

In a press release issued that same day IMLive explained that people have taken to the streets in the past and that climbing poles is “A popular celebration tactic of years past (most notably for the Philadelphia Eagles when they won the Super Bowl in 2018).” To help prevent such nonsense IMLive has offered “to deploy vats of lube to New York City and Los Angeles. The lube can be used to grease up dry street poles, thus making it nearly impossible for people to scale them.”

Police, Your Move

Just to show how serious they have about these city dwellers’ safety ImLive even tweeted the offer at the New York City Police Department and Los Angeles Police Department. But neither have responded to this generous offer. Perhaps these police departments didn’t take IMLive’s offer too seriously because of the graphic explanation as to how the lube should be used on the city poles. “Just like you would a penis. Start around the base of the pole and work your way up from there.”

What Is IMLive?

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Image: from ImLive’s Twitter Feed

Tweet: https://twitter.com/ImLiveCom/status/1323931607414296576



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