C’mmon we both knew this was going to happen. With the development of AI and the recent advent of websites like OnlyFans and Fansly, it was only a matter of time when some geeky deviant team of developers churned out some nerdy algorithm to make a personalised virtual content creator.

So imagine a beautiful damsel who you can customise or rather personalise according to your whims. She not only looks like your dream anime girl but also makes the content exactly how you like it. Dreamy eh? Rei promises to be just that.

With a team of highly experienced professionals, the Reddit user masterson1 is ready to unfurl Rei in the next few months. Even though this project looks daunting, the team does look promising, boasting developers who made the first-ever VR sex game (Nympho trainer VR) and also a couple of people with experience in the adult industry.

However, not everything is left for the future. Recently the company is minting some delicious eye-grabbing NFTs for you all to grab.

According to the founder of the company,

She (Rei) has been dissolved into pieces spread across art. As the art gets collected and the community grows, she will start coming to life as a 3D version…”


He also plans on developing Rei to be a fully functional streamer with platforms on Twitch, OnlyFans and Chaturbate. Even though this seems way into the future but masterson1 did hint about a video game coming around this character as well!

For the NFT hodlers amongst us, there’s good news as well. The owners of the CumRocket versions of this rare NFT will get exclusive NSFW airdrops of Rei for each digital masterpiece they own. Lucrative? Certainly is!

To date, 50 NFTs have been put up on display after the initial mint with only 9 listed for sale. So you can only imagine that the price of the upcoming ones is just gonna go up. Therefore, if you’re still holding onto your pennies and not multiplying them for cash buying NFTs of Rei, you’re definitely gonna regret later.

Go grab your wallet and buy her NFTs right now! The only regret you’ll have is not reading this article earlier.

***Image source: Reddit***