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Who are the women behind the "Cam Girls" on cam sites?

Nov 01, 2018

The basics of being a cam girl is simple: You pay for her time and she provides attention and entertainment, whether it involves removing her clothes, playing with herself or others or just having a fun conversation with you. Read more

Which cameras are most commonly used on cam sites? (Part 2)

Oct 29, 2018

Using your computer webcam is always an option on cam sites, however it is not the most recommended way to go and the quality will be nothing near the quality you would get when using a camera more suitable for the task.

A smartphone camera is great option when outdoors and certain smartphone cameras offer relatively high quality sensors, although they typically lack the extended options professional cameras provide. Samsung Galaxy options are often used and prove to be more than sufficient. Read more

Which camera types are most commonly used on sex cam sites? (Part 1)

Aug 21, 2018

Your camera plays a crucial role in the success of your live streaming. Cameras that provide great audio and visual clarity are the best to use and will make sure to provide your audience with the kind of viewing experience you are eager to give them Streaming using a smartphone is a great mobile option when outdoors and they might offer relatively high quality sensors, however, they typically lack the extended option to customize use which professional HD cameras provide, for example changing exposure settings etc. Audio quality is generally far from ideal too.Having to hold the smart phone in your hand when using it as a camera, makes using this option less convenient and provides an unstable and less enjoyable viewing experience for your viewers. Thus, this is not a commonly used option for this purpose, as the quality and sound are not what you are looking for and what you aim to offer your audience. Read more

imlive porn star live cam show

May 10, 2018

Are you a sexy lover and like to participate in a chat libido? If you love, then you will undoubtedly enjoy live shows of pornstar models. This is a great experience, and any adult will surely want to experience it once. IMLIVE shows super star such as AVA DEVINE, SOPHIE DEE and many others on live videos are a completely new phenomenon, and those who experienced it once enjoyed this exciting and exciting way of communicating. You can communicate with the most beautiful women on earth and flatter them with their erotic chats. Read more

My free a Live Sex Cam Site

Mar 15, 2018

Though my free is a new site but it offers a set of unique web cam models for you to choose. It is the best site for you if you want that beautiful models on a show of sex cam do some genuine things for you. Basically this is a streaming site featuring a number of stunning models from the entire world on webcam so that one can find one as per his liking. The extremely hot models featured on this site can make all of your sexual desires and fantasies true if you are ready to spend some money on them. Read more

Review of Camfuze sex cams site

Feb 12, 2018

If you are looking for simple yet beautiful models doing real things for you on a sex cam show, then cam is the best place for you. It is basically a webcam streaming site that features a lot of gorgeous cam girls from around the world. One can find anything they desire on this website. All of your fetishes and sexual desires can come true by the super hot models this site features. All one has to do is to be ready to spend a few bucks and get some excellent sexual favors in return. Camfuse is a new site and offers a unique set of models for you to select from. These models are much different than the models on other sites and gives more importance to your desires. Read more

Everything You Wanted to Know about Chaturbate

Jan 28, 2018

Whether you’re an aspiring model or someone who’s looking to watch hot models strip live on cam- Chaturbate is just the right platform for you. This site is currently one of the best sites among livecamdeals and it features top models, couples, men and transsexuals in their naughtiest avatars. In case you’re still wondering what this is and how exactly this works here’s everything you need to know about Chaturbate. Read more

Best Mobile Sex Cam Sites

Jan 21, 2018

Chat rooms have been around as the internet itself. They offer an anonymous platform for individuals with a common interests to talk with each other and in real time too. Whilst there are rooms dedicated to each interest conceivable, one of the more popular types of platforms are rooms which are primarily based in adult sex talk over chat while watching the model on cam. Within the chat rooms there are communities for persons of unique sexual orientation, ethnicity, and even fetishes. Here is a review on some of the best of them: Read more

Im live free login and generators

Jan 17, 2018

There have been a number of people who are willing to use sex cams to satisfy their sexual desires. ImLive was launched in 2002 to provide quality sex webcam performances with sexual services ranging from dirty sex talk, striptease and camming using toys. The services are aims at ensuring one are able to enjoy a wide range of sexual activities on the website. The ImLive website is available globally to meet the various needs of individuals all over the world. The website focuses on bringing a well-known model to make it widely accepted to individuals all over the globe. Focus on beautiful models that offer striptease and dirty talk to website visitors makes the site widely accepted all over the world. Read more

Best income earnings of

Jan 07, 2018

It can be difficult to know exactly how much the average cam model is making. On my free cams some of the world's most successful models are working right now and with even some extremely famous adult models now working full time on this platform, you may be interested in note just how much top models can earn. Read more

Chaturbate live cam models

Dec 26, 2017

A big percentage of people across the world are constantly signing up to different live cams website to allow them to communicate and chat with other people around the world. You find that these chat rooms have become so popular, especially among those people who don’t have enough time to look for partners whom they can socialize and make real bedroom things happen in real world. This is because in the modern times, social networking has almost reached its maximum point at the moment. In fact, you can use the internet to solve problems that you encountering in your daily activities. In the same breath, you find that technology has made things possible by bringing websites that can support live cam and chat without the need of installing software or any other program. Read more

Model Spotlight - TessyAmellyeX of nonstopcams

Nov 27, 2017

How did you find out about webcam modeling? I had been working as a promotional version a few years back and there were booths full of models and signs advertising a lavish life at home in front of a camera! "Earn ten thousand dollars each month out of your bed!" I was clearly not making ten thousand dollars a month and could hardly find time to sleep in my bed, let alone make money from it! I signed up with some of the sites and fell flat on my head, but this past year I discovered about nonstopcams and decided to give it one more try and it finally took off! Read more

November 2017 Top Sex Cams Deals

Nov 13, 2017

We looked for new deals on several sex cam websites and these are the top 3 sites with the best offers up to November 2017. Read more

Aussie girls earning up to $500,000 annually as online model

Nov 05, 2017

HEIDI is among the several Aussie women earning up to $500,000 per year as online live cam show models who do not touch, kiss or have any physical contact with clients. Read more

Ifriends Tips And How To Use

Sep 25, 2017 is a newer style WebCam site that has a very interesting interface. If you don’t typically use cam modelling sites you may not know exactly how to use the Ifriends system. Eventually the prospect of finding shows or even starting your own WebCam show on Ifriends becomes much easier. Here are a few tips that you can use to get started with Ifriends so that you can have more success on using the site: Read more

Myfreecams Mobile Review

Sep 25, 2017

Myfreecams is one of the oldest live WebCam platforms available in the world. Of course this platform would not have its success without its ability to innovate. With a wealth of professional models turning exclusively to MFC because of its longevity, all whole new user base is beginning to activate on the platform thanks to its new mobile application. Read more

I'mLive Sex Chat Shows Review

Sep 25, 2017

Imlive has one of the best platforms available for viewing live sex chat shows and connecting with models online. The website recently won an AVN award and is beginning to capture the attention of a number of professional celebrity porn stars as well as amateurs. Here are some of the reasons why some of the latest porn stars are joining up on Imlive to do live shows: Read more

Top Cam Sites 2017 Review

Sep 25, 2017

There are many new emerging cam sites up online. You can chat with live models, check out free shows and enjoy a wide variety of content quite easily. The big advantage of using Top cam sites is that you can also regularly pay into live shows to get the most out of your webcam experience. With a wealth of models on some of the top platforms and cool features you can use for communication, it’s important to use well-established cam sites over newer providers. Here are some of the top cam sites in 2017 you can enjoy: Read more

Best Cam Sites 2017 review

Sep 25, 2017

When it comes to finding the best cam sites in 2017, it's not always easy to discover where you should look. As you are finding the best cam girl sites and the best free cam sites you could be going through hundreds of options before you discover one you like. In this article we will go through some of the best cam sites online currently and the advantages that you can receive by visiting each one. Here are some of the best campsites available in 2017: Read more