Industry award winning star Lacy Lennon has released her first film as a director, Twisted Passions 31, the latest installment to Girlfriend Films’ fetish-focused Twisted Passions series. The film stars a hot cast of Jenna Starr, Serene Siren, Marilyn Johnson, Keira Croft, Summer Vixxxen, and Erin Everheart, as well as Lacy Lennon herself.

A goal when making the entry was to provide something for fetish fans who, as Lennon puts it, “aren’t really catered to within mainstream adult entertainment”. She also aimed to make the film appealing to “men, woman, non-binary, bisexuals, pansexuals and literally everyone in the world”, choosing not to focus on only appealing to male audiences when writing and directing the film.

The film starts off with an intense anal scene featuring Keira Croft and Lacy Lennon, who wanted to display her love for anal in a fun and passionate way. Next, Serene Siren and Summer Vixxxen perform an authentic lesbian BDSM scene with blindfolds, whips, and binding ropes – a scene Lennon says she’s particularly proud of. Marilyn Johnson pairs with debut performer Erin Everheart for a hot and romantic foot fetish scene, which works particularly well as Erin is already a professional and highly successful foot fetish model. For the final scene, Lennon returns as star alongside relative newcomer Jenna Starr, who Lennon described as a sensational performer, in a feisty strap-on affair.

So for all of those looking for something a little different, you can watch the film at the Girlfriends Films VOD website, or check out Lacy Lennon’s cam show!

***Image Source: GirlfriendsFilmsNews***