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There is no need to introduce the colossal and professional Jasmin, which was until recently known as LiveJasmin. This massive live chat site has recently rebranded itself and added a fresh redesign, but kept all its advantages including over 30,000 registered hosts. Prices are pretty competitive, as could be expected of a website of this magnitude, but they depend a lot on what kind of membership you have and what promotion you chose to take advantage of. Lately Jasmin has made some significant updates, so I decided to give it a whole new review. Read through quickly and I'm sure you'll understand what makes this website so incredibly popular and successful.

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Number of Webcam hosts

More than 30,000 registered hosts, and averagely there are more than 3000 online. In the pats it was very easy to figure out how many women were live, because the figures were clearly stated on the Home Page, but now with the new design, you need to go through the hundreds of pages and do the math. My guess it: You'll find a couple of dozen you like even before you get to page 3. Jasmin knows how to give users what they're after.

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The average cost for a private cam show is 2.99 credits, but of course, the cost of each credit varies a lot according to the credit package you pick. Also, new webcam hosts charge only 1.99 per minute, which means that you can enjoy long chats for a bargain cost, as long as you keep your eyes open. The latest Jamsin update has also included a launching of a new chat room category called "Sale". You can find all the hosts under this category by clicking on the Sale link at the top of the video chat page and as the name suggests this category features performers that charge a ridiculously low price of 0.98 credits per minute. Pretty great, if you're looking to save, and I know most of my readers are. Peeping into other users' private chats is only 1 credit per minute, which is also a sweet deal.

You can view the cost per minute when you click on the Private Show button, but only if you have credits on your account or you will promptly be sent to purchase some.

Credit Packages on Jasmin

Jasmin.com keeps changing its prices and bonuses - maybe just to keep me on my toes, but I am as updated as ever before. Now the site offers bigger credit bonuses than ever before to users that purchase big credit packages. You can also just verify your account with a cc and get 10 bonus credit on teh house with no charge whatsoever. Here are credit packages that are currently available. Notice that users that log on from outside the USA see different prices.

Payment Options

Jamin recommends Credit Cards to all its members (which makes sense), but also offers other options for members who don’t own a credit card or want a more thorough protection of their privacy.

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Top Promotions

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Types of Memberships and Benefits:

After the new launch, Jasmin offers only 2 types of memberships: Regular and Premium. You can choose between signing up directly as a Premium member or start from a free regular one and then upgrade.

Notice: You don't need to be a member in order to enjoy free chatting. You can just log on and start a video chat instantly, as a guest.

Regular Membership

This is a free membership and requires no credit purchase so it obviously has some limitations. You won't be able to use all the webcam features or join private chats. However, this is a good way of evaluating the site, the webcam quality and the selection of live shows.

Cost to Join: Free
Info required in order to join:

Premium Member

This membership used to be called Top Member, but as part of the site's redesign, the name was also changed. I guess they didn't think it was catchy enough. Notice that if you don't buy credit for 30 days, your account will become standard, so you won't be able to see all the really nice pics. You can change that at any time though by simply buying ore credits.

Cost to Join: Free.
How to Join: It's very easy : Just click on the Buy Credits button and purchase credits (it's always easy when you offer to give them your money, isn't it?)

All those given to free members PLUS:

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Special Features:

The recent changes in Jamin's design have also included a variety of feature changing. Some of the exclusive features ceased to exist, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, as it seems that the website has reevaluated the advantages and popularity of some tools and concluded that they were either just unneeded or too complicated. This webcam site has also added some new ones, most seem simple enough but they are of pretty amazing quality.

General User Features:

Video Chat Features:

This is a good time to point out that while usually I note if a site has HD cams or not and list it as a video cat feature, this time I don't have to because ALL of Jasmin's cams are High Definition, and you wile b able to tell this the minute you log on.

Jasmin Mobile

Jasmin users are now able to chat on their mobiles as well, and in high quality. This service is available to all smart phone users, but Android owners can also download a free app directly to their devices – both for mobile and for tablets, simply by scanning the code.

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Hosts Profiles

The Jasmin profiles used to be more detailed befor eteh recent changes in design, but they still list all the must-know facts and provide users with the added info they need to conclude if a specific model has what they’re looking for. Even visitors can see a few pictures and all the general info fields. The information on the bio pages includes:

Jasmin Referral Program

By referring friends to Jasmin you can immediately earn more credits. When someone you invited registers you automatically receive 20 free credits. If you invite a host, you get bonus credits bi-weekly according to the host’s income for an entire year. The same deal goes for Webmaster which you invite and can mean big cash on your end, with very little effort.

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Categories and Navigation

Jasmin has many useful search options that are discussed in the next section. The navigation throughout the website is very user-friendly, a lot clearer than that found on other webcam sites, and it is very simple to buy credits, to upgrade your membership or to use the features. In certain cases there are only icons to describe specific features or options, but usually a mouse-over will give you a written description of each.

Search Options

The search option at Jasmin.com is one of the most efficient ones you'll find on the net. All members can go through the list and search hosts using various tools.

Other Adult Webcam Categories

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Customer Support:

There are 3 main ways to receive customer support on Jasmin. It is offered in 10 different languages.

All in all, Jasmin's service is impeccable and they get back to you in no time. It is a huge plus that you can also access them in the off-chance of seeing a live show that did not meet your expectations. On such a professional, studio-based website this is not very likely, but if it happens you can just contact the Customer Support with your complaint and it will be investigated.

If You have questions about billing, you can get answers at: (+351) 291 003 610.


Before you start emailing and calling, I recommend you scan the Frequently Asked Question page at Jasmin, because it is quite handy.

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Jamsin boasts on having 17 languages or so, which is great, but in our opinion British and English should hardly be considered as two different languages. On the Plus side, the website has Swedish, which should be understandable to many Scandinavians such as Norwegians and Danes. To switch to a different language, just click on the relevant flag at the bottom part of the Home Page screen. If you can’t recognize or see the flags (they are tiny!), just point them out with your mouse and the language name will appear. When you videochat with a specific host, the languages she uses will appear in the bottom of her viewing screen.


There are many obvious reasons to choose Jasmin: it has a huge number of hosts, excellent features, HD cams and many available benefits. If you need further persuasion, the fact that over a million users are registered to this site should be ample proof of its abilities. If you prefer to form your own based opinion though, just log on to the free video chat rooms and see the options for your own eyes. The free bonus credits are also, of course, a substantial advantage.


In a live cam site of this magnitude you can easily get lost and the feeling is more industrialized, and less personalized.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a well-made, established web cam community that has a high-quality video chat platform and all the online assistance that you can possibly want, Jasmin will certainly deliver. This huge, cutting-edge website clearly has way more advantages than weak-points, and the fact that it is so popular worldwide is really the ultimate recommendation.

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