On a sunday afternoon, Amelia (name changed to protect privacy), would excuse herself from her fiance and proceed to log into her twitch account and play some quick shots with gamers worldwide. Only this time, the gaming is just an excuse as she would instead rake up her bank by slowly stripping down in front of her webcam behind a locked door as her fiance sleeps peacefully.

To most, that’s the webcamming sexual industry where people get off. But not to Kate.

Kate Peters, one such phenomenal photographer based in the UK saw an artistic opportunity in this. She wanted to portray the lives of these women through her artistic talent and make a platform where she can collaborate with all these diverse women sitting behind locked doors.

“I wanted to produce images that open a debate, to produce beautiful images of a subject matter that is not so palatable, nude images of women who are very much in control of themselves, who have chosen this occupation.”

Stuck at home during lockdown she wanted to pursue her art of photography. In her own words, she wanted to “experience the raw untouched lives of girls in the adult industry” who aren’t involved in the professional photo shoots or work directly in the pornographic sector with high end budgets. She targeted web cam girls who had an apparently normal life but whose lives mingled with fiction behind closed doors. This idea started her Cam Girls series.

Kate met a buffet of women: a student paying for college, a former cop and a secretary. For many of them, webcamming is their primary source of income. They’re all fiercely protective of their personal lives, playing a role when the cam turns on. As a matter of fact, she recollected moments when the girl was “performing” her irrevocable earth-shattering orgasms while her husband was making dinner in the next room, completely oblivious to what was going on. Peters was thrilled by their ability to switch between reality and the fiction of their alter ego!

“One woman said she would pop into the kitchen to get some yogurt drink and he’d [her partner] think she was just thirsty, and she would be getting something to pour on her breasts”

You can cherish out various series on her own website and trust me, each one seems to be a masterpiece. This article was written so that you can get a tiny glimpse of what it is like inside the minds of one of the best photographers of modern times.